May 10, 2013

There is overwhelming evidence that Polish presidential plane was blown up by Russian terrorists

 A Polish magazine, Przewodnik Katolicki, published an interview with Antoni Macierewicz, Chairman of the Parliamentary Investigation Commission for the Smolensk disaster of April 10, 2010, under the title "There is another Russia (Istnieje druga Rosja)", in which he said in particular:

"The following happened in Smolensk.

There was an explosion - and this we know for sure. The convincing evidence are several pieces of the Tu-154 fuselage at a distance of about 150 meters to the site where the plane crashed.

The fact is that the Tupolev disintegrated in the air. Again, these are the same parts of the fuselage. Where else can such things happen when the plane is still in the air? This is the key evidence of the explosion that destroyed the Tu-154 before it fell to the ground. An "armored" birch in this tragedy did not play any role.

Our situation is fundamentally different than that of the official Miller Commission. Their whole concept is based on photographs taken by an amateur photographer Amelin three days after - the whole three days - after the disaster! Even in the case of an ordinary car accident, such "evidence" will not be accepted by any court.

- The following happened with the Tupolev cabin. A part of it was definitely brought to Moscow, and some other parts were destroyed into small fragments at the crash site. Only the floor and wheels were left. And there, on that sheet metal, remnants of soot and discoloration are clearly seen as a result of the explosion.

This is very important because it is the only possibility for reconstruction. But we find during the reconstruction physical evidence of the existence of such parts of the aircraft that are bent by the explosion, and finally, we know that the fuselage fell apart in flight, and components of explosives were found at the crash site, which provides the overall evidence that the explosion was quite strong.

It is impossible that fragments of the fuselage fell out from a plane in the air because someone kicked the hull from inside, it never happens this way. This is the final proof that there was an explosion.

The Smolensk lie has very short legs, and I hope that it will not last long while in fact a part of newspapers and the TV spread all this propaganda nonsense of the Reds. All that will collapse after all. And it will collapse sooner than many people think".