July 29, 2013

Local government: the enemy within


Richard North29/07/2013   

Local authorities in the UK have "firmly backed EU leadership and direction of the country’s waste and environmental policies". So says the Local Government Chronicle as overpaid chief executives look to Brussels rather than Westminster for their laws.

LARAC - the local authority recycling advisory committee - said the influence of Europe had "mitigated" the UK government's focus on the market economy at the expense of environmental concern. "We consider that UK environmental legislation has benefited from EU directives and that this situation should continue", LARAC says.

"Without EU legislation in environmental issues, the UK would have had a greater reliance on landfill and contributed more to global warming than it currently has, and had a recycling infrastructure still geared to only paper, metal and glass".

Thus, we know exactly where the loyalties of the town hall looting classes lie. So-called "local" government is happy to by-pass national government if it thinks it can get a better deal from the "colleagues".

Someone needs to find out exactly how much local government spends on kow-towing to Brussels and, one would like to think, deducting that money form their budgets, except of course that it would be local taxpayers who would lose out.

One thing for sure though – as do they owe no loyalty to their own taxpayers, so we see this new class of technocrats owing no loyalty even to the national legislature. They may be local government officials, but largely they do not even have British interests in mind.

In every sense, these people are the enemy.