May 24, 2013

Communism for Dummies

Steve Cooper
The Conservative Monster

Remember folks communism is about equality; at least that is what they say, but there is nothing equal about it. Let’s talk about the poor people first because they are the easiest.
  • The poor people have nothing and they will remain to have nothing. Maybe they will get a free cell phone but that’s it.
  • The middle class will be destroyed and they will be no better than the poor, but they believe the total opposite. They will work harder for LESS to support the agenda.
  • Do you really believe that super wealthy people that support Obama care about the middle class? You are NAIVE.

The middle class believe that the wealth of the elite will trickle down to them and they are dreaming.

  • People that actually have some money (upper middle class) might be able to keep some of it but they won’t be part of the Elite class.
  • The very powerful connected people have a better shot at being in the ‘Elite Class’, but money is not enough. This is why Hollywood millionaires donate so much money to Obama. They want to be on his good side when ‘tyranny arrives’.
Russia and China want to get rid of the dollar as the world’s currency. What if the dollar is revalued at 20 percent of what it is today? If you have $100,000 in the bank now you only have $20,000. How does that change sound to you?
Do you think it can’t happen? Think again.

What if money is eliminated totally in exchange for government services? What if all paper money is now illegal?

If the Government equally confiscates wealth from everyone than that is equal justice. Right? This means people that had something will now have nothing and they will be equal with the poor. There is your justice. Then you will say “They can’t do that, because the people will revolt”. Don’t worry, Homeland Security has plenty of ammo to squash that idea. Plus, the US Military has electromagnetic weapons that will fry you right where you stand.

College kids – They used to be told by their professors that they will be part of the Elite once they graduate. Of course, many graduates found out that was a lie once they entered the real world.

Today, Professors are clearly brainwashing these kids to believe that revolution is needed to bring about the change that will ensure them a future since there are NO JOBS. This is why you are seeing many ‘educated’ young adults become violent mass shooters. The antisocial attitude is being embedded into their heads by Liberal professors and parents.

One more thing: Remember that Fascism can turn into Communism with one blink of an eye. This is why Putin’s cronies are scared to death of him.