May 20, 2014

EU Commissioner José Barroso: “The Treaty of Rome Was Signed on Blank Sheet”. EU Founded on Biggest Political Deceit in History

The Treaty of Rome was written on a blank sheet to enable Jean Monnet and his CIA/Council on Foreign Relations friends (see below) to put anything they might want into it along the road, since the heads of state and government disagreed at the time of signature. But no matter what they might put into it, the signers were caught, forced to accept it !! The following clown tales are reports on the biggest political deceit in history and the incredible lack of efficieny and competence of the EC/EU – long before the Constitution/Lisbon Treaty deceit, thus showing a basic deceitful feature of the EU..
marie-heleneThe BBC wrote an appalling report on 23.March 2007: From the beginning (the 6 signers to the Treaty of Rome) struck a tone that dogs the European project to this day: they worked largely in secret (Marie-Helene (right) and the others had to sign contracts which banned them from talking about their work, even to their families).
There was little reference to public opinion; the political elites laboured on in splendid isolation. The treaty – still being argued over and translated into four languages until the last minute – was not printed. The six went ahead with the ceremony anyway. The print shop sent six copies of the title page, and the last, or signature page, but in between these two the entire text of the treaty was missing.
The six heads of government put their signatures to a blank document.
The point of the locomotive is ... ever closer union.
EurActiv 16 May 2014: In a book on the history of the EU Commission, resigning EU Commission President José Barroso tells how the Treaty of Rome was signed on a blank sheet .

signing treaty of rome (Maurice Faure)Left, French Foreign Minister Maurice Faure signing the blank Treaty of Rome,thus committing  deceit – and many would say treason.
After the treaty had been negotiated in Brussels (see below how Jean Monnet bludgeoned it through), it was transported to Rome by train and accompanied by just one official!!

At the Swiss border the waggon with the “precious” documents and printers was switched off by Swiss authorities to be transported separately without the official!

At the Italian border, the train was lost again. However, after a long time, it was recovered – but lost again in Milan! Finally, the official and the waggon arrived in Rome. However, another problem appeared: The room in which the signature ceremony was to take place is decorated with Rubens paintings. The Mimeographs project ink in all directions and he is told that it is out of question to repaint the Rubens frescoes afterwards.
So the work of putting on paper the Rome treaty begins in the basement. To catch up, Italian studentswere hired, but two days later, they went on strike. They then had to bring secretaries from Luxembourg, which further delayed work.
The work being finished, the paper was wet – and laid on the floor to dry over night. In the morning, thecleaning maids had passed, finding a basement full of what they see as disposed paper. So they had removed all this “dirt”, including the stencils (which represent the original), so new copies could not be made.
The panicked official and his team looked all over Rome, trying to find the treaty bearing the name of the Italian capital, to no avail. The only solution that was found was to sign the treaty on a blank sheet, with only one page where the names of the heads of state and government appear on top.
There was no worry that the heads of state and government would betray this scam, of course, but to conceal the fraud from Journalists, the “document” was immediayely brought into another room.monnet-1946
“Europe’s nations should be guided towards a super state without their people understanding what is happening. This can be accomplished by successive steps each disguised as having an economic purpose, but which will eventually and irreversibly lead to federation.” The single currency was the most important of these steps: as Monnet said, “Via money Europe could become political in five years.” – EU founding father Jean Monnet (Wikipedia). More of his sneaky EU project here. Of course, Monnet was also a Bilderberger.
Jean Monnet´s, a Rotschild-Rockefeller puppet´s, career and influence on the Treaties of RomeThe New American 10 May 2013: Jean Monnet was appointed advisor to the committee preparing the Treaty of Versailles, and introduced to that closed (Jewish) group around Colonel Mandell House (Rothschild agent, Woodrow Wilson´s Rasputin) that was preparing the way for the emerging League of Nations.  In 1948, Monnet and Bilderberger founder Joseph Retinger arranged the Hague Conference for Europe. Its Resolution number seven stated: “The creation of a United Europe must be regarded as an essential step towards the creation of a United World.” The ERP, however, did not originate with General Marshall, but rather with Jean Monnet and the Council on Foreign Relations.
Monnet’s Action Committee (for a United Europe), which was “supported by funds from United States foundations,” ramrodded the negotiations for the Rome Treaties. The Funds were the Rockefeller, Carnegie, and Ford Foundations – through first the OSS and then the CIA under Alan W. Dulles (The Telegraph 19 Sept. 2000) who treated the “founding EU fathers as the US hired hands they were.
Monnet and his Action Committee were unofficially supervising the negotiations on the Treaties of Rome, and if Monnet thought that a particular country made difficulties in the negotiations,the United States diplomatic machinery was alerted, mostly through Ambassador Bruce… who had immediate access to the top echelon of the State Department….to communicate the opinion of the American Government which, in practically all cases, coincided with Monnet’s point of view.
Monnet’s high-level friends, who assisted him in these strong-arm tactics, included President Eisenhower, Dulles, McCloy, Bruce, George Ball, and C. Douglas Dillon.

The plans of the CFR-Trilateral-Bilderberger elite for “world order” more and more converge with those laid down by Stalin’s Communist International  and here more than 50 years ago. 

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