December 6, 2013

Intellectuals Who Wish for Israel’s Demise by Giulio Meotti

Intellectuals Who Wish for Israel’s Demise
Published: Arutz Sheva – Tuesday, December 03, 2013 10:38 PM
Europe’s intellectual establishment obsessively preaches and works for Israel’s disappearance.

Most of our European intellectuals believe that Israeli land must be given over to Islamic rule, by force if necessary.

Italy’s most renowned philosopher, Gianni Vattimo, who is also a member of the European Parliament, slammed Israel as a “racist state”, a state which, he said, “should not exist”.

In 2007, Vattimo signed a manifesto calling Israel “Nazi” and saying that in Gaza there are “concentration camps”. Among the signers, the famous poet Edoardo Sanguineti and other Italian cultural personalities.

Europe’s intellectual establishment obsessively preaches and works for Israel’s disappearance. Trond Andresen, a professor in the Department of Engineering Cybernetics at the Norwegian University of Trondheim, just wrote that he would not set foot at the commemoration ceremony for the victims of Kristallnacht. “This annual event is used by Israel’s friends each year to deflect or undermine criticism of Israel”, he claimed.

This plague is destroying the Western intellectual life from Paris to Washington: in academia, in the publishing houses, in the newspapers, in the literary circles, how many writers, professors and journalists today are willing to stand up for Israel’s good name and basic rights?

Most of our European intellectuals believe that Israeli land must be given over to Islamic rule, by force if necessary. The existence of a restored Israel in the land of the Bible, proof that the Jewish people is not annihilated, assimilated and withering away is the living refutation of the all the myths the Western intellectuals are eager to embrace: fascism, communism, secularism, Islamism, Christian leftism, multiculturalism, pacifism.

And not only in Europe. When the black writer Alice Walker, author of “The Color Purple,” refuses to authorize a Hebrew translation of her prize-winning book; when journalist Jakob Augstein, a member of the German left-liberal intelligentsia, claims that “the Netanyahu government keeps the world on a leash”; when “the father of peace studies” Johan Galtung says that there is a connection between the massacre of youths in Norway last summer and the Mossad, these intellectuals are all enhancing the world’s expectations for another Holocaust.

It is the same Galtung who wrote that “Israel was conceived in sin, born in sin and grew up in sin”. For these intellectuals, that “sin” must be washed with blood. Jewish blood.

They write it openly. They don’t hide their worst fantasies anymore.
Cowardice and hatred dominate the Western cultural establishment. The same thing happened during the Second World War. In both situations, academia at large made Jews the canary in the coal mine.

Of Italy’s 1,225 teachers and college professors, only 12 refused to take the oath of allegiance to the Fascist regime. Only a few older men stood by their principles and rejected the conformism of evil. That little group of twelve professors gave up their posts rather than swear allegiance, but they ultimately honored themselves and truth.

Today, there is no fascism nor persecution in the streets, but despite that fact - that makes the situation seemingy better – today you will probably not find even twelve brave academics and writers who will stand up for their principles, for the value of fair play towards Israel.

In that sense, the current hegemonic, democratic and voluntary anti-Semitism is even worse than that of the ’30s.

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