February 28, 2014

Rétablir les démocraties européennes

Le transfert massif de souveraineté des Etats vers l'Union européenne a vidé les démocraties de leur contenu, au profit d'un régime oligarchique inédit dans l'Histoire. L'Europe est donc confrontée à une crise de légitimité démocratique sans précédent depuis qu'elle a inventé la démocratie, de l'Etat-cité antique jusqu'à l'Etat-nation moderne. C'est une sorte "d'empire" (Barroso) post-national et post-démocratique, qui a succédé, sans bruit, sans violence et sans le consentement des peuples, au concert des démocraties européennes. Un empire bureaucratique et normatif au service du mouvement perpétuel des capitaux, des marchandises, des individus et des moeurs. "Comment rétablir la démocratie en Europe et ramener les nations dans l'Histoire?" tel était le thème de la troisième table-ronde des Journées d’études parlementaires du Groupe Europe des Libertés et des Démocraties au Parlement européen, qui se sont tenues du 18 au 20 février à Paris à l'invitation de Philippe de Villiers.

Restaurer la souveraineté : un défi institutionnel / Débat avec Armel Pécheul

Ukraine Nazis - Another Country Falls To The Axis


Ukraine's Nazi Uprising
The Ukrainian government's anti-terror police have been disbanded today.

This gives a clue to the real reason this coup was encouraged now, not last year or next year;

In mid-January the Ukraine parliament adopted legislation with a view to curbing the neo-Nazi groups in the protest movement.  The law also sets procedures pertaining to the registration of foreign non-governmental subversive organizations (NGOs) and the categorization of NGOs “financed from abroad” and involved in political activity in Ukraine as “foreign agents” (Reuters, January 16, 2014)

February 27, 2014


Rodney Atkinson

"Keep in mind that, under the cover of information commotion, U.S. ships are entering the Black Sea, that is, near Ukraine. They are sending marines, and they have also begun to deploy more tanks in Europe". General Lashov

So the bankrupt European Union, which has contributed so much to the financial collapse of the Ukraine and massively to planning and financing the overthrow of the Ukrainian Government (previously elected, in the words of the OSCE, in an "impressive display" of democracy) now poses as the peaceful, prosperous alternative to the Russian!

A Senior Russian General has rightly warned about the geopolitical crisis which Washington and Berlin have instituted in the Ukraine. So what is the economic and political background to this serious international crisis - so reminiscent of the illegal wars in Yugoslavia but, because it goes to the heart of the Russian sphere of influence, far more dangerous.

February 26, 2014

Progressivist Strategy To Dominate the Church & Extinguish the Faith (I)

Part I 

Cosme Beccar Varela

The series that starts today is of special interest to TIA readers. Catholic lawyer Cosme Beccar Varela lives in Buenos Aires and has followed the path of Progressivism for many decades in his country.
When he describes what the progressivist agents are doing in the Church, it is implicit that this is what Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio, Archbishop of Buenos Aires, has allowed or encouraged them to do in Argentina. This may help to shed light on many steps Jorge Bergoglio is now taking as Pope Francis.
This series was first posted on his website La botella al mar.
The Editor

KATYN 2. Danish newspaper condemns Russian terrorist attack at Smolensk

A Danish newspaper Ingeniøren published an article condemning the Russian terrorist attack at Smolensk on April 10, 2010 which led to the murder by the Russian KGB of 96 major representatives of the Polish state. All Polish political, military and ecclesiastical elite, that had been critical towards Putin's Russia, was wiped out. The article entitled "Danish engineer refutes official explanation of a Polish plane crash" says, in particular:

"A birch could not cause the crash during the landing of the Polish presidential plane in Russia four years ago.

Calculations by Danish civil engineer attracted much attention in light of the national trauma in Poland.

On April 10, 2010, while landing near Smolensk, a Polish government plane crashed. All passengers, including President Lech Kaczynski, died.

February 24, 2014

The Hidden USSR


Commentary of 24 February 2014

Last week Tennent “Pete” Bagley passed away. He was an important person in CIA history, especially in terms of the unraveling of American intelligence which began in the 1960s – an unraveling that brings us to the present crisis which is playing itself out in Kiev and Washington. As of today, a war has broken out in Eastern Europe between “the hidden Soviet Union,” as Boris Chykulay calls it, and the Ukrainian people. It is a war that has reached critical mass, with far-reaching ramifications. 

Here is a joke: What has happened in Kiev should have already happened in Washington; but then, Ukrainians have learned the secret of successful counter-revolution by living under Soviet rule for many decades. The United States has only been under Soviet rule a few years. 

February 23, 2014


Rodney Atkinson

So German Foreign Minister, Steinmeier who sees democratic sovereigntists in Western Europe as "threats to peace" is pleased to shake hands with openly fascist and nationalistic Ukrainians!

One of the parties (Swoboda), called to meetings in the German embassy in Kiev with Steinmeier, has a leader who seeks to rid Ukraine of Jews and was described by the Simon Wiesenthal Centre as one of the most anti-semitic in the world.

When there is a consensus between the British political parties, the press and the BBC you can be sure they will all be supporting a disaster in the making. So it is in the Ukraine. There was a similar consensus about Yugoslavia where, as a result, thousands died, a million or more were ethnically cleansed, NATO declared an illegal war, Germany managed to reverse the settlement of two world wars and dangerous fascist groups arose from the graves of 1945. Now leading EU politicians and Washington have whipped up sectarian, racist and divisive politics in Ukraine, using the methods which brought the disastrous Muslim Brotherhood to power in Egypt.

February 22, 2014

Swiss Referendum About Immigration: As Seen from Prague

The Czech people fully respect the use of one of the most important aspects of the Swiss constitutional system, of people´s referendum and don´t feel they have any right to comment on its results – regardless the topic. It would be unproductive to a priori restrict the range of questions which could be raised in a referendum. We should not accept the ruinous effects of the currently so fashionable wave of political correctness.

How to rob a nation of its liberty in four easy steps.

Vivian Reding’s call for a United States of Europe with full fiscal and political union for the 18 Eurozone countries (minus the UK) is a con. A massive con. It’s a huge misdirection in this Punch and Judy puppet show we call a democracy.
The United States of Europe is already here. What she is referring to is merely formalising the name.

The best way to see how this has happened is by looking at Article 2 of the Treaty of Rome in 1957, and how it has been slowly morphed over 56 years with each treaty change, until we have today’s “Union” with its hideous Positive Rights riddled constitution; enshrined in the Lisbon Treaty of 2006. 

Step one – Start with economic co-operation.

The Treaty of Rome 1957 stated in Article 2 –

Ukraine Turmoil Escalates Into Foreign-backed Armed Uprising

Ukraine Turmoil Escalates Into Foreign-backed Armed UprisingAs the deadly chaos in Ukraine spirals out of control amid foreign meddling on all sides, news reports suggest that dozens of rebels and protesters have been killed in violent clashes with government forces, which also suffered multiple casualties. When a so-called “truce” between the Moscow-backed Ukrainian regime and the Obama administration-supported opposition apparently crumbled shortly after being agreed to, violence exploded again in the capital, Kiev, and across much of the nation.

Catherine Ashton’s swansong is creating a civil war in Ukraine

Let us be crystal clear, the violence in Ukraine that has so far left 26 people dead, is the direct result of EU meddling in the country.  To compound the uselessness of the EU, their ‘solution’ will make matters worse for the population.

The EU has long been courting Ukraine to become a candidate country.  On Ashton’s External Action website it is declared:

“The EU is seeking an increasingly close relationship with Ukraine that goes beyond mere bilateral cooperation, encompassing gradual progress towards political association and economic integration.”

Hardly an ambiguous statement.

The Ukraine represents a sizeable goal for the EU, it boasts a population of around 45 million people, and would increase the size of the Union by between 8 and 9 percent. But, the prize in Ukraine is not its people, it is its mineral resources.

Ukraine has the world’s richest iron ore deposits.

February 18, 2014

The Lunatic and the Narcissist

Commentary of 18 February 2014

The Western world has gone mad. We find this madness in our political parties. We see it in the worker, in the CEO, in the teacher and the student. Madness has usurped the Constitution, submerged the U.S. federal budget, taken over the media and the corporations. This madness is reflected in a thing called “socialism,” and there is no easy cure, no pill or special therapy.  The disease must work its way through the body politic, which will either perish or recover its health.  

Those not infected with socialism – those who have noticed the raging epidemic around them – are bewildered. Should they believe their eyes? Has the country become a madhouse? Year after year, new grievances are invented and new laws are passed. The conservative politicians resist, but resistance appears futile; for if socialist measures do not slip through at the beginning, they will slip through in the end. If they cannot bankrupt the government now, they will bankrupt it tomorrow. If they cannot strangle industry and choke of productivity during the current legislative session, they will scheme toward the next. The conservative politician (if any yet exists) cannot prevent these people from making headway; for they are busy making mischief at all times – as champions of world peace, homosexual rights, abortion on demand, undocumented workers, feminism and diversity. Here the strategic method may be translated as follows: (1) in order to sabotage American military power, agitate for peace; (2) to demoralize society, sanctify abnormality; (3) to collapse the birthrate, promote infanticide; (4) to submerge national identity, flood the country with illegal aliens; (5) to destroy the family, degrade motherhood; (6) to divide and conquer, promote minority grievances. 

February 14, 2014

EU Bosses Step Up Bullying, Propaganda to Combat Euroskepticism

EU Bosses Step Up Bullying, Propaganda to Combat Euroskepticism
The EU’s ruling elites in Brussels are going all out for the May European Parliament elections, attempting to expand their powers throughout the continent and beat back a growing rebellion against centralization.

Viviane Reding (shown on right), the controversial and voluble European justice commissioner, was in London on February 10 for a public debate on “The Future of Europe,” part of a “Citizens’ Dialogue” series launched by the commission in 2013 as a key element of a year-long propaganda blitz. That blitz is aimed at influencing the vote for the 751 members of the European Parliament in elections that will take place in every member state from May 22-25.

Reding’s event in London, according to the EU Commission’s press office, was the 44th of “more than 47 such meetings” planned throughout the continent, together with a massive propaganda campaign involving television programming, social media trolling, literature distribution, and other costly schemes that have been drawing widespread criticism, even from political and media sectors that are normally supportive of the EU.

Prime Minister Viktor Orbán's Speech at the Minister of Interior's Annual Assessment Meeting

28 January 2014, Budapest

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Welcome to today's meeting. We have gathered here today to assess the work of the Ministry of Interior, and we have heard a comprehensive report from Minister of Interior Pintér. It is clear, that following on from his speech, my role will be simply to assess your work in a wider sense, from the perspective of the almost four years that are now behind the whole country. What I would like is for you to not simply perform your work. I think it is important that, since you represent an important part of state administration, and are among the state's executives, I accordingly find it important that you see and are able to see the wider importance of your work. You will probably find work more rewarding as a result, and you will probably acquire a clearer picture of just how much responsibility you bear each and every day, and this will most probably serve as inspiration to you.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I have come to know excellent leaders and wonderful people in the persons of those police officers with whom I have had the pleasure of working during the past four years, whether at executive meetings or on duty, or when meeting police officers during disaster management activities.
Ladies and Gentlemen,

February 12, 2014

**** the EU!
Barroso's "achievements" incite revolt

Rodney Atkinson 
It is remarkable how these compassionate corporatists and socially conscious socialists who support the EU think 25 million unemployed and social and economic devastation is a price worth paying for their fatuous empire. One tenth of such pain inflicted by democratic nation states and those very political bigots would be calling for revolution!

From the USA (whence the above pithy invective came) to the UK (where EU policy on deliberate flooding contributed to the disaster in Southern England and ministers daily find they are powerless) to the Ukraine (where German Europe's undermining of a sovereign elected Government threatens confrontation with Russia) to Switzerland where the democratic voice of its citizens reverses the disastrous policy of allowing free movement from the EU (foreigners now account for 25% of the Swiss population) and is condemned by the Brussels imperialists, everywhere the boiling frogs are at last noticing the heat!

February 4, 2014

Nigel Farage: EU a Prototype of One World Government

"What you really got in the European Union is a prototype of One World Government"

Our EU masters are now planning a ‘Police Cooperation Plan’ across Europe that will include surveillance and intelligence gathering.  But here is the new bit:  ‘Remote Vehicle Stopping Technology’...  they would have something built in to all new cars that would allow them to press a button and literally stop our car from running - UKIP Leader Nigel Farage MEP


KWN | UKIP Leader Nigel Farage told King World News today that horrifying new “Orwellian” technology is in the process of being put in place in Europe to further tighten government’s grip and control its citizens.  He also discussed a rebellion that is taking place in Europe that has the powers that be deeply troubled.  Below is what Farage had to say in this breaking news story.

Farage:  “Between May 22nd and May 25th, all 28 member states of the European Union will be returning members back to the European Parliament, and there is no doubt that there is quite a strong mood of rebellion in the air.  The authorities are very, very scared that they may have a European Parliament that is very difficult to control...

A More Assertive German Foreign Policy

By George Friedman and Marc Lanthemann

The Ukrainian crisis is important in itself, but the behavior it has elicited from Germany is perhaps more important. Berlin directly challenged Ukraine's elected president for refusing to tighten relations with the European Union and for mistreating Ukrainians who protested his decision. In challenging President Viktor Yanukovich, Berlin also challenged Russia, a reflection of Germany's recent brazen foreign policy.

Since the end of World War II, Germany has pursued a relatively tame foreign policy. But over the past week, Berlin appeared to have acknowledged the need for a fairly dramatic change. German leaders, including the chancellor, the president, the foreign minister and the defense minister, have called for a new framework that contravenes the restraint Germany has practiced for so long. They want Germany to assume a greater international role by becoming more involved outside its borders politically and militarily.

February 3, 2014

Predicting World War III – Part 3

(The Counter-Revolutionary Trigger)

Commentary of 3 February 2014

By J.R. Nyquist

There has not been a civil war in America since 1865. What could possibly cause Americans to turn against each other today? We have previously mentioned economic collapse as trigger for a civil war. A trigger, however, is not the real cause. The trigger is merely a mechanism for igniting a conflagration which has long been prepared.

The preparation is found in the class warfare rhetoric of today. It is found in the unbalanced racial politics, in the precise formulations of feminism. In many ways, these are carefully constructed instruments with which to divide the people of America; specifically, to divide women from men, blacks from whites, poor from rich, liberal from conservative, etc.

To divide America into two or more hostile camps is one of the objectives of the Communists. The attempt at division is pro-forma. A good strategist always attempts to divide his enemy’s forces so he can defeat them in detail, or turn them against each other. By making Americans believe that there is a struggle for power ongoing between men and women, blacks and whites, rich and poor, and by focusing the energies and emotions of women, blacks and the poor toward a final victory over a supposed oppressive and ugly capitalist system, a useful power-base can be formed with which to take control of America. This power base excoriates the man, the white race, and the rich. Such becomes “the enemy” of all others.

This is, to be sure, only a basic overview of the enemy’s strategic architecture with regard to American domestic politics. Firmly resting upon the fissures of sex, race and economic status, there are many additional nuances and complexities to be considered. The final objective of the strategy is to own the world. The means for achieving this objective is to defeat the United States.

The intermediate objectives for achieving U.S. defeat may be enumerated as follows: