August 23, 2015

A Short (and Very Selective) Outline of Recent Relevant World Events

I have to start by mentioning that this day, the 21st August, is a very sad and distressing day for my country. Forty-seven years ago, the Warsaw Pact armies – led by the Soviet Union – invaded Czechoslovakia with the objective to crush the very promising development there, called – somewhat imprecisely – Prague Spring. Due to it, we had to wait for the coming of freedom for another two decades, till November 1989.

Many thanks for the invitation. I haven’t been to Crans-Montana for almost a decade. To be fair, I don’t want to pretend that I haven’t been invited. However, my presidential duties blocked my trips abroad in those years. Being here again, I must say that this place and its surroundings are even more beautiful than I remembered.

Let me take my rather long absence here as an advantage, as a point of departure for taking a longer term view. When I look at the current world with this perspective, my conclusion is that in spite of the fact that many things have changed since my last visit here, many other things have remained the same, just their negative aspects came to the fore. Let me differentiate these two groups of events.

I was here last time

- before the 2008-2009 Euro-American financial and economic crisis which – to my great regret – keeps to be erroneously interpreted as a market failure whereas it was a huge and inexcusable  government failure;

July 30, 2015

How to remove your online presence


Topic: How to remove your online presence and prevent doxxing: a *chan guide.

Firstly one should follow a few basic guidelines when posting online.

Never give anyone your real name or share any personal details with anyone, this should be a given yet it still happens.

Never use your real name when signing up for a forum or website. Use a trash e-mail for registering for forums, porn sites etc. Always use a different handle or username on each site you use. The more usernames you have the harder it is for someone to trace your steps online. Never link any of these profiles or usernames to each other. If you need a MSN account or a Skype account for a certain forum make a new one, don't use one that you used for some other site.

Always rename files you downloaded off of Facebook before sharing them with someone or uploading them to a *chan.

The file names for these photos contain the profile ID so the user who uploaded the pic can be found easily.

Everything on 4chan is archived now, so be careful what you post! Don't post anything on 4chan that can be traced back to you from here -

This site allows you to search all boards for a specific e-mail or tripcode so be wary of what you post!

July 24, 2015

The Endgame of Technocracy


brzezinski-rockefeller.jpgWhen I was a young financial analyst in 1978, I met Antony Sutton at a gold conference in New Orleans. It took us about 30 minutes of discussion to realize that the Trilateral Commission was in process of hijacking the entire Administration of newly elected president, James Earl Carter.

Founded by David Rockefeller and Zbigniew Brzezinski, the Commission openly and repeatedly stated that it wanted to create a "New International Economic Order."

Neither Sutton nor I picked up on the thought that the big hijack was not really a political coup, but rather an economic one. It's just that they needed the help of the Executive Branch of our government to pull it off.

As a result, they have maintained a hammerlock hold on the entire trade and economic policy machine that has driven the world into a seemingly broken international system of finance and economic development. Broken is an understatement: Perhaps "spiraling out of control" is a better description.
But, there is another side to the story that is much darker, presenting a clear and present danger to our Republic. That is, Technocracy.

It is plainly evident today, with 40 years of historical examination behind it, that the "New International Economic Order" was really "new" and envisioned historic Technocracy as replacing Capitalism altogether. Technocracy was based on energy rather than money and its system of supply and demand that regulates pricing.

Some distinctives of Technocracy include:

 Elimination of private property and wealth accumulation
 Replacing traditional education with workforce training
 Micromanaging all energy distribution and consumption
 Driving people to live in a limited number of cities and off of rural land
 Enforcing a balance between nature's resources and man's consumption of them.

Multinational Armed Forces Are Training to Enslave Every Modern Nation Following An Economic Collapse

These signs are being carried by truck drivers all over this country.
These signs are being carried by truck drivers all over this country.

Foreign occupation forces are training and will be training to overrun this country in a martial law scenario. Why foreign troops? Because American troops might not be able to be counted upon to carry out the orders of subjugation that will come down from this globalist inspired banker-hijacked administration.

In the past several days, an enormous military exercise has become known to the public. This October over 36,000 troops from more than 30 countries will be gearing up for what NATO calls its largest exercise in over a decade and the exercise is called “TRIDENT JUNCTURE”

Here is a link to a video produced by NATO about TRIDENT JUNCTURE. Watch the video and then ask yourself, “What is missing?”

Were you able to answer the question? What is missing in this NATO report on TRIDENT JUNCTURE is that they do not tell you what kind of threat, or where the threat would be specifically coming from. As I have discovered, the answer to the question as to the location of TRIDENT JUNCTURE is that the drill could be carried out in one location, multiple locations anytime and anywhere.

NATO Disclosure

trident juncture

June 22, 2015

St. Petersburg´s Comments

1. Thank you for the invitation both to the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum and, specifically to the Valdai Discussion Club Session. I have promised to come to Valdai several times in the past but I had not fulfilled that promise. I hope my presence here today will be considered at least a small substitute for it.
2. I was rather puzzled by the title of the session as well as by the formulations in the introductory leaflet that we, the speakers, got in advance. I am neither able, nor professionally well-equipped, nor sufficiently interested in discussing issues like the global or world system, Eurasia, the Northern Hemisphere, or new strategies for the 21stcentury.
I also don´t understand formulations such as: “dirigisme does not live up to expectations, while liberalism is not coping with the changes”. What exactly do the organizers mean by “dirigisme”? Is it the new name for communism? And whose expectations have not been fulfilled? Not mine.
Is it also possible or meaningful to proclaim that liberalism – which is a doctrine – is not coping with our current reality? Has liberalism been tried? Where and when? Is the extremely etatist model of the current Western world – with its undeniable shrinking of freedom, with its increasing manipulation of human thinking, with its government over-regulation, with its unproductive paternalism, with its political correctness and with its irrational doctrine of global warming, a manifestation of liberalism? For me, it is rather a manifestation of socialism, something we didn´t expect to happen 25 years ago, in the moment of the fall of communism.
3. We are the witnesses of a new era of confrontation between the West and the East, particularly between the West and Russia. This is frustrating, especially for us who were forced to spend such a long time in the East, as part of the Soviet empire. For four long decades, we lived in a divided world and paid a very high price for it. We don´t want to repeat the same or a similar experience again, even though we, as members of NATO and the EU, would perhaps be on the other side of the divide this time.

29 mai 2005, le jour d’après la démocratie

La première d’entre elles était, et demeure, qu’on lui refuse le choix.

D’abord en ce qu’on a essayé, par cette Constitution, de faire ratifier par le peuple son enfermement dans la seule option du libéralisme économique, quelles que puissent être les contre-performances, passées, actuelles ou ultérieures, de cette doctrine. La question n’était pas même de savoir si l’on était ou non favorable aux prescriptions libérales contenues dans la partie III, mais si l’on acceptait de voir constitutionnalisée une doctrine économique.

Une consultation ornementale


March 23, 2015

Are the Elite Going Into Hiding Because World War III Has Finally Begun?

For the privileged elite, they get to hide in underground hideouts in places like Denver International Airport in order to escape what is coming.
For the privileged elite, they get to hide in underground hideouts in places like
Denver International Airport in order to escape what is coming.
Has World War III possibly begun? Have the elite and the key personnel in the intelligence agencies who provide information for the elite taken action to protect themselves from what is coming? This article examines a string of events which would indicate that World War III has more than likely begun. Putin has, in effect, been deposed by Russian extremist war hawks and the elite have known about what was coming for over two years.

Unconfirmed but Very Disturbing Reports Regarding Recent American KIA’s
at the Hands of Russian Military Forces 

Yesterday, I received a phone call from my media colleague and friend, Paul Martin, who is well known for the many quality insider sources that he has developed and maintained inside of the military, former military and military contractors. In the phone call, Paul stated that he had reports that four American Air Force planes had been shot down and there were Americans who were killed in action (KIA’s). The location(s) of the event were still unknown. One unconfirmed report is not something that I would act upon even when it comes from a trusted source. However, less that two hours later I received the following written press release from my friend and former broadcast colleague, ex-Green Beret, John Moore, as he stated the following in a press release late in the day on March 20, 2015:

March 21, 2015

What Would Bismarck Think of the Conflict With Russia?

What Would Bismarck Think of the Conflict With Russia?

In an interview for the German news magazine Zuerst! (April 2015) Dr Srdja Trifkovic considers the significance of Otto von Bismarck’s legacy, 200 years after his birth.

Dr. Trifkovic, how would Bismarck react if he could see today’s map of Europe?

: He would be initially shocked that the German eastern border now runs along the Oder and Neisse rivers. Otto von Bismarck was a true Prussian. In his view, cities such as Königsberg, Danzig or Breslau were more properly “German” than those in the Rhineland. His first impression therefore would be that Germany has “shifted” to the West, and that an important social and cultural aspect of his Germany has been lost. Once he’d overcome this initial shock, he would look at the map of Europe again in more detail. The considerable distance between Germany and Russia would probably amaze him. What in Bismarck’s time was the border between Germany and Russia is now a “Greater Poland” which did not exist at his time. And former provinces of the Russian Empire are now independent states: the three Baltic republics, Belarus and Ukraine. Bismarck would probably see this as an unwelcome “buffer zone” between Germany and Russia. He had always placed a great emphasis on a strong German-Russian alliance and would no doubt wonder how all this could happen. He would probably consider how to bring back to life such a continental partnership today. That would be a diplomatic challenge worthy of him: how to forge an alliance between Berlin and Moscow without the agitated smaller states in-between throwing their spanners into the works.

What would he advise Angela Merkel?

: He would probably tell her that even if you cannot have a close alliance with Russia, at least you should seek a better balance, i.e. more equidistant relations with Washington on the one hand and Moscow on the other. The concept of the Three Emperors’ League of 1881 is hardly possible today, but there are other options.

Security and the war in Ukraine would focus Bismarck’s attention…

February 28, 2015

A Chronology of the UN - The Revolutionary Steps to Global Tyranny and the radical minds behind the New World Order

The Great Seal: Novus Ordo Seclorum (New Order of the Ages)

A Chronology of the UN

The Revolutionary Steps to Global Tyranny
and the radical minds behind the New World Order

Skip down to CFR | Alger Hiss | Ruskin | Kissinger | Quigley | Conspiracy |
Council of Churches| Tragedy and Hope | Cecil Rhodes | RIIA
The banners above the eagle wings states:
 'E Pluribus Unum' ('One out of many') - the masonic vision of one controlled world & spirituality.

Please remember that our God Reigns -- no matter what happens

"Locksley Hall" by Alfred Lord Tennyson, 1842
For I dipt into the future, far as human eye could see,
Saw the Vision of the world, and all the wonder that would be...
Till the war-drum throbb'd no longer, and the battle-flags were furl'd
In the Parliament of man, the Federation of the world.
There the common sense of most shall hold a fretful realm in awe,
And the kindly earth shall slumber, lapt in universal law.

The roots of the United Nations -- the most visible part of the new global management system -- might be compared to the many deep and spreading roots of a tenacious vine. Some of the roots are short and shallow. Others are long and deep, firmly imbedded in powerful social, political and financial institutions in Europe and North America, which -- for various reasons -- shared Lord Tennyson's vision of a "federation of the world."  

The tangled roots of this vine spread beneath the surface of public life until 1945, when delegates from 50 countries met in San Francisco to sign the UN Charter. Communist spy, Alger Hiss, co-authored that founding charter and served as the first acting UN Secretary-General. This initial glimpse of the global agenda should have raised a big red flag. But our war-torn world was already blinded by the well-publicized vision of a peaceable planet "lapt in universal law." Who dared oppose such a noble purpose?

February 22, 2015

Munich Speech: Looking at Europe from Prague Which Recently Celebrated the 25th Anniversary of the Fall of Communism

Thank you for inviting me to come to Munich after a relatively long time and for giving me an opportunity to speak here tonight. Last time I made a speech in this city was in May 2009 in the moment of the culmination of my fight with the Lisbon Treaty, which I considered then and consider now – with the benefit of hindsight – an important component in a series of wrong steps towards economically unproductive and politically undemocratic European arrangements. My last speech at the invitation of Prof. Sinn was held at the University of Munich in June 2004 and its title was “Die Implikationen der diesjährigen Erweiterung der Europäischen Union”. When I look at it now, it seems almost pre-history.

This time, I came with a slightly different topic even though its substance is rather similar. Let me say a few words about Europe using two specific perspectives – looking at Europe and especially its current institutional form, the EU, from a relatively new EU member state, the Czech Republic (from “New Europe”, using Donald Rumsfeld´s infamous terminology), and looking at it from a country which recently celebrated the 25th anniversary of the fall of communism. I made many speeches about it all-over Europe last autumn. I will not repeat my main arguments connected with this anniversary here now but I want to say very clearly that despite all my criticism of some of its aspects, the post-communist transition in my country (and in some other Central and East European countries as well) was a success. And it was done without any external help, without fiscal transfers from anywhere.[1]

February 2, 2015

How the elite control us and what they will do when they lose control


In large part, the American people have been conquered through the principle of groupthink. Throughout history, groupthink has played a prominent role in coercing the public of any nation into going to war for the benefit of the elite ruling class and their financial bottom line.




Groupthink is a term coined by social psychologist Irving Janis in 1972, and it occurs when a group makes faulty decisions because group pressures lead to a deterioration of “mental efficiency, reality testing, and moral judgment”.

Groups affected by groupthink ignore alternatives and tend to take irrational actions that dehumanize other groups. A group is especially vulnerable to groupthink (e.g. Neocons and the Iraq War, radical Muslim elements within the government and the coming great American purge followed by WW III) when its members are similar in background, when the group is insulated from outside opinions, and when there are no clear rules for decision making.

It is the premise of this article that groupthink is being used to “nudge” Americans into accepting a new paradigm which is suicidal for the country’s continued existence. 

The Meat and Potatoes of Groupthink

February 1, 2015

Putin Orders Special Forces To Protect Greek Leaders Life “At All Costs”

By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers

A stunning new report circulating in the Kremlin today prepared by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) states that President Putin has ordered an immediate deployment of at least 125 special forces operatives to Greece to “insure the protection of life at all costs” of that nations new Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras[Photo 2nd left]

According to this report, Prime Minister Tsipras took office this past week after his Coalition of the Radical Left (SYRIZA) party won a “blowout” election victory sending shockwaves through the corridors of power in both the European Union and the United States.

Upon taking office, this report continues, Prime Minister Tsipras further “shocked and stunned” both the EU and US by holding his first official government meeting with Ambassador of Russia to Greece Andrey Maslov.

Compelling Prime Minister Tsipras to first meet with Ambassador Maslov, this report says, were fears that his life was in immediate danger from both the EU and US due to intelligence reports he’d received within hours of taking office provided to him by his own nations National Intelligence Service (EYP)
Though this MoFA report doesn’t say what the exact fears of Prime Minister Tsipras or the EYP, were, it does state that were of such a magnitude that Ambassador Maslov, acting on his own authority, ordered an immediate attachment of his own personal protection detail to that of the new Greek leader own security forces.

In addition to those special forces authorized by Ambassador Maslov to protect Prime Minister Tsipras, this report states, President Putin’s new order authorizes a further deployment to Greece of Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR RF) operatives and a contingent of specialists from the Psychological Security Department (PSD) of the Presidential Security Service (SBP).

Important to note, MoFA experts in this report say, is that the PSD is the intelligence branch of SBP that is responsible for analyzing information collected of the options about the lives risk of the President.

January 21, 2015

Notes for Vienna 2015 Com.Sult Congress: It Is Time to Look at the Ukrainian Crisis in a Broader Context

When I was asked by David Ungar-Klein to speak here today on Ukraine, I hesitated. My knowledge of Ukraine is rather limited and I don´t pretend to be an expert on this sorely tried country. I am not someone who follows the day by day developments there. I also know that my views on that topic are against the mainstream and that they would not be much welcome. I know as well that there are real experts on Ukraine here in this audience (not only foreign observers but insiders), President Yushchenko being one of them.
In spite of all that, I accepted the invitation to address this gathering because with the passing of time I have become more and more convinced that the so called Ukrainian crisis is only mistakenly considered to be an Ukrainian crisis or Ukrainian-Russian conflict. It is not so. Ukraine is – to my great regret – only a place where the much more general crisis manifests itself most visibly. I have in mind an evident crisis of the West, which we experience but are not ready to admit. We try to hide it. One method of its manifestation is an intensive and widespread dissemination of Western values all over the world which creates new seeds of tensions. Ukraine is one of them.
Let me develop this point. On the one hand, the current crisis in Ukraine is undoubtedly originally home-made. It is basically the consequence of the evident failure of this country to make successful transition from communism to the system of freedom, pluralistic parliamentary democracy and market economy, from passive role in Soviet imperium to its own statehood and sovereignty.