August 18, 2013

Soros donated Ft 500million to NGOs in 2012

George Soros may have closed the foundation named after him in Hungary in 2007, but the Budapest-born financier donated close to Ft 500 million to Hungarian civil rights groups last year, right-wing weekly Heti Válasz reports.
Describing the recipients as groups opposed to the Prime Minister, the weekly writes that the main beneficiary is the Civil Liberties Union, one of whose members is Péter Juhász, co-president of Together.
Other recipients of Soros aid include the pro-abortion Patent Association, the Mona Foundation, which campaigns for legal protection for women, and the pro-gay Hattér association, all described by Heti Válaszas part of “street opposition” to the cabinet.
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Riddick said...

500 million forint is about 2.23 million U.S. $