January 29, 2014

Onze mythes sur la situation en Ukraine

« L’idée des manifestants est finalement la même que celle des oligarques proches de Ianoukovitch que les premiers critiquent pourtant : il sera plus facile de manipuler Bruxelles que Moscou ».

♦ La Voix de la Russie – La situation en Ukraine donne souvent lieu à de nombreuses interprétations fantaisistes lorsqu’elles ne sont pas mensongères ou propagandistes, par omission ou méconnaissance bien souvent. L’idée de cet article est de tenter de mettre un cadre clair à ces événements, loin de l’impartialité du mainstream médiatique occidental.

1) Les Ukrainiens qui manifestent se battent pour lutter contre un président illégitime

January 27, 2014

Predicting World War III – Part Two

Commentary of 27 January 2014

Continuing our analysis from last week, we now must look at the U.S. domestic situation. The best overview, which largely remains current, is that offered by James Burnham in The Suicide of the West, p. 249: 

During the current century the liberal ideology has gradually increased over the formation of public opinion within the United States, Britain, Italy and to a greater or less degree [in] nearly all the advanced Western nations; and at the same time liberals, or persons accepting the liberal ideas relating to the decisive issues of war and the social order, have come to occupy more and more of the key positions of government and social power. This has meant a basic shift in the governing 'mix' of Western civilization: the foxes have been getting rid of the lions; the lions, as one of them put it a few years ago, have been fading away....

January 25, 2014



Recently, the odyssey of the Akademik Shokalskiy, a ship trapped by ice in Antarctica, has been part of the daily news until they finally were rescued. The ship was carrying a group of pseudo-scientists whose goal was to prove that global warming is real.[1] The story is so surrealistic that it has become the butt of innumerable jokes.

The theory that planet Earth is approaching a global warning cycle has been fed to us on a daily basis for the last twenty years as a proven scientific fact. As early as December, 2007, Al Gore, quoting some “serious” scientists, predicted Arctic ice-free summers by 2013.[2] Fortunately, what we have been experiencing, though, is not an artic-free summer, but a Gore-free world. Suddenly, Mr. Gore has disappeared from the news.

Of course, the force behind global warming and the rest of the PsyWars against the American people is composed of oil magnates, world bankers and transnational corporations ensconced at the Council on Foreign Relations and the organizations they control. Now, one may ask, why the CFR conspirators have been so interested in selling us a totally false, ridiculous theory? The explanation lays both in their secret goals and in their subtle ways to reach them.

Predicting World War III – Part One

Commentary of 20 January 2014

A friend in Europe reminded me that on 24 March 2011 a group of “well-known Russian astrologers, shamans and parapsychologists gathered to discuss forecasts for the near and distant future.” Since almost nothing of importance in Russia occurs without the state or the FSB having a “finger in the pie” (so to speak) it is worth taking notice of Russian predictions – whatever the source. Readers are directed to the 2011 Pravda.ru article titled Third World War to Begin during Winter Games in 2014. A wise man once said, “Never make predictions, especially about the future.” Indeed, the article contains predictions that obviously did not come true. Anyone who monitors major predictions about the future will find a very poor track record in 99 out of 100 cases. What is most curious, however, is that “participants” of the aforementioned 2011 meeting offered up a date for the beginning of World War III that already has some of us jittery. 

I want my country out of this thing


I want my country out of this thing: An interview with Gerard Batten MEP

Alex Sakalis, Tristan Sechrest, and Gerard Batten 10 October 2013

We invite UKIP MEP Gerard Batten to discuss European governance, UK media, the 2014 European elections and the challenges of representing eight million constituents at the European Parliament.

Gerard Batten, UKIP MEP. Flickr/Derek Bennet No2EU. All rights reserved.

oD: The conference was titled "Why bother about the European elections?" We understand MEPs from every political party were invited to answer this question, and only the Greens and UKIP turned up?

GB: Jean and I hold completely different points of view. But we’re both in it because we believe something and therefore we’re eager to tell people what it is that we believe. The safest thing some of the Labour, Conservative and Lib Dem candidates can do is not talk to anybody, because they don’t actually believe very much and on too many issues don’t want to get cornered.

January 22, 2014

Václav Klaus: Remarks for the Wiener Com.Sult Congress: Europe Has to Change

Many thanks for bringing me back to Vienna and for giving me the pleasant opportunity to address this distinguished audience. In my previous talks at this congress I repeatedly criticized European politicians that they do not take the evident European problems seriously. Every January I return to Vienna to state sadly that nothing significant has changed in this respect. We continue marching in the same blind alley regardless the deteriorating economic data, the deepening of the democratic deficit, and the indisputable increase of frustration in society. The economic facts are easily measurable, the degree of the loss of democracy and of the degree of frustration not. They are, however, not less important.

The substance of my polemics with current European arrangements is based both on the disagreement with the ambitions to economically centralize and unify the whole European continent and on the disagreement with the underestimation of the undemocratic consequences of the suppression of nation-states in favour of pan-European governance. Both should concern all of us who live in Europe.

January 19, 2014



This affects every living person in Britain.  Please spread it widely.  And ask them to do the same.

These two articles make clear the future for our children in a determined and spreading dictatorship.

When will the British people wake up to what is being done to them ?


Sunday, 12 January 2014

EU’s New Treaty – A Great Leap Forward

Christopher Booker writes in his Sunday Telegraph column today:

As our “Little England” politicians continue to squabble over David Cameron’s pie-in-the-sky talk about holding a referendum in 2017 on a new treaty relationship with the EU, the real puzzle is why no one in Britain is talking about the rapidly advancing plans of the EU establishment for another much more important treaty of their own, designed to take the EU a huge step further forward to becoming a fully fledged “Government of Europe”.

Army Unreadiness: Catastrophic or Treasonous?

Written by Allen West on October 23, 2013

The most important responsibility of the federal government is, as the Constitution states, to “provide for the common defense.” However, based on a recent assessment from the Chief of Staff of the US Army, General Raymond Odierno, we have an Army that is woefully unprepared and unready to meet the nation’s call.

It seems this administration’s priority for the US Military has been to ensure gay soldiers can openly serve and opening up combat billets to women. In keeping with his promise (perhaps the only campaign promise he has kept), Obama is fundamentally transforming the US military by way of liberal progressive social engineering.

January 15, 2014

Václav Klaus: Notes for the Gaidar Forum: Is the Title “Sustainable Development in Periods of Instability” a Correct One?

Thanks for the invitation to Russia, to Moscow, and especially to this important gathering connected with the name of Jegor Gajdar, a good friend of mine, a very profound economist and significant Russian political leader. Let me use the title of this plenary session for making a few comments.


I have a problem with accepting the term “sustainable development”. It is not a neutral term. It is – in my understanding – an empty, undefined and undefinable, more or less leftist ideological concept. It can’t be a good basis for a serious discussion. I suspect that those who use this term do not want to discuss how to restart economic growth in the stagnating West, especially in Europe, how to accelerate growth in developing countries and how to overcome poverty in the world. Those would be meaningful topics. To speak about sustainable development suggests a debate about creating barriers or obstacles to rapid, healthy and much needed economic growth.

January 14, 2014

The Gaza Withdrawal and Israel's Permanent Dilemma

Geopolitical Weekly
Tuesday, January 14, 2014 - 04:02

By George Friedman

Editor's Note: The following analysis originally ran in August 2005. We repost it today in light of the recent death of Ariel Sharon.

Israel has begun its withdrawal from Gaza. As with all other territorial withdrawals by Israel, such as that from Sinai or from Lebanon, the decision is controversial within Israel. It represents the second withdrawal from land occupied in the 1967 war, and the second from land that houses significant numbers of anti-Israeli fighters. Since these fighters will not be placated by the Israeli withdrawal -- given that there is no obvious agreement of land for an enforceable peace -- the decision by the Israelis to withdraw from Gaza would appear odd.

In order to understand what is driving Israeli policy, it is necessary to consider Israeli geopolitical reality in some detail.

Israel's founders, taken together, had four motives for founding the state.

January 12, 2014

Is it 1914 all over again?

Is it 1914 all over again? We are in danger of repeating the mistakes that started WWI, says a leading historian

The Great War was sparked by the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand in the Balkans. The Middle East could be viewed as the modern-day equivalent, argues Professor Margaret MacMillan

Ian Johnston
Sunday 05 January 2014

The newly mechanised armies of the early 20th century produced unprecedented slaughter on the battlefields of the "war to end all wars" after a spark lit in the Balkans with the assassination of the Austro-Hungarian Empire's Archduke Franz Ferdinand.

Trouble in Austeria

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Can the EU still be rescued following its disastrous failure to tackle the economic crisis? 

The wheels are falling off the EU’s austerity wagon. Unfortunately, no new wagon is in a state of readiness. There are some signs that European, and in particular German, social democracy is beginning to change direction - but because the EU is such a large and complex institution it can’t be expected to change direction too quickly.

One of the loosening wheels on the austerity wagon is scientific respectability. From the start a large number of economists and economic commentators have been opposed to the austerity agenda, but that opposition has now widened and deepened. Thus, for example, Carmen Reinhart and Kenneth Rogoff’s influential 2010 study, Growth in a Time of Debt, frequently invoked by the proponents of austerity, has now been widely discredited.

January 9, 2014

Green Energy Scam - German Attempts To De-Industrialise The Enemy


Despite wind energy investment and high green (Co2) taxes, German coal produces highest amount in 20 years!


So whilst Britain and others abide by German-EU rules and ruin their own generating capacity, producing crippling energy bills for the consumer and blight the countryside with useless windfarms, Germany ignores the rules.

Very similar to the 1920s/1930s;

Henry Morgenthou, 1944...

In 1926 an international steel cartel was organized. At the time, Germany produced only 2½ per cent more pig iron than France.

The cartel agreement fixed the quota of each member, and each was to pay into a common pool one dollar for every ton it produced. But for every ton produced over the quota, the producer had to pay by way of a fine an extra four dollars a ton.

The French very thriftily kept within their quota and even cut production a bit now and then to save the dollar a ton. The Germans, on the other hand, seemed to have gone on a spree. They regularly exceeded their quota and cheerfully paid the fine. In one year it amounted to about $10 million for 2,500,000 tons excess production.

But it turned out that the Germans knew what they were doing. After a few years they argued plausibly that their increased capacity was so great that it entitled them to a bigger quota. Their increased capacity — second only to that of the United States by then —gave them the power to beat their European rivals over the head to get what they wanted. Their pig iron quota was raised, and by 1938 German steel production was 23,200,000 tons while France dropped to 6,200,000.

Without the cartel deal, the two countries would normally have developed along about the proportions of 1926.


January 7, 2014

KATYN 2. Russian terrorists forced Polish presidential plane to land from the east

Independent Polish journalists reported on new circumstances over the destruction of Polish presidential plane by two explosions onboard coming from Russian KGB terrorists (most likely, by surface-to-air missiles) on April 10, 2010 near a western Russian city of Smolensk. On their website Salon 24, the journalists write in particular:

"Do you know why the plane landing at the airport took about at 19 minutes instead of 7, as in the flight plan?

7 minutes would be required when approaching the runway from the west (the plane flew from Warsaw - KC), but on April 10, this direction for landing (79 degrees) was closed, so the plane was supposed to make first 4 turns to go on the strip from east (This direction was necessary for Russian terrorists because of their KGB commando waiting for the plane near the eastern side of the airport - KC).

Any reasonable person would agree with the assumption that we must look at the hands of the (pro-Russian - KC) government. "Trust, but verify", so says the folk wisdom. This wisdom is justified, given recent polls in Poland on the trust in the government.

From the west, another plane came and safely landed 12 minutes before. These calculations by Salon 24 were described by Polish government press secretary as questionable (7 to 19 minutes) and uncertain ("the landing area was closed").

The choice as an optional airport were, in one Moscow version, Minsk (too far), and in another one - Bryansk (too far) or Vitebsk. Nothing good was awaiting the plane there- Vitebsk was not suitable (the airport is closed for half a day for civil aviation!)".

Department of Monitoring
Kavkaz Center


Reflections on 2013; What’s Important, What’s Not? What’s Ahead?

According to Yahoo!News the top story of the year was the Jodi Arias trial.

I confess. I never heard of her. Had to look it up.

Most of the Yahoo!News top ten would not have made my top 100. My criteria includes events that have a chance to shape history in a major way.

Here are my lists, county by country, theme by theme.

United States


January 6, 2014


TheFinalPhase.com extends its deep gratitude to Christopher Story for allowing this reprinting of the Soviet Analyst - This reprint of the Soviet Analyst is an Internet exclusive.

A Review of Continuing Soviet Global Revolutionary Deception Strategy
Volume 27 Numbers 6-7  http://www.sovietanalyst.com Editor & Publisher: Christopher Story FRSA September-October 2001


Special issue: The Soviet origins of the crisis

The Clenched Fist of the World Revolution
On Tuesday 11th September, Lenin's World Revolution came to the United States, which had assumed that such upheavals happened elsewhere. The "bourgeoisie" having been "put to sleep," the continuing Leninist strategists exercised what Stalin's chief strategist, Dimitri Manuilski, in his notorious 1926 prediction, called "the element of surprise." "The capitalist countries, stupid and decadent" had, in Manuilski's words, "leapt at" the chance to be friends. "As soon as their guard is down," he had added, "we will smash them with our clenched fist." But the Bolsheviks have now gone beyond Manuilski: they have announced that they are the West's allies "in the fight against" the terror for which they are responsible.

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Reports and Intelligence on the World Revolution

Trotsky Lives!
Soviet Terrorism Unmasked

January 5, 2014

Nigel Farage: Expect a huge political shake-up in 2014


This crisis of powerlessness for the Coalition is an opportunity for Ukip and we expect to gain electoral strength as people turn against unrestricted mass immigration and membership of the EU, writes UKIP Leader Nigel Farage. 

 Happy New Year to Daily Telegraph readers. I am sure 2014 will be a pivotal year in British politics, and I suggest this for a number of reasons.

From today 29 million people from Bulgaria and Romania have untrammelled access to Britain and our labour market. We shall learn very soon that our EU membership and adherence to EU free movement means free housing, free healthcare and free access to the British benefits system for every EU citizen who wishes to come here. At a time when school places are at a premium, when one million young people are unemployed and our transport system is overstretched to breaking point, this is a situation of utmost folly.


Who Is Mikhail Borisovich Khordokovsky?

By Dr. Gary K. Busch 21/12/13
Dec 21, 2013 - 10:32:50 AM

Yesterday the jailed oligarch, Mikhail Borisovich Khordokovsky, was freed from his prison cell and flown to Germany. Vladimir Putin issued an amnesty and Khordokovsky was free. The impression of the journalistic treatment of Khordokovsky is that he was the richest man in Russia who was unlawfully imprisoned by Putin because of Khordokovsky's support to dissident political parties. While an attractive hook on which to hang this story this analysis misses out a wide swath of modern Russian history. It is a trivialisation of what is a more important story. It is a very uninformed and misleading comment on just why Khordokovsky was in jail and what his career had been before his arrest.

The story of Khordokovsky is the story of the post-Soviet transformation of the Russian political and economic economy. To understand what Khordokovsky represents it is necessary to look back at the 1990 crises which beset Russia.
By 1990 Russia stood in a very precarious position. It had vast wealth in terms of resources but no way to trade them; a mighty army but an army that was retreating from Eastern Europe without a shot being fired; a banking system with no liquidity as all funds were held in Moscow and there were no regional banks.

There was a gold rouble trading at $1.20 to the U.S. dollar and a free rouble trading at $0.66. Behind all of this was a nervous and hostile West, especially the glavni vrag, the "€œmain enemy"€ the U.S., who would certainly prevent Russia from dumping its products on the world market and who was refusing realistic credits to Russia. In addition, the break-up of the USSR into Russia and the CIS left many of Russi'€™s ports in the hands of local nationalists in Lithuania, Estonia and Latvia which restricted Russian access to the markets.

January 3, 2014

Europe’s Tea Parties

The Economist

Political insurgency
Europe’s Tea Parties

Insurgent parties are likely to do better in 2014 than at any time since the second world war

SINCE 2010 or so, the Tea Party, a Republican insurgency, has turned American politics upside down. It comes in many blends, but most of its members share three convictions: that the ruling elite has lost touch with the founding ideals of America, that the federal government is a bloated, self-serving Leviathan, and that illegal immigration is a threat to social order. The Tea Party movement is central to the conflict that has riven American politics and the difficulty of reforming budgets and immigration laws.

Now something similar is happening in Europe (see article). Insurgent parties are on the rise. For mainstream parties and voters worried by their success, America’s experience of dealing with the Tea Party holds useful lessons.

The squeezed, and angry, middle

There are big differences between the Tea Party and the European insurgents. Whereas the Tea Party’s factions operate within one of America’s mainstream parties, and have roots in a venerable tradition of small-government conservatism, their counterparts in Europe are small, rebellious outfits, some from the far right.

January 2, 2014

Why the U.S. Won't Call the Muslim Brotherhood Terrorists

The Clarion Project

If a group qualifies as a terrorist organization, it needs to be treated as such, regardless of convenience. The facts speak for themselves.

The Egyptian government formally labeled the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist group on December 25, banning all of its activities including protests. The Obama Administration, advised by Brotherhood-friendly groups in the U.S., is unlikely to follow in Egypt’s footsteps in calling a spade a spade.

The announcement came after the government blamed the Brotherhood for the suicide bombing of a police station in Mansoura. No proof was offered of Brotherhood involvement. A pro-Al-Qaeda group named Ansar Jerusalem, based in the Sinai Peninsula, took credit.

That didn’t stop local protestors from immediately rallying against the Brotherhood, burning effigies of the group’s leaders and attacking property owned by a Brotherhood member. The Egyptian public as a whole remains hostile to the Brotherhood and loyal to the military, with about half the population wanting the group outlawed. Another poll taken in August showed that almost 70% want it banned from politics.

The Brotherhood may or may not be involved in that specific bombing in Mansoura, but that doesn’t mean it is peaceful. It has threatened to form a rebel armed force. After the Egyptian military’s crackdown on the Brotherhood began, Egyptians outraged by the response of the U.S. government and media posted eye-opening videos showing Brotherhood members threatening violence, attacking Egyptian security forces and churches, and putting children at risk for the sake of propaganda.