March 8, 2013


Once the EU has total control of the UK there will be no turning back.
  • We have had Treasonous Government for four decades; that isn't going to change without Rebellion/Revolution!
  • Our British businesses are being sold-off to foreign control.  50% are already gone!
  • Nuclear Power-stations ALL foreign owned, including those not yet built!
  • Land and Heritage is being sold-off
  • UK Police and Armed Forces being dismantled and put under foreign control
  • Immigration used purposely to sink the NHS, keep wages/salaries down, displace native British citizen's, take housing from the British etc., etc., etc.
  • Our Christian religion is attacked and belittled with the aim of it becoming extinct
  • The Muslim religion is being heralded as the new British religion by Treasonous Government and the EU Dictatorship
  • The Gay Life is being promoted to take place of NORMAL Heterosexual Life
  • Gay Marriage is being brought in to destroy TRADITIONAL Marriage
  • Gay Marriage is being used to destroy the Church of England
  • The people who are more likely to defend their Country and their Freedom's are beeing made poorer to prevent an uprising do to a priority of survival.
  • Unfair, Criminal and UNLAWFUL EU Laws in the guise of British Laws are coming in fast and furious to disrupt any cohesion and to disable society
  • Mass surveilance is being used to follow and to photograph known active Patriots
  • Reports of Treason are totally ignored by the (British)EU Police-force
  • Queen Elizabeth II has been committing Treason for forty years
  • EU Operatives have been hard at work restructuring the UK for forty years
Etc., etc., etc.
Do any of us see anything getting better?

This is no time for dreaming or for hoping that after 40yrs of betrayal they will suddenly listen to reason!

Should not the emphasis be on amassing a Rebellion/Revolution? instead of flogging dead horses.

Are our country and our freedoms worth so little to us that we would risk everything, and put all our eggs in the basket of diplomacy and betraying, lieing, cheating, thieving, totally dishonourable politicians?

Once they have total control, there will be NO turning back!