June 23, 2014

The Homicidal
Versus the Suicidal

Commentary for 23 June 2014

It appears we are witnessing a diversionary operation targetting the U.S. border with Mexico (flooding it with people). Anyone with strategic sense should be alarmed at the way this is progressing. It is an objective fact, like it or not, that somebody has gone to a lot of expense to mess with our border. And now the border patrol has to switch personnel from Arizona to Texas. But the main drug pathways into the U.S. come through Arizona. And as we know all too well, these are the same pathways marked out by Moscow for smuggling WMDs past our security services. So there is reason for concern, especially as Russia has resumed its heightened state of alert, with further troop mobilizations and exercises. At the same time, Iraq is being lost to some kind of terrorist blitzkrieg. It is all very disconcerting, though Washington continues with its usual silliness. While the enemy maneuvers on every front, our leaders in Washington are like blind kittens -- helpless and doomed. They do not know what they are doing, failing to recognize the leathal threat that is building.

In terms of America's foreign policy the fatal interplay between the Marxist, liberal, and neo-conservative elements cannot be denied. Here is a nation-killing combination. In terms of exploiting liberalism, the leading Marxist politicians have never been doctrinaire followers of a fixed theory. They believe in tactical flexibility. They will use Nazism if they have to, mobilizing Europe in a xenophobic moment of frenzy once "Islamist" WMD's have been used against American or West European cities. Lenin once wrote, "There is no Marxist dogma." Mao never believed in strict Marxism either, and Stalin adjusted it to suit his strategic needs. One might say, by way of humor, that all these figures were neo-conservatives -- except that they adhered to a principle which neo-conservatives adhere to only sporadically. Real Communists believe in homicidal self-aggrandizement. Neo-cons perform mass murder only for democracy (which makes it okay). What about America's national interest? What about defending our shores against Russia and China? Even George W. Bush couldn't do that much. He had to fight for democracy in the Middle East, stripping our defenses at home. It was impractical, and thousands died so that Iraq -- at long last -- could become a satellite of Iran. And we paid billions for it. I do not know the full history of the Bush Administration's neo-conservatism, so what I next say may be taken with a grain of salt. If ideology may be regarded as justifying certain political instincts or predispositions, what instinct does neo-conservatism justify? Political suicide? Karl Marx was clearly a malignant narcissist if not a sociopath, perhaps even a psychopath. But those neo-conservatives who once were Marxists are best regarded as disillusioned former true believers -- soft in more than one sense. They were dupes of Marxism, and turned away from it. Yet their conversion from Marxism occurred because of their will to believe in some form of ideological truth. In essence, they wanted to believe in a Tooth Fairy, even though the Commie Fairy had seriously disappointed them. So here we are.... The Marxist Obama is in the White House, and the neo-conservatives paved his way in the name of democracy.

Real Marxism is crime on the grandest possible scale, and its theory is merely the First Crime in a series of crimes against decency and truth. It is an intellectual swindle which opens a career path toward absolute power. The true-believing neo-conservative is not dangerous in the same sense as the Marxist leader. The neo-con is dangerous because he dupes himself. With notable exceptions, the danger comes from the fact that the neo-con actually believes in the nonsense he spouts. He also remains unconscious of his real motives, which are invariably projected onto his enemy. It is a sad fact that most of humanity will not apply itself to serious thought, and the percentage of "thoughtful" persons near the top of the political pyramid has been diminishing since the nineteenth century. What we have instead of serious thought today, is thoughtless political prattle which almost always offends common sense and good taste at the same time, and leads to the ridiculous politics we see around us. More often than not our national leaders cannot be relied upon to identify the national interest if you put a gun to their head and counted backwards from one hundred. They are simply incapable of thinking past a tangle of pseudo-religious imperatives in the guise of political principle. Most people are confused by abstract ideas, though civilization stands or falls on account of these ideas. I think we have reached a place where almost nobody in a position of power is able to understand the ideas and "science" on which our civilization is actually based, knowing nothing of antiquity and its political technology (upon which the Founders relied). Instead, our leaders and media pundits are obsessed with abstract ideas that are self-defeating. An assessment of human limitations nowhere enters into neo-conservative theories or actions, and so they cannot avoid overseas adventures, budget deficits, or that brand of compassionate conservatism (which signifies the ultimate intellectual bankruptcy of civilization itself).

The Marxist leader is more practical than his dupe, intending to plunder the targeted economy. The neo-con aggrandizes himself psychologically, sincerely believing that he is on the side of the angels. These muddled people are, to borrow Churchill's expression, "Sheep in sheep's clothing." They cannot defeat a real enemy, as they represent in national strategy what the New Dealers represented in economics; that is, cheap idealism, cheap slogans, and a regime in which the results are the reverse of what is intended. In this respect we might account Woodrow Wilson the first neo-con president, especially with regard to his "war to end all wars." We know how well that worked. (After this comes the War Against Poverty, the War Against Drugs, and now the War Against Terror.)

The waste which may be attributed to these people cannot be measured in billions but must be accounted in trillions. The liberal and the neo-conservative are going to screw everything up, and the Marxists (or a revived wolf pack of Nazis) are going to put them against the wall when the system goes into anarchy (which must eventually happen). The real Marxist has instincts, even if they are homicidal. Those instincts are insane but nonetheless partake of operational coherence -- especially in terms of seizing power. On the other side we find the liberal and the neo-con are artists of political suicide -- with infinite creativity applied to slowly doing themselves in. The reason we cannot bring democracy to Iraq is, fundamentally, because democracy is not a panacea even for ourselves. As Robert Michels proved in his book, Political Parties, "Democracy is just another way of organizing oligarchy." And what kind of oligarchy, indeed! Look at the kind of people who are elevated into power!

The Founding Fathers and the ancient philosophers did not believe in democracy. What they believed in was "checks and balances." The element of democracy in a constitution is merely meant as a check on the power of the rich, or the power of the Executive. To lionize democracy as the end-all and be-all is the same as lionizing monarchy, or advocating the unchecked power of the patricians. This advocacy demoralizes society and corrupts that class of persons designated as all powerful in the state. Therefore, under democracy, we can observe what Diana West has called the "death of the grownup." The demos is the Nero of our time, spoiled by power and voting for whatever benefit or entitlement it wants. But you'd better not say anything against universal democracy, universal peace and other stupidities.

Tracing the pedigree of neo-conservatism takes us into a psychological wasteland. We are talking about a type of person who gravitates toward certain beliefs. The liberal (and the neo-con) communicates the spirit of true belief in all that he says and does; that is, he propagates the propriety and even the necessity of believing in the political equivalent of the Tooth Fairy. And you can knock every tooth out of his head, yet he will faithfully set those teeth beneath his pillow expecting a reward in the morning. But I'm afraid in the morning he will be toothless and penniless.

Serves him right.


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