June 30, 2013

Deceived by the Dialectic Process

Articles and chapters on this topic: Small Groups and the Dialectic Process

From Twisting Truth through Group Consensus: "Tension, created by diversity, is essential to the dialectic process. It energizes members and -- when manipulated by well-trained facilitators -- produces synergy. You can't guide people toward synthesis (compromise) unless there are opposing views -- both "thesis and antithesis." That's why the consensus process must include all these elements:

  • a diverse group
  • dialoguing to consensus
  • over a social issue
  • led by a trained facilitator
  • toward a pre-planned outcome.
The true dialectic group never reaches a final consensus, for "continual change" is an ongoing process: one step today, another tomorrow. To permanently change the way we think and relate to each other, our leaders must set the stage for conflict and compromise week after week, year after year. Dialectical thinking and group consensus must become as normal as eating. Eventually, people learn to discard their old mental anchors and boundaries -- all the facts and certainties that built firm convictions. They become like boats adrift, always ready to shift with the changing winds and currents.   

June 23, 2013

Eastern Europe between Stagnation in the West and Rapid Growth in the East

I was invited to talk here about Eastern Europe but I have to start by announcing a small definitional problem. As someone who spent his whole life in Prague, in this truly geographical centre of Europe, I have a certain reluctance to use the term Eastern Europe without at least briefly expressing my doubts on it.

When looking at the map, Prague is located west of Vienna and is closer to Copenhagen or Brussels than to Sarajevo or Kiev. I have for instance never visited Moldova or Belorussia, I was once in Estonia and Ukraine, but hundred times in the countries west of the Danube and the Rhine. I would, therefore, prefer to differentiate between Central and Eastern Europe. I don’t know whether to say WE in Eastern Europe or THEY in Eastern Europe.

My experience tells me that the West Europeans consider us “THEY”. Is it due to geography or history? If it is history, is it due to history in general or just the recent history, that is to say our communist past? Isn’t the adjective “Eastern” so popular because it is a courteous and neutralistic term which is easier to use than the more complicated, much longer, partly ideological term: “the economically less developed former communist countries of Europe”? I am afraid it is so.

June 22, 2013

1991: The Warnings of Veronica Leuken about the ‘Staged’ Collapse of Communism

I posted this a while back, but it was lost during the transfer to the new Conservative Monster server.

On June 18th, 1970 Veronica Leuken claimed to have visions of the Blessed Mother while praying to a statue outside of a Church in Bayside, NY. Here I am writing about it 43 years later. It is strange that I thought about Veronica Leuken today, because the 43rd anniversary passed just 2 days ago.
Many things have been “coming to me lately” that I believe are messages from above to warn the people about the coming threat to freedom.
Patricia Mckinney, a NY Pastor once contacted me to let me know that she believes The Conservative Monster has some divine connection coming from the Lord since my analysis on events has had such stunning accuracy. I have always felt the same way, but I didn’t expect that anyone else would be intuitive enough to see it as well. 
I told Patricia that I was touched by her message. I just wish that the Lord would help me control my temper, because I am losing my patience with the ‘sleeping masses’. I am trying harder…
Veronica Leuken’s claims about communication from the Blessed Mother spread like wildfire and considering that this was before the Internet was invented was pretty impressive. People from all over the country came to pray in front of this statue of the Blessed Mother until eventually the Community demanded that the statue be removed since the large crowds were causing a burden to the neighborhood.

I was very familiar with Veronica Leuken since I lived in that area of NY when I was a small child. I was only 6 years old when all of this took place. Of course skeptics (and Liberals) dismissed Leuken as crazy and someone seeking publicity, but Veronica had some hard core followers back then.

Several years ago I came across some startling warnings that Veronica had made after the collapse of the Soviet Union. The Conservative Monster has always warned that the collapse of the USSR was staged so the West would lower it’s guard to the Communist threat.

Here are some of the warnings made by Veronica Leuken:

June 15, 2013

Speech Geert Wilders, Los Angeles, June 9, 2013

Geert Wilders Weblog
Geert Wilders Weblog
The Resurgence of National Pride and the Future of Europe
Dear friends, thank you for inviting me to Los Angeles. I always like coming to the United States. There are many things that I admire Americans for. One of them is that they are unashamedly patriotic.
The American Freedom Association has asked me to speak to you about the future of Europe.
Click here to watch an interview with Geert Wilders on June 9, 2013
Click here to read the speech in German on PI-news.net
Europe is in a terrible state. Bit by bit, European countries are losing their national sovereignty. The economy is in shambles. Islamic immigrants riot and terrorize the many locals. And when people's throats are slit in the streets, while the murderers shout "Allahu Akbar," the authorities appease the killers and declare that Islam has nothing to do with it.
Europeans feel that the gap between them en those who rule them is growing. Many no longer feel represented by their politicians. There is a complete disconnect between the people that truly rule Europe and the people that live in it.
The blame lies to a large extent with the European Union and the weak leadership within the European countries which have signed away their national sovereignty. The EU cannot be compared to the United States. Europe is a continent of many different nations with their own identities, traditions and languages. The EU is a supranational organization, but its leaders aim to turn it into a state. To this end they are destroying the wealth, identity and freedoms of the existing nation-states of Europe.
Before I elaborate, let us take a closer look at the terrible mistake that Europe made.
Following the Second World War, Europe's leaders mistakenly thought that patriotism was the cause of the war.
All over Europe, not just in Germany, but everywhere, they equated the defense of national identity with extremism.
Politicians told the electorate that the nation state was dangerous.
On the rooftops of Europe's parliaments and official buildings, they flew the EU flag next to the national flag, as if the nation is nothing but a province of a Pan-European empire.

Propaganda Analysis and Counter Propaganda, Part One


resistFirst, we have several new readers among us.  I just wanted to say that ‘Sarge’ says hello, and provide a brief intro for everyone else who just started reading.  I write here because America is locked in a battle between the State – the government; the coercive powers that bend the relationship of the citizen and his elected officials against the Liberty of the citizen – and man: you, me, the citizen.  Our Founders gave us very clear ideas as to their intentions with the foundation of the Republic and the ideal role of democracy in our Republic.  What we see today is an abomination of our Founders’ beliefs; aberrant behavior whereby, as Ayn Rand put it
“…the stage of the ultimate inversion: the stage where the government is free to do anything it pleases, while the citizens may only act by permission; which is the stage of the darkest periods of human history, the stage of rule by brute force.”
We know that veterans returning from Iraq and Afghanistan are often targeted and designated as being affected by Oppositional Defiance Disorder.  I have to admit, before I went to Iraq and Afghanistan I was a good little boy; I never questioned authority and I was gung-ho to go over and fight for God and Country, and Mom and Dad, and, by-God, for the American way!  I swore, as many of you did, an Oath to support and defend the Constitution, and it was during my second tour that I began to realize that what we were doing in Iraq and Afghanistan wasn’t actually for God and Country.

June 14, 2013

America is Under Attack and At War

NSA director Keith Alexander says surveillance programs have disrupted or helped disrupt dozens of terrorist attacks

By Cliff Kincaid – June 12, 2013

The NSA leaker is being protected by China and has a home waiting in Russia. Yet, conservative media personalities such as Glenn Beck are saying that he is a hero. They seem to think that the NSA’s terrorist surveillance program has been used by Obama to go after conservatives, in the same way we have seen in the IRS scandal. There is no evidence this is the case.

If there is evidence that Obama is using the NSA terrorist surveillance program to monitor and harass conservatives, where is it? We have that evidence in the IRS scandal, but not here.

June 13, 2013

Kings without Kingdoms: G8, Google-Meisters, and Bilderbergers

Kings without Kingdoms:

G8, Google-Meisters, and Bilderbergers

By Debra Rae  ~  June 6, 2013

It’s that time of the year when a “by invitation only” roll-call of about 140 luminaries—corporate heads, major politicians, royalty, media moguls, and financial kingpins—meet behind heavily guarded, closed doors to chart the world’s course and then translate it into policy.[1]

The annual Bilderberg event is broadly viewed as a political version of the Davos, Switzerland World Economic Forum, through which high-society elitists discuss big business and the global economy. As the World Economic Forum, the Bilderberg group likewise wields extraordinary power.[2] That the Bilderbergers are responsible for the single European currency is no small feat.[3] Collectively, “the cosmopolitan elite” hatch decisions on major wars.

“June is Bustin’ Out All Over”

For the first time in Britain since the Turnberry, Scotland event in 1998, the Bilderberg Group will meet June 6-9 at the Grove Hotel in Hertfordshire, just north of London. No doubt by design, the Bilderberg summit is scheduled back-to-back with Google’s “Zeitgeist” Global Summit.[4]

June 12, 2013

Senior World Bank Whistleblower: “Banksters Have Captured States Via Central Bank System Mafiosi. World Facing Serious Danger Now”.”All Wars Are Central Bankers´War”


Euromediterranien - Euromediterranean - Euromediterranien - New World Order - Neue Weltordnung - Klima - Climate - Chemtrails - HAARP - Religion      

Summary: According to a statement by an informant, Karen Huden, ex-senior Counsel at the World Bank, the “international Banker Elite” has  captured  most countries of the world by their central bank system, and they  form a cartel of power-hungry mafia figures centered around the U.S. FED, she says.
The world right now faces serious danger - there are even plans to impose martial law in the United States, she said. (Pres. Obama has already started doing so). The next steps will be of crucial importance for humanity. The consequences of people´s  inaction is devastating.
 “These offenders who have taken all this economic power have managed to infiltrate both sides of the issue (Hegelian dialectics), so you will see people who are supposedly trying to fight corruption, but they are only there to to spread disinformation …. These thugs think that if they can keep the world ignorant, they can bleed humanity longer.”
According to the Council on Foreign Relations Insider, Bill Clinton’s mentor, Professor Carroll Quigley,  the establishment of the central bank system and the Bank for International Settlements, was a plan for the takeover of power in the world by a world system of financial control in private hands to dominate the political system of each country  and the world´s economy as a whole.
Besides, of course, the central banks were / are to rob the world´s nations by usurping their sovereign right to print their own money and then to lend it to the national governments at interest rates fixed by the money masters themselves.

June 11, 2013


by Rodney Atkinson

This is adapted from chapter 7 of my book Europe's Full Circle published in 1997. I reproduce it here on the occasion of the 2013 meeting of Bilderberg in the United Kingdom, to which a number of Government figures including George Osborne and David Cameron were invited. There is no shortage of the wilder type of conspiracy theorist available on the web. The BBC has cleverly just interviewed one of the wilder elements on the Andrew Neill chaired Sunday Politics programme, but there is a very calm and analytical case to be put about the rise of anti democratic corporatism through vehicles like Bilderberg and its ultimate expression (the European Union) and I hope I put that case here. But I doubt whether the BBC will want a credible and rational exposure of Bilderberg!

Between 1973, when Edward Heath's European Communities Act came into force and today legislation has passed through the House of Commons which has effectively destroyed the United Kingdom, its democracy, the jurisdiction of its courts and the sovereignty of its parliament. Such an enterprise did not happen without deliberate intent, secrecy and the active collaboration of leading British politicians and businessmen. It could also not have happened unless it had been:

1. In the interests of a powerful force (certain political and corporate interests in the United States bent on creating a United States of Europe)
2. Based on a well thought out scheme (the historical German and French plans for a corporatist Eurostate)
3. Implemented by undemocratic means (powers which allowed the executive to bypass Parliament); and
4. Supported by a clique of British establishment figures who have claimed that, since the Empire became a Commonwealth, the United Kingdom was finished and its political and economic influence of no account. Echoing similar attitudes in 1914 and 1939 they so appeased the demands of our enemies that they failed to protect either our national interest or even our constitution.

There is a secretive group which, in its foundation and in its core (if not in all those who have attended its meetings) has played a central role in this process - the Bilderberg Group, founded in 1954 by Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands.

Russia's new Middle Eastern role

 Middle East Forum

Russia has thrown a monkey wrench into Western plans for Syria by promising to deliver its top-of-the-line S300 surface-to-air missile system to the Bashar al-Assad government. Exactly when the missiles might arrive remains unclear; the last word from Moscow is that the missiles are not yet in place, which means the matter is up for bargaining.

It is humiliating for the West to trip over a game-changing Russian technology nearly a quarter of a century after the fall of the Berlin Wall. The larger scandal is that the West lacks countermeasures against the Russian system, the result of misguided defense priorities over the past dozen years. If the United States had spent a fraction of the resources it wasted in nation-building in Iraq and Afghanistan on anti-missile technology, Russia would lack the bargaining chip in the first place. That's spilt milk, however, and the pressing question is: what should the West do now?

The questions to ask are:

1. Is Russia a rational actor?

2. If the answer to the first question is affirmative (as the overwhelming majority of analysts believe), what does it have to be rational about?

3. Can the United States do anything in the foreseeable future to change the present regime in Russia?

4. If the answer to the third question is affirmative, then what do we want to negotiate with Vladimir Putin?

June 3, 2013

« Post-démocratie » de Colin Crouch


« La démocratie est de plus en plus une coquille vide ».L’analyse par Michel Geoffroy.

On recommandera la lecture du livre de Colin Crouch, « Post-démocratie », paru aux éditions Diaphanes (2013)

L’intérêt des analyses de C. Crouch, politologue et sociologue anglais, parues en 2005 dans leur édition originale provient en effet de ce qu’elles mettent en perspective le soubassement économique et sociologique de l’avènement de la post-démocratie occidentale.M.G.

La démocratie libérale, oxymore politique

L’auteur insiste notamment sur le fait que le concept de « démocratie libérale » aujourd’hui mis en avant constitue en réalité l’abandon progressif de la démocratie politique telle que nous comprenions ce concept jusque-là. D’une certaine façon, l’expression « démocratie libérale » est un oxymore, ou du moins relève-t-on une tension de plus en plus perceptible entre ces deux termes.