June 27, 2014

America defines its major foreign policy goal as sodomia and threatens all opponents of democratic sodomization

American vice president Biden said that the protection of the "rights of sodomites" should be above all national cultural values and social traditions. At the same time, he called "inhuman" those countries that do not allow a free spread of democratic pederasty.

"I don't care what your culture is. Inhumanity is inhumanity. Prejudice is prejudice", said the defender of sodomists' "rights" Biden during a meeting with a group of sodomic activists from America and other countries.

It is to be recalled, that according to the American democratic authorities, it is a serious crime and violation of human rights if you try to introduce ban on the propaganda of pederasty among children.

The vice president said that all American government agencies have been instructed by Obama to give priority to promotion of sodomia worldwide and defend the rights of pederasts and sexual perverts of both sexes.

Countries that do not strengthen the rights of sodomites (that is, do not allow a free spread of pederasty), must "pay the price for inhumanity", Biden threatened.

Addressing the gathering of world sodomists, Biden announced - "You represent the majority, and those others - they are troglodytes".

Earlier, White House adviser on national security Rice said that protection of the rights of pederasts against "a global discrimination" was one of the most difficult "problems in the sphere of human rights that the United States faces".

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