November 8, 2013

‘Down with Capitalism’ & Leaving the N.O.

Maradiaga: ‘We Must Destroy Capitalism’

This is a historic declaration by Card. Oscar Maradiaga, the president of the Council of Cardinals that advises the Pontiff.

At an event in Dallas, Texas, on October 25, 2013, he made explosive statements that reminded me of the height of the Protestant Pseudo Reformation, when sects characterized by a complete egalitarianism between pastors and community were founded. If any of those heresiarchs were alive today, he would endorse and praise Maradiaga’s statements.

Also the anti-capitalist words of the Cardinal - see the last bullet below - could come from the mouth of any of the prime leaders of Communism: Lenin, Marx, Trotsky or Stalin.

I highlighted the key excerpts of his speech taken from the news report that can be read here.

     André Garcia, Brazil

  • Maradiaga, the Archbishop of Tegucigalpa in Honduras, said the Church must break down the walls between the ordained hierarchy and the laity, with all Catholics becoming “the suffering servants.”
  • “There is not a dual classification of Christians,” he said. “The Church as a society of unequals disappears. … We are here to serve, and that requires lowering ourselves to become servants.” …
  • “This is a move away from the European church to becoming a universal church with multiple cultural roots,” he said. “The ‘Italianation’ of the Church has always been tied to power.”…
  • That puts the Church at odds with a world where “financial capital wields over a billion human beings a power of life and death — deciding who has the right to live on this planet and who is doomed to die,” Maradiaga said.
    “To change the system it would be necessary to destroy the power of the new feudal lords,” he said, and to replace that with “mercy and solidarity and a return to the church of the poor.”

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N.O. = Novus Ordo [Saeculorum]