September 25, 2014

Václav Klaus: the EU is at war with liberty

An interview with the former Czech president, possibly the West’s last truly outspoken leader

Václav Klaus has made a habit of saying things others shy away from saying, but it doesn’t seem to have done him much harm in the popularity stakes. Quite the opposite: the 73-year-old ardently Eurosceptic free-marketeer has legitimate claims to be regarded as the most successful ‘true blue’ conservative politician in Europe over the past 25 years. He was, after all, prime minister of the Czech Republic from 1992 to 1998 and then his country’s president for a further ten years, from 2003 to 2013.

So when we meet after a typically hearty Serbian lunch – at the International Science and Public Conference in Belgrade – I am keen to ask if he has any advice for David Cameron and the British Conservative party.

‘I was invited to a conference last year in Windsor which was called the Conservative Renewal Conference,’ he says. ‘I made a speech in which I asked the question: “Do you really need a renewal – or don’t you think it would be sufficient to have a return?” My speech stressed the need to return to standard conservative ideas and approaches. I am afraid the current leadership of the Conservative party are not exactly doing that.’

Klaus’s message clearly resonates more with activists than with the serial ‘modernisers’ at the top of the party. ‘After I had finished my speech, two or three older ladies came up to me and said, “It was like Maggie’s speech!” So I find the Conservative party now rather confused in its ideas. The party is playing with the green ideas in a way I can’t accept.’

Putin’s East vs. Globalist West: Merging Into a New World Order

With all of the alleged points of conflict — Ukraine, Syria, Cuba, Iran, and more — between Russian strongman Vladimir Putin and the West, the notion that Russia and its allies may someday “merge” or “converge” with the United States might sound ludicrous. Still, as we shall show, that is the ultimate plan, and it has been for decades, if not longer. In fact, even the supposed “crises” and “tensions” between “East” and “West” — largely manufactured for public consumption — are helping to drive that process. Somewhat behind the scenes but hardly in total secrecy, Putin and his supposed nemeses among the global government-promoting Western establishment are in fact working together toward what they call a “New World Order.”

Toward that end, globalists have long been advancing what they refer to as “convergence.” In essence, for the world to be ruled under a single global regime, East and West, Third World and First World, will all have to “converge” — meet in the middle, perhaps. (See our related article Putin: Key Player in the ‘New World Order.’”) In recent decades, however, it has become clear that the scheme involves making the United States and Europe more like China and Russia, rather than the other way around, playing the public on both sides to accelerate the process.

September 23, 2014

Putin: Key Player in the “New World Order”

Shortly before getting on the plane, 10-year-old Miguel Calehr, as countless children do before flying, asked his mother what would happen when it crashed. “Come on, don’t be silly, you’ve been traveling already so many times,” Miguel’s mom, Samira Calehr, remembers telling her nervous son. “Everything’s going to be OK.” The boy was still frightened despite his mother’s soothing words. But with his older brother, Shaka, 19, by his side, Miguel shuffled through the security checkpoint anyway.

“Mama, I love you,” Miguel said nervously before waving goodbye and boarding the flight from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur. It would be the last time Samira would hug her two boys. The two siblings, leaving their middle brother (who was also their best friend) behind because the Malaysian Airlines flight was fully booked, were on their way to visit Grandma in Indonesia. They never made it. Instead, along with 296 others on Flight MH17, Miguel and Shaka were blown out of the sky over Ukrainian airspace on July 17.

Samira and the whole family are devastated and will never fully recover. “If I could just turn back time. I didn’t listen to him. I don’t know, I have no words to say,” the heartbroken mother told CNN. “Why didn’t they take my life? They are still young, they still have a future. Why? Why the children? Why not me?” The boys’ grandmother, Yasmine Calehr, could not hold back her tears either. “Everybody is crying, everybody is losing something that belonged to them, but we feel like we have lost ourselves as well,” she said.

All across Ukraine, thousands of other families are mourning the loss of loved ones as well. According to the United Nations, by early September, more than 3,000 people had been killed in the ongoing Ukranian conflict. The real numbers are probably even higher as the civil war — fueled by the Russian government on one side and Western powers on the other — continues to claim more victims. The shoot-down of MH17 served to further inflame those geopolitical tensions.

The Core Concept Behind the Assault on Your Freedom

“In searching for a new enemy to unite us, we came up with the idea that pollution, the threat of global warming, water shortages, famine and the like would fit the bill….All these dangers are caused by human intervention, and it is only through changed attitudes and behavior that they can be overcome. The real enemy then, is humanity itself.”
- Club of Rome, 1993

In 1894, the Times of London estimated that in under 60 years, every street in the city would be buried nine feet deep in horse manure. Similarly, a New York prognosticator in the 1890s predicted by 1930 the citizens of that no-so-fair city would see that selfsame horse excrement rise three stories high if nothing were done. Neither the Times nor the New York diviners had computer models, but undoubtedly, if they had, given their underlying assumptions, the conclusion would have been the same. Garbage in, garbage out, as the programmers say.

September 16, 2014

now let us watch pres putin enunciate the fateful word, “novorossiya” (right at the end, and he practically chokes on it)


Dawn Of The Slavs: What does Strelkov’s speech mean? And the fact that Putin has made a choice

Alexander Dugin, Sep 15 2014 21:49

Many smart people know that Putin is not a king and not a dictator. In the sense that he does not solve all questions on the principle of “want” and a blow of his fist on the table. Behind him is an elite. Two camps (as is). On the one hand the hawks of the type of Rogozin, on the other “Patriotic” liberals. One, the party of war, the Imperials, advocating confrontation with the West and putting on sanctions, the second, the Pro-Western forces in favour of compromise to the detriment of national interests (although they see that as being in the national interest): the so-called сливщики (Slivshiki: literally, producers of Slivka, Сливка, or Sliva, Слива, which is our old friend ‘plum’ again, whose secondary meaning is ‘drain or discharge’, meaning surrender – RB). For them the friendship with the West is very important, not least because all their money is there. Some call them pragmatic. Dugin calls them “the sixth column”. In fact, the Usaian sanctions are aimed at this group, and are intended to provoke the displeasure of the бояр (boyars: princes, rich men – RB), to force them to influence the policies of Putin. And Putin himself has always balanced between the two camps. Not giving anyone a preference. Whether because he is a Гэбэшник (Gebeshnik, KGB man – RB), or whether because Libra horoscope… Anyway, the paradoxical situation in Novorossia is associated with the struggle of these Kremlin groups. Some want to surrender Novorossia, to negotiate with the West, to yield, while retaining for Russia the likeness of a person, with балачки (balachki, ‘chat’, a Ukrainian word, not a Russian one – RB) about a single Pro-Russian Ukraine, others want to wash their boots in the Dnieper (or in the Dniester). The first group tried to bury Strelkov through the Kurginyan cult, with all sorts of behind-the-scenes negotiations, and eventually they bungled out the muddy Minsk “peace treaty” with all its “special status.” The second group want to break this script to hell, and still go on to wash their boots.

September 12, 2014

We Will Not Allow for Russia to be Ripped Asunder and Ruined

Address by Igor Ivanovich Strelkov, September 11, 2014

Translated from Russian by Gleb Bazov (Subheadings by the Translator)
Edited by S. Naylor

STRELKOV1It has been a month since the moment when I had to resign from my position as the Donetsk Peoples’ Republic (“DPR”) Minister of Defence and the Commander-in-Chief of the Militia. I will not say that this decision was easy for me. Nor were the circumstances, in which it was made, simple. The city of Donetsk and the entire grouping of the DPR armed forces were in an operational encirclement, repulsing with great difficulty the unending attacks of the punitive forces, which were coming from all directions.

Only a few of those in the leadership of the Republic knew that within the next few days significant changes would occur, and that the enemy would be dealt a decisive defeat. I was one of those few, but I could not even hint to my subordinates that soon we would be on the offensive and start to retake the positions occupied by the enemy. It was even more difficult to realize that the liberation of the abandoned towns and settlements of the Donbass region (abandoned pursuant to orders made personally by me) would have to be led by someone other than me. Morally, it was hard to abandon my comrades, leave them, so to speak, in the “early hours before the dawn,” when the death of our common cause seemed to many to be inevitable.

September 3, 2014

Careless Opening Up of Countries (without Keeping the Anchor of the Nation-State) Leads either to Anarchy or to Global Governance: Lessons of the European Experience

Twenty four years ago, a few months after the fall of communism, I attended my first MPS General Meeting. As some of you may remember, it was held in Munich. It gave me the enormously valuable opportunity to see and meet the famous names of the MPS – Friedman, Stigler, Becker and many others (but these three were the most visible ones when looked at it from behind the Iron Curtain).

Unfortunately, they are not among us anymore. The last one of this trio, Gary Becker, who helped preparing this meeting, died a few months ago. We all miss him very much. Not only that. I hope we feel the enormous responsibility to continue fighting for freedom, democracy and classical liberal ideas to keep the legacy of the founding fathers of our Society alive, as it is permanently endangered and attacked from various sides, places, perspectives. I remember the atmosphere of victory, which prevailed at the first MPS meeting after the fall of communism. We were, perhaps, unduly optimistic at that time. They were some among us who already then considered this victory relative and temporary, but the reversal came faster than we expected.

Why is it so? When I stay in the field of ideas, and this is our arena, there is no doubt that we are being more and more encircled by the opponents of our ideas. The external attack is based on the success of propaganda of something else than individual freedom and liberty by many currently so popular new “isms” which are connected with all kinds of old collectivistic notions and approaches. I talked about it in my speech at our last MPS meeting in Prague when I was still in a position to bring you to the beautiful historical premises of the Prague Castle. This is, however, only half of the problem.

September 2, 2014

On the Partial and Observable Breakdown of Society

Commentary for 1 September 2014
(75th anniversary of the start of World War II)

I say that the modern 'clerks' [intellectuals] have preached that the State should be strong and care nothing about being just....
                    -Julien Benda, The Treason of the Intellectuals, p. 107

We must organize the intellectuals.
                   -Willi Munzenberg, communist organizer, 1919

The present situation may be characterized as follows: All our institutions are breaking down, and social chaos rises on every side: (1) the breakdown of the family, of motherhood and fatherhood; (2) the breakdown of morality, especially honesty; (3) the breakdown of Constitutional government and of national security, the phenomenon of the imposter president, cowardly legislators, careerist generals, intelligence officials who are double agents; (4) an educational system that is anti-patriotic; (5) epidemic narcissism, selfishness, entertainment culture and materialism. From all of this we also see the breakdown of the individual into madness – as expressed in the social reinforcement of the above.