October 31, 2013

Katyn 2. Sensational photo of Putin and Tusk in Polish magazine

This picture was taken shortly after Putin's terrorist attack on the plane crash of Polish president Lech Kaczynski

A portal Alter News published a sensational news with no less sensational photograph of Putin and Poland's Polshevist prime minister Donald Tusk, taking shortly after the Russians blasted the plane of Polish president Lech Kaczynski near a western Russian city of Smolensk on April 10, 2010.

The photo by unknown author is on the cover of a local weekly magazine. It testifies that both politicians do not look upset by the accident, which killed almost all Poland's opposition elite, critical to Russia, including several NATO generals. Rather, both look very happy that suggests that the death of Kaczynski did not break the hearts either of Putin or Tusk, writes PolishVedomosti.


The covers reads "Prime minister Donald Tusk immediately after the tragic death of Polish president Lech Kaczynski and the Polish elite. When will we find out the truth?", was published on Facebook before the magazine was put on sale.

The publication caused an instant reaction amongst the Poles. The comments expressed the view that the death of Kaczynski and the Polish elite was the result of a joint terrorist attack of Putin and Tusk. Polish prime minister is accused of treason.

Meanwhile, according to Polish radio station Polskie Radio, families of victims of the Smolensk disaster read at a press conference in parliament on Monday their open letter addressed to the Polshevist speaker of Polish parliament, Eva Kovacs.

The letter, on behalf of Eva Kochanowski, Eva Blasik, Magdalena Merta, Malgorzata Wassermann, Zuzanna Kurtyka, Jadwiga Gosiewska, Beata Gosiewska, Izabela and Grzegorz Januszko, Jacek Swiat, Piotr Walentynowicz, and Andrzej Melak, expressed support to Antoni Macierewicz-led Parliamentary commission for investigation of causes of the Smolensk disaster, which the polshevist Kovach wants to "investigate". The letter says, in particular:

- We, representatives of the families of the victims of the Smolensk disaster, strongly object to the actions of the parliament speaker Eva Kovacs, who wants the Commission on parliamentary affairs to investigate the activities of theParliamentary commission for investigation of causes of the Smolensk disaster. We are concerned that we were not informed about such plans, we were not invited to discussions, and our objections were not listened to.

The Smolensk Commission, chaired by the MP from the Law and Justice Party Antoni Macierewicz is the only state institution in Poland, which exposes Russian lies and fakes in the report by the government commission chaired by Jerzy Miller. The Law and Justice Party has a team of outstanding professionals, and its Commission is authorized to present their results to the general public.

Any attempt to discredit the Commission, we believe, is an attack on fundamental civil rights and the rights of the victims of the Smolensk tragedy, the letter says.

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