July 30, 2015

How to remove your online presence


Topic: How to remove your online presence and prevent doxxing: a *chan guide.

Firstly one should follow a few basic guidelines when posting online.

Never give anyone your real name or share any personal details with anyone, this should be a given yet it still happens.

Never use your real name when signing up for a forum or website. Use a trash e-mail for registering for forums, porn sites etc. Always use a different handle or username on each site you use. The more usernames you have the harder it is for someone to trace your steps online. Never link any of these profiles or usernames to each other. If you need a MSN account or a Skype account for a certain forum make a new one, don't use one that you used for some other site.

Always rename files you downloaded off of Facebook before sharing them with someone or uploading them to a *chan.

The file names for these photos contain the profile ID so the user who uploaded the pic can be found easily.

Everything on 4chan is archived now, so be careful what you post! Don't post anything on 4chan that can be traced back to you from here - http://archive.no-ip.org/

This site allows you to search all boards for a specific e-mail or tripcode so be wary of what you post!

July 24, 2015

The Endgame of Technocracy


brzezinski-rockefeller.jpgWhen I was a young financial analyst in 1978, I met Antony Sutton at a gold conference in New Orleans. It took us about 30 minutes of discussion to realize that the Trilateral Commission was in process of hijacking the entire Administration of newly elected president, James Earl Carter.

Founded by David Rockefeller and Zbigniew Brzezinski, the Commission openly and repeatedly stated that it wanted to create a "New International Economic Order."

Neither Sutton nor I picked up on the thought that the big hijack was not really a political coup, but rather an economic one. It's just that they needed the help of the Executive Branch of our government to pull it off.

As a result, they have maintained a hammerlock hold on the entire trade and economic policy machine that has driven the world into a seemingly broken international system of finance and economic development. Broken is an understatement: Perhaps "spiraling out of control" is a better description.
But, there is another side to the story that is much darker, presenting a clear and present danger to our Republic. That is, Technocracy.

It is plainly evident today, with 40 years of historical examination behind it, that the "New International Economic Order" was really "new" and envisioned historic Technocracy as replacing Capitalism altogether. Technocracy was based on energy rather than money and its system of supply and demand that regulates pricing.

Some distinctives of Technocracy include:

 Elimination of private property and wealth accumulation
 Replacing traditional education with workforce training
 Micromanaging all energy distribution and consumption
 Driving people to live in a limited number of cities and off of rural land
 Enforcing a balance between nature's resources and man's consumption of them.

Multinational Armed Forces Are Training to Enslave Every Modern Nation Following An Economic Collapse

These signs are being carried by truck drivers all over this country.
These signs are being carried by truck drivers all over this country.

Foreign occupation forces are training and will be training to overrun this country in a martial law scenario. Why foreign troops? Because American troops might not be able to be counted upon to carry out the orders of subjugation that will come down from this globalist inspired banker-hijacked administration.

In the past several days, an enormous military exercise has become known to the public. This October over 36,000 troops from more than 30 countries will be gearing up for what NATO calls its largest exercise in over a decade and the exercise is called “TRIDENT JUNCTURE”

Here is a link to a video produced by NATO about TRIDENT JUNCTURE. Watch the video and then ask yourself, “What is missing?”

Were you able to answer the question? What is missing in this NATO report on TRIDENT JUNCTURE is that they do not tell you what kind of threat, or where the threat would be specifically coming from. As I have discovered, the answer to the question as to the location of TRIDENT JUNCTURE is that the drill could be carried out in one location, multiple locations anytime and anywhere.

NATO Disclosure

trident juncture