May 21, 2013

Tracking the Communist Conspiracy: Communist-Infiltrated Parties and Religions, Pro-Communist Globalist Groups, Western Leftist Propaganda

Once Upon a Time in the West
A Tale of Soviet Strategic Deception and the Demise of Western Civilization

Communist-Infiltrated Political Parties

Coalition for Free and Open Elections (Communist Party USA, Workers' World Party, co-founding parties; Si Gerson, CPUSA member, COFOE secretary, 1985-1999; current members: Committee for a Unified Independent Party(front for International Workers' Party), Constitution Party, Green Party, Libertarian Party, Reform Party, Socialist Party USA)

Democratic Party (USA) factions:
- Campaign for America's Future (non-profit organization, Director Robert Borosage former head of KGB front Institute for Policy Studies, 1979-1988)
- Congressional Black Caucus (duplicate membership in Congressional Progressive Caucus)
- Congressional Progressive Caucus (faction linked to Democratic Socialists of America)
- National Stonewall Democrats (LGBT faction)
- Progressive Democrats of America
- Shadow Democratic Party (Soros-Clinton network)
- Democratic Socialists of America (communist)
- Communist Party USA ("unofficially" endorsed Barack Hussein Obama's 2008 presidential campaign)

Liberal Party of Canada faction:
- Three Wise Men Faction (Trudeau, Pelletier, Marchand, and other Fabian socialists) (leftist, endorsed by Communist Party USA)

New Democratic Party (Canada) factions:
- Fightback (Marxist entryists)
- Socialist Caucus (communist faction),
- Socialist Action (Trotskyist entryists)

RESPECT (George Galloway, sole Respect MP, ex-Labour Party, pro-Saddam; Socialist Workers' Party, International Socialist Group, Socialist Unity Network, Socialist Resistance, Communist Party of Great Britain (Provisional Central Committee), Revolutionary Communist Party of Britain (Marxist-Leninist), Muslim Association of Britain, and Muslim Council of Britain)

Faux Rightist Political Parties

Conservative Party of Canada faction:
- Red Tory Council ("progressive conservatism")

Republican Party (USA) factions:
- Arnold Schwarzenegger (Governor of California, pro-Obama, pro-Log Cabin)
- Log Cabin Republicans (LGBT faction)
- Republican Liberty Caucus (Ron Paul, Justin Raimondo)
- Republican Unity Coalition (defunct LGBT faction; ex-member lesbian Mary Cheney, US Vice-President Dick Cheney's daughter)

Communist-Infiltrated Religious Organizations

Alliance of Civilizations (UN initiative to counter religious extremism)

Anglican Communion

Congress of Leaders of World and Traditional Religions (Soviet organ)

Council for a Parliament of the World's Religions

Global Ethic Foundation (Hans Kung)

Latin American Episcopal Conference

National Council of Churches USA

Russian Orthodox Church Moscow Patriarchate (Soviet organ)

Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia (Soviet organ)

Society of Jesus

Tricontinental Centre (Universite catholique de Louvain; Director Francois Houtart SJ linked to World Social Forum)

United Religions Initiative (Swing, Kung, Gorbachev, Soros, Strong)

United States Conference of Catholic Bishops

University of Central America (San Salvador, Society of Jesus)

Vatican City

World Alliance of Reformed Churches

World Conference of Religions for Peace

World Council of Churches

World Council of Religious Leaders

World Forum on Theology and Liberation

Pro-Communist Religious Organizations

Christian Coalition of America (Robertson; "anti"-Chavez, but supports PRC's one-child policy and Marxist Charles Taylor, Liberia's ex-dictator; linked to

Evangelical Climate Initiative (Warren, Hayford, Hybels, McLaren)

Family Federation for World Peace and Unification (Sun Myung Moon; linked to Gorbachev, PRC, DPRK, and allegedly Ban Ki-moon)

Lucis Trust (founded by Theosophist Alice Bailey as Lucifer Trust)

Order of Skull and Bones (Yale University senior society, alleged Illuminati)

Pentecostal Charismatic Peace Fellowship

Quaker United Nations Office

Saddleback Church (Warren, CFR; supports fascist-communist Syria and neo-communist Rwanda; linked to Barack Obama and Larry Kramer)

Southern Baptist Convention (high-profile pro-communist members: Graham, Warren, Clinton; ex: Carter, Robertson)

Southern Baptist Convention Environment and Climate Initiative (supports man-made global warming hoax)

Tony Blair Faith Foundation (Vatican-backed initiative, Rick Warren sits on Advisory Council)

Unification Church (Sun Myung Moon; linked to Gorbachev, PRC, DPRK, and allegedly Ban Ki-moon)

United Church of Canada

Communist State Front Companies

CITIC Group (China's state economic development corporation; founded by PRC VP Rong Yiren, "Red Capitalist," 1979)

China Ocean Shipping (Group) Company (state, founded 1961; provides logistical support for People's Liberation Army)

Husky Energy (Calgary-based company; Li Ka Shing holds majority stake)

Hutchison-Whampoa (global port operations, including Panama Canal; Chairman Li Ka Shing formerly on CITIC Board of Directors)

Poly Technologies (missile and arms sales; founded as CITIC subsidiary for People's Liberation Army, 1984; Chairman Wang Jun also past CITIC Group CEO; Yah Lin "Charlie" Trie mutual friend of Wang and Bill Clinton)

Transakta (KGB/FSB, next to Czech Ministry of Finance, Prague)

Pro-Communist "Nepman" Businesses

Bombardier (building Qinghai-Tibet Railway, current)

Canada China Business Council (Honorary Chairman Andre Desmarais, past Canadian PM Jean Chretien's son-in-law; Honorary Director Maurice Strong, Kofi Annan's past envoy to DPRK, linked to Gorbachev and Soros; Beijing office located in CITIC building)

Canadian Council of Chief Executives (pro-NAU, linked to CFR)

The CSL Group (past CEO Canadian PM Paul Martin; partnered with state-run CITIC Group, 1986)

Loral Space and Communications Corp. (transferred satellite control technology to China, 1994)

The Marc Rich Group (facilitated offshore banking for CPSU, 1991)

Microsoft Corporation (transferred Windows secret source code to Kremlin, 2003; Hu Jintao visits Microsoft HQ, 2006)

Neil Bush (brother of President George W. Bush; business partners include Boris Berezovsky, Rev. Sun Myung Moon, and Jiang Mianheng, son of past PRC President Jiang Zemin)

Roger Tamraz (funded 1996 Clinton-Gore campaign, offered to fund Boris Yeltsin's 1996 presidential campaign, developed Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan pipeline)

Pro-Communist Globalist Organizations

Australian Institute of International Affairs

Bilderberg Group

Canadian International Council

The Carter Center

Chatham House (legal name Royal Institute of International Affairs)

Citizens for Global Solutions (formerly World Federalist Association, US chapter of World Federalist Movement)

Club of Rome

Council on Foreign Relations

Ford Foundation

The Fraser Institute (pro-NAU)

The Heinz Endowments

Open Society Institute (Soros)

Pacific and Asian Affairs Council (formerly Hawaii branch of pro-communist Institute of Pacific Relations, 1925-1960)

Rhodes Trust

Robert Muller Personal Website (past Chancellor, UN University for Peace)

Robert Muller Schools International (World Core Curriculum, based on Alice Bailey's Theosophy, UN Associated School)

Rockefeller Foundation

Tides Foundation

Trilateral Commission

United Nations Foundation (Turner)

UN University for Peace (UPEACE Council includes Maurice Strong)

William J. Clinton Foundation

World Association of Non-Governmental Organizations (Sun Myung Moon; linked to Gorbachev, PRC, DPRK, and allegedly Ban Ki-moon)

World Constitution and Parliament Association

World Economic Forum

World Federalist Movement/ Coalition for the International Criminal Court

World Policy Institute (founded as Association for Education in World Government)

Western Leftist Propaganda

Americans United for Separation of Church and State (anti-USA, anti-Israel) (pro-Putin)

Canadian Action Party (left nationalist, anti-NAU)

Centre for Research on Globalization (features Soviet/Russian Gen. Leonid Ivashov)


Daily Kos

Empire Burlesque (pro-Putin)

Executive Intelligence Review (pro-Putin)

Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting

Independent Media Center

Insurrección (pro-Putin)

New Paradigm Institute (founders Daniel Sheehan and Sara Nelson also established defunct Christic Institute with William J. Davis SJ; filed suits against various figures in Iran-Contra scandal; Sheehan defended Daniel Barrigan SJ during Vietnam War; Sara was National Executive Director, State of the World Forum, 1999)

Noam Chomsky

People for the American Way

Peter Dale Scott

Political Research Associates (anti-Israel)


Webster G. Tarpley (pro-Soviet)

Z Magazine/ZNet

Latin American Focus

Bolivia Rising

Ecuador Rising

Global Exchange

The Narco News Bulletin

Third World Traveler

Tim's El Salvador Blog

Upside Down World