March 27, 2013

Clocks Are Running

Tony Rubolotta
March 27, 2013
November 2014 may prove to be the most pivotal date in history. Conspiracies are not required to create opportunities for mischief. Blunders will do just as well, including the colossal blunder of re-electing Barack Obama. The enemies of America are not restrained by political correctness. A black idiot will do just as well as a white idiot. When they see Americans electing an America hating incompetent as president, they see opportunities. When they see a buffoon awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for not one single accomplishment, they see the reservoir of Western logic and resolve is empty. When they see the cowardice of the opposition to this president, they see a clock running. What Americans will do in the 2014 Congressional elections and how world events may shape that decision is the crucial question every strategic planner is asking. The clock is running and the window of opportunity is closing.

Obama has accomplished more in four years than any enemy has in over 200 years. Backing his campaign was the best investment our enemies could have made. Our military has been decimated and continues to crumble in morale, material and leadership. Traitors and incompetents have infiltrated our intelligence agencies. Our body politic has been corrupted by the pursuit of personal power and personal interests. Our economy is on the verge of total collapse and only needs a moderate push. Our diplomatic corps is in the hands of naive amateurs living in a fantasy world of 60s sophistry. Our enemies see this. They are not stupid or blind to the opportunities they have been handed. The only question is whether they should act shortly after November 2014 or wait until the end of 2015.

If our enemies believe Democrats can take Congress or maintain the deadlock in the 2014 elections, they will wait while America is further weakened. A Democrat Congress will remove more troops from battle than any weapon systems and destroy more businesses that any act of sabotage. If they believe Democrats will lose control of the Senate, they will act shortly after the elections and before any meaningful action to arrest American decline can be taken. One thing they do not want to do is act before the elections to influence the outcome against their interests. They will make plenty of noise and the left will insist they be appeased, which will serve our enemies well.

China wants Taiwan and Obama is going to give it to them. While a numbskull US admiral wants to dip thermometers in the Formosa Straits, the Chinese want to fill the straits with aircraft carriers, cruisers, submarines and troop ships headed toward Taiwan. A coordinated action with North Korea would pin US forces in the region. The saber rattling in North Korea now is not the random act of a lunatic, but the result of a realistic strategic appraisal. China gains from both adventures, eliminating two regional economic rivals and increasing its military influence on the Philippines, Japan and the entire western Pacific rim. This is the opportunity and only the timing needs to be determined.

To improve their chances for success, China will not fund any more US debt when the time is right. This is the moderate push needed to collapse the US economy. China will weather a diminished US market for their goods in exchange for regional dominance. It is a cheap price to pay in a contest with a former superpower. We can also expect indirect attacks against government and business computer networks on a massive scale. What mischief the Chinese can cause by their presence in the US and Panama will be carefully gauged to not provoke direct retaliatory strikes.

If our enemies are smart, and most of them are, they will act in concert and take additional steps to increase their probability of success. Israel will be part of this game plan. Obama has orchestrated a solidified Islamic front against Israel and is supplying Israel's enemies with arms. If the Arabs have learned their lessons from previous campaigns, this will be a slow and grinding war of attrition on every front. CIC Obama will stall, play golf, vacation and sleep until it is too late to do anything.

Iran will funnel troops into Lebanon and Syria. As for Syria, the side most likely to prevail in the current civil war will be the side that shows the strongest anti-Israeli sentiments and favorable leanings toward Iran, and that appears to be the side Obama is supporting and funding. This civil war will reach a conclusion before any action is taken against Israel. Furthermore, Iran will not use nuclear weapons even though it will have them shortly. Islam's objective is to take Israel intact for Islam and murder every Jewish inhabitant. Nuclear strikes will only make that more difficult, though they cannot be ruled out if needed to tip the tide of battle.

We can also expect a resurgence of violence in Iraq and unrest in the other Persian Gulf states. Obama will have already surrendered Afghanistan where terrorist operations will resume once the Taliban has gained control over the government. Turkey will side with Islam with an active role for the Turkish navy and air force. Tensions between India and Pakistan will also be on the rise, probably over a series of Islamic manufactured events.

Will Venezuela pursue the hostile course Chavez set toward Columbia? Will they be supported by Cuba? The point is that with US forces stretched so thin, with an incompetent CIC, nitwit admirals fretting over global warming, and a rapidly failing US economy, every dictator on the globe will want to "join the fun." It will be an opportunity unlike any in history and it may not come again. No conspiracy is required to see this as an opportunity to act in unison.

Some people may ask "what about our allies, surely they will help us." You mean the allies we have abandoned, insulted and betrayed? You mean the allies who are in worse shape than we are economically, or do you mean the allies that are being overrun by Muslim immigration? What allies could you possibly mean that could do anything? Americans have turned America into a basket case. It is difficult to sympathize with victims of their own arrogance and folly, and that is what we have become. I expect no help from anyone.

Is it Armageddon? Maybe. It appears to be inevitable and November 2014 is only the time of reckoning the actual date. If our enemies are patient, all they want will be delivered to them and there is very little we can do to stop it.