January 7, 2014

KATYN 2. Russian terrorists forced Polish presidential plane to land from the east

Independent Polish journalists reported on new circumstances over the destruction of Polish presidential plane by two explosions onboard coming from Russian KGB terrorists (most likely, by surface-to-air missiles) on April 10, 2010 near a western Russian city of Smolensk. On their website Salon 24, the journalists write in particular:

"Do you know why the plane landing at the airport took about at 19 minutes instead of 7, as in the flight plan?

7 minutes would be required when approaching the runway from the west (the plane flew from Warsaw - KC), but on April 10, this direction for landing (79 degrees) was closed, so the plane was supposed to make first 4 turns to go on the strip from east (This direction was necessary for Russian terrorists because of their KGB commando waiting for the plane near the eastern side of the airport - KC).

Any reasonable person would agree with the assumption that we must look at the hands of the (pro-Russian - KC) government. "Trust, but verify", so says the folk wisdom. This wisdom is justified, given recent polls in Poland on the trust in the government.

From the west, another plane came and safely landed 12 minutes before. These calculations by Salon 24 were described by Polish government press secretary as questionable (7 to 19 minutes) and uncertain ("the landing area was closed").

The choice as an optional airport were, in one Moscow version, Minsk (too far), and in another one - Bryansk (too far) or Vitebsk. Nothing good was awaiting the plane there- Vitebsk was not suitable (the airport is closed for half a day for civil aviation!)".

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