August 13, 2017

Toruń Speech: Is it possible for Central and Eastern European states to preserve their identity in the European Union?

Your Magnificence Mdm. Rector, Professors, Students, Distinguished Guests, Ladies and Gentlemen,
It is a great pleasure to be for the first time in your beautiful historic city and it is a great honour for me to receive the highest award of your University – the Jagiellonian Prize. I take it – as a Czech – very seriously.
I consider the Jagellonian period in our relations historically very important and for our present times also very inspiring. In one moment of history, six hundred years ago, the Poles, the Czechs and the Hungarians (and together with them the Slovaks) cooperated under the Jagellonian rule to defend their common interests against possible threats, coming both from the West and from the South. Though it did not last long, the Jagellonian period gave us an example which we continue to develop – to a certain extent and in a new historic setting – now under the “V 4” label.

May 9, 2017

OPINION: In the short term, the best bet is to give the neocons all the rope they need to hang themselves

The Conservative lead over Labour having now stretched to 22 pts, I fell to wondering yesterday evening whether anyone, beyond a relative few us, is actually keeping the score on the level of contemporary global insanity.

The background. In theory, the Establishment Old Media neocon globalist assumptions are devoid of clothes. Let’s call a spade a spade, should we? 2008 was Crash1, but little if any of the thinking upon which it was predicated has changed. Bourses are madhouses, wealth doesn’t trickle down, a wealth restricted to 3% cannot kickstart a real recovery, the Fed Reserve is akin to Hitler’s bunker, the mass of people making 30% less than they did in the last century can’t consume on the level demanded by the Growth nuts, the secure human job market has been phased out, new robotics appear every week, still nobody knows what percentage of radioactive packaged investments are netted, at least nine eurozone and one British bank are utter basket cases, monetarist stimulation theory is a busted flush, and two huge Asian financial markets – Japan and China – remain upright solely by the use of giving free money to the casino (China) and the central bank buying up everything that stands still for longer than an hour (Japan).

We are on a journey, and there is only one place it can end: failed objectives, bank collapses, huge Bourse corrections, mass unemployment, and 40% of most Western populations financially wiped out….living alongside that 3% who have (it is estimated) enough capital in various forms to bale out the other 97% five times over. And that is not counting the electronic money swimming aimlessly around the shadow banking system.