March 30, 2013

The Communist and Muslim Axis of Evil Still Lives: Russia, China, Iran, North Korea…and MORE

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Steve Cooper
The Conservative Monster

The Communist and Muslim Axis of Evil Still Lives: Russia, China, Iran, North Korea…and MORE. I would also like to add Syria, Pakistan and Venezuela to this Axis of Evil as well. Hugo Chavez was a big help to Iran, Al Qaeda and Hezbollah with American oil dollars.

North Korean threats against the USA is an attempt by Communist and Muslim enemies of the USA to create fear and paranoia onto the American people. The enemy wants you to know that they are still alive and well after 10 years of war against their proxy Al Qaeda.
Russia and China are using these proxies to beat the American people into submission and surrender. The Democrats have been playing for both teams for quite a while. This is why Obama is allowed to make gains in the war on terror, because he is demolishing the American economy after 10 years of expensive wars that are not allowed to be won due to threats of WW III by Russia and China.
It still amazes me that many Americans haven’t put this puzzle together yet. The complete puzzle says that this is a ‘war against Capitalism’ that is being waged by proxy forces of Russia, China and Iran that want to bankrupt he USA.
Terrorism via Iran and threats by North Korea is active psychological warfare against the American people. This is warfare 101; to weaken the will of the people and the economic strength to defeat the enemy prior to a larger conflict. The ultimate goal here is submitting to a World Communist Government, but it will really be called a World Progressive Government so people aren’t scared.
This World Progressive Government will be based on massive tax hikes on the USA to redistribute it’s wealth around the globe. We will be told that there will be no more wars or poverty, but there will be tyranny and corruption instead.

March 28, 2013

"You have to Destroy the Maastricht Treaty to Save It"

There are plenty of news headlines rattling Europe today. Let's take a look at some of them.

Severe Capital Controls in Cyprus

In spite of the fact the Maastricht Treaty under which the eurozone was formed mandates a free flow of capital, Cyprus unveils severe capital controls.

"Cyprus is the first eurozone country ever to apply capital controls, with limits on credit card transactions, money transfers abroad and the cashing of cheques. Depositors will be limited to credit card transactions of up to €5,000 per month and will be able take a maximum of €3,000 of bank notes out of the country per trip."

Capital controls are said to expire in seven days. So, don't worry, its only temporary.

Hopefully everyone understands the implied theory: "You have to Destroy the Maastricht Treaty to Save It."

Top Orwellian Comments Of All Times

March 27, 2013

Clocks Are Running

Tony Rubolotta
March 27, 2013
November 2014 may prove to be the most pivotal date in history. Conspiracies are not required to create opportunities for mischief. Blunders will do just as well, including the colossal blunder of re-electing Barack Obama. The enemies of America are not restrained by political correctness. A black idiot will do just as well as a white idiot. When they see Americans electing an America hating incompetent as president, they see opportunities. When they see a buffoon awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for not one single accomplishment, they see the reservoir of Western logic and resolve is empty. When they see the cowardice of the opposition to this president, they see a clock running. What Americans will do in the 2014 Congressional elections and how world events may shape that decision is the crucial question every strategic planner is asking. The clock is running and the window of opportunity is closing.

Obama has accomplished more in four years than any enemy has in over 200 years. Backing his campaign was the best investment our enemies could have made. Our military has been decimated and continues to crumble in morale, material and leadership. Traitors and incompetents have infiltrated our intelligence agencies. Our body politic has been corrupted by the pursuit of personal power and personal interests. Our economy is on the verge of total collapse and only needs a moderate push. Our diplomatic corps is in the hands of naive amateurs living in a fantasy world of 60s sophistry. Our enemies see this. They are not stupid or blind to the opportunities they have been handed. The only question is whether they should act shortly after November 2014 or wait until the end of 2015.

This is all about saving the euro, not Cyprus

There is a glimmer of hope – and that is the Cypriots’ desire to reassert independence

The brinkmanship that has been on display over the Cypriot financial crisis makes obvious to all but the wilfully blind the level of political determination in Brussels to save the euro at all costs. No amount of empirical economic evidence – or misery for ordinary people – matters when the dreams of the continent’s elite are threatened.
After the French and Dutch rejected the European Constitution in 2005, the then European Commissioner for Communications, Margot Wallström, put it perfectly. She and the other EU cheerleaders had invested “a lot of energy and political capital” in the project, she declared, and they were not going to give up on it. No matter what the people said, no matter what the economic realities were.
Five years later, this delusion in the face of brute reality has reached its apogee in Cyprus.
How can it be that the German parliament gets to vote on the wholesale theft of money from richer Cypriot depositors, while the Cypriot parliament has no such voice? Instead the theft is labelled “restructuring” – and as such there will be no Cypriot democratic oversight of the economic rape of their country. Be under no illusion: this is being done not to solve the Cypriot economy, but to save the euro. The crashing irony is that, in their February elections, the Cypriots threw out the Communists. One could ask why they bothered.

March 26, 2013

Europe's Disturbing Precedent in the Cyprus Bailout
By George Friedman
Founder and Chairman
The European economic crisis has taken different forms in different places, and Cyprus is the latest country to face the prospect of financial ruin. Overextended banks in Cyprus are teetering on the brink of failure for issuing loans they cannot repay, which has prompted the tiny Mediterranean country, a member of the European Union, to turn to Brussels for help. Late Sunday, the European Union and Cypriot president announced new terms for a bailout that would provide the infusion of cash necessary to prevent bankruptcies in Cyprus' banking sector and, more important, prevent a banking panic from spreading to the rest of Europe.
What makes this crisis different from the previous bailouts for Greece, Ireland or elsewhere are the conditions Brussels has attached for its assistance. Due to circumstances unique to Cyprus, namely the questionable origin of a large chunk of the deposits in its now-stricken banking sector and that sector's small size relative to the overall European economy, the European Union, led by Germany, has taken a harder line with the country. Cyprus has few sources of capital besides its capacity as a banking shelter, so Brussels required that the country raise part of the necessary funds from its own banking sector -- possibly by seizing money from certain bank deposits and putting it toward the bailout fund. The proposal has not yet been approved, but if enacted it would undermine a formerly sacred principle of banking in most industrial nations -- the security of deposits -- setting a new and possibly destabilizing precedent in Europe.

Cyprus' Dilemma

For years before the crisis, Cyprus promoted itself as an offshore financial center by creating a tax structure and banking rules that made depositing money in the country attractive to foreigners. As a result, Cyprus' financial sector grew to dwarf the rest of the Cypriot economy, accounting for about eight times the country's annual gross domestic product and employing a substantial portion of the nation's work force. A side effect of this strategy, however, was that if the financial sector experienced problems, the rest of the domestic economy would not be big enough to stabilize the banks without outside help.

March 25, 2013

Russian Capitalism and the Death of Boris Berezovsky


I was in the midst of interviewing former KGB officer Konstantin Preobrazhenskiy when we learned the news that the Russian “oligarch” and tycoon Boris Berezovsky had died. I couldn’t resist asking Mr. Preobrazhenskiy his thoughts on Berezovsky’s life, which turned into a fascinating discourse on the nature of Russian capitalism. To give readers a little background, Konstantin Georgiyevich Preobrazhenskiy worked for the KGB as a spy in Japan from 1980-85 and was an advisor on China, Japan and Korea to Leonid Zaitsev, the Head of the KGB’s Technical Intelligence Directorate “T” in the First Chief Directorate.
I wanted to know how Russia’s billionaires made their money. The answer is not what many would expect to hear. “As far as I know,” replied Preobrazhenskiy, “Berezovsky did not conceal very much the fact of his being a KGB collaborator. Such collaboration in the Soviet period was normal for scholars of Jewish origin, especially those who were engaged in natural science. The USSR was a country of official anti-Semitism, and it was very hard for a Jewish Scholar to get a Ph.D. And in 1983 Berezovsky became a Doctor of Technical Science, which is higher than a Ph.D.! It was the year of Andropov’s fight against dissidents and especially against Jews willing to repatriate to Israel. Under such conditions, a Jewish scholar simply could not get his doctorate without contacting the KGB and proving his loyalty to the Soviet Union.”

March 24, 2013

We are not ruled by a cabal of Lex Luthors and Blofelds. We are ruled by the Three Stooges

EUobserver Blogs

rehn doesnt have a cat
Jeroen Dijsselbloem doesn’t actually have a white cat that he strokes during Eurogroup meetings. Christine Lagarde does however have a whip with a poison Kryptonite tip.

One of the most frightening aspects of the crisis is how it appears that our leaders are increasingly at a complete loss as to what to do.

It’s common to come across popular spitting fury at the ‘banksters’ and ‘conmen’ who govern us, as though those with their hands on the levers of the European system are moustache-twiddling cartoon-mastermind villains of unbounded venality (cf. Matt Taibbi’s characterisation of Goldman Sachs as a ‘vampire squid wrapped around the face of humanity’).

But as we peer goggle-eyed and gap-jawed at the scale of the debacle of the Great Cypriot Bank Robbery and the blame game that has followed, it is manifest that we are so very, very far from being ruled by a cabal of cat-stroking Lex Luthors and Ernst Stavro Blofelds of finance. On the contrary – we are ruled by the Three Stooges of finance.

Each of the individuals involved in the negotiations last weekend has been eager to stress how he or she was not responsible for coming up with the idea of imposing the ‘stability levy’ on those with under €100,000 in deposits. All actors have been keen to seek out their preferred media outlet to plead their case.

Complot contre Gbagbo

Complot contre Gbagbo, impopularité de Ouattara, crimes des rebelles, guerre pour le cacao… : Wikileaks et les renseignements américains dévoilent tout
Des courriels entre analystes de la structure privée américaine de renseignement, STRATFOR, révèlent comment la guerre en Côte d’Ivoire avait été prévue et les atrocités cachées. Comment Gbagbo a été la victime d’un complot international avec en première ligne la France et les multinationales du chocolat. Comment Ouattara a été installé au pouvoir par la violence par les comploteurs afin de piller les ressources de la Côte d’Ivoire. Comment les rebelles pro-Ouattara ont massacré les Ivoiriens avec la complicité de la communauté internationale. Des révélations à vous couper le souffre obtenues et rendues publiques par WIKILEAKS.
Faisant un commentaire sur un article publié par le Daily Maverick, un lecteur enthousiaste comparait le boulot de Stratfor au journalisme d’investigation. Un autre allait jusqu’à dire que Stratfor n’enfreint aucune règle ou limite morale en espionnant des individus et leurs communications pour de grandes sommes d’argent. Laissez-moi vous donner mon avis dès le départ: les corporations et autres institutions sont les ennemis du peuple. Agissant dans ses meilleurs intérêts? De qui vous moquez-vous? Depuis que les GI Files ont fait surface, plusieurs articles désignaient Stratfor – une agence de renseignements privée qui travaille pour de grosses entreprises et espionne ses « ennemis », a travaillé pour le gouvernement US, fournissant des renseignements au Department of Homeland Security (Ministère de la Sécurité Intérieure, rejeton de la politique post-9/11, ndt), la Defense Intelligence Agency (service de renseignements du Ministère de la Défense US) et les Marines – et espionnant des contestataires aux USA. Stratfor affirme qu’elle fait de « l’analyse géopolitique globale ». Hé bien sa portée va beaucoup plus loin que cela.
Tout de suite après la lutte électorale en Côte d’Ivoire, les agences de médias occidentales, en français et en anglais, mettaient peu de doute sur l’imposition de la responsabilité de toute la crise à Laurent Gbagbo. Leur assurance m’énervait pour tout vous dire; comme s’ils avaient eu un accès exclusif à certaines informations. Peut-être que quelqu’un les avait renseignés.
L’institution d’espionnage (aucun autre terme n’est aussi simple et précis à la fois pour décrire cette institution) Stratfor n’a pas seulement couvert de très près les événements tels qu’ils se déroulaient en Côte d’Ivoire mais a probablement caché un énorme mensonge. Que les médias classiques soient complices n’est pas un scoop; après tout ils dépendent de sources de revenus qui n’aiment pas ce genre d’histoire. Jugez par vous-mêmes.

The NWO Is Shifting Into Ramming Speed

Just Wondering – Alternative News and Opinions

Time - Papa Francesco
Pretty dang bold and blatant, wouldn’t you say? He ain’t my Pope. And what “new world” are they talking about?
Man they’re pushing hard and fast. This Jesuit Pope was popped into place before the sulfuric stink of  the last one could even clear the air. The hurry up no doubt was needed to take the spotlight off of that contrived removal and the ensuing inconvenient ongoing exposure of Ratzinger’s child abuse, financial enabling and cover ups.
And then he goes into hiding. Hard to fathom a world that tolerates this, but we’re living in one.
What’s encouraging is the amount of exposes appearing all over on the sordid background of this nasty new Italian “Argentinian” minion and the truth about the perfidy of the Jesuit so called “society of Jesus”. Boy, if that doesn’t sum up the hypocrisy of organized religion I don’t know what does.
But to the entranced this is still going right over their hived little minds.

Why The Hurry Up

This fast Vatican bamboozle is just one symptom of something we’re seeing in several segments of society. I think they’re nervous about completing their timeline and whatever other stupid goals they’ve set they think they need to fulfill according to their ignorant thinktanks, occult jerkwads or whatever.
It’s pitiful what they’re doing. Such desperation. Why? They’re scared.
Just look at the speed and profundity of other significant events now being orchestrated in our faces.
Here’s a quick six of biggies in our faces right now:

Italian Freemasonry officially supports Pope Bergoglio

Tradition in Action
La plus belle aventure du monde, c’est la nôtre
- The most beautiful adventure in the world is ours -


Italian Freemasonry officially supports
Pope Bergoglio
The day after the election of Pope Francis I, the Grand Orient of Italy (GOI), which represents Freemasonry in that country, issued a formal communiqué praising him for the first egalitarian measures he took on the day of his election. The document also made public the Freemasons' expectations that the new Pope shall lead the Church on the democratic path desired by Masonry.

This attitude was registered on the official GOI website. A photocopy of its webpage is found below, followed by a enlarged copy of the part referring to Francis I. The photos are preceded by our translation of the Italian, in blue.

Rome, March 14, 2013

Grand Master Raffi: "With Pope Francis, nothing will be more as it was before. It is a clear choice of fraternity for a Church of dialogue, which is not contaminated by the logic and temptations of temporal power"

Drudge: Russia and China NWO

The Conservative Monster – Conservative News
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Drudge - NWO

Communist propaganda has always been that US Imperialism is a danger to world peace. The Russians also like to let Europeans know that NATO can’t protect them and if you look at NATO today…they are correct.

The Iraq and Afghanistan wars were proxy wars against Russia and China no different than the Korean War and Vietnam. I have said this one million times, but people can’t grasp it, because they are brainwashed by the media to just see Islam as the enemy.

Next, Russia and China are using Syria, Iran and North Korea as proxies, but no analyst in the media would dare mention it.

Again, I am not going to kill myself repeating the same stuff over and over. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see what is going on by now. KGB Agents have claimed that they could brainwash people to to see the sky as black; rather than being blue. This same technique was used via the media to deceive the American people that Communism and Russia wasn’t a threat any longer.

Obama, Biden and John Kerry ridiculed Mitt Romney when he stated that “Russia was the great geopolitical foe of the USA”, because the Democrats have already made a deal with the devil. The coming feud against Russia and China will be staged, because Obama is really a close friend of theirs, but the media will sell it to the sheep. The sheep will buy it…

Why is Poland begging for a missile shield? Iran is used as an excuse, but it is clearly to stop Russian missiles. It is just another lie (one of many) for public consumption…

This is a war against Capitalism and …the Communists are a heart beat away from GLORY. Reagan defeated the Soviet Union? Yeah…okay.

Germany V Cyprus - Capital Controls (Bailout" Η Κύπρος και η Γερμανία)

Germany's plan to crash Capitalism is coming along nicely, via attacks on the systems of credit and insurance.

Merkel has openly said it is her intention to kill Cyprus' banking industry, whilst there is talk of deposit raids backed by Germany on Italy (Cyprus is just a test case), and capital controls are being introduced.

Our post from 10/2012 (Here) now seems even more relevant;

March 23, 2013

The New Soviet Union: Cyprus shows how the EU destroys democracy

Here is my Saturday Essay in the Irish Daily Mail. It is a lengthy piece, but then in the countries caught in the eurozone, interest in what is happening in Cyprus is intense. British readers can be happy they are not trapped in the single currency. But they are still trapped in the EU...which is why they may want to read on.

Soviet state emblem wikiBefore I can explain what this Cyprus crisis means to Ireland, I have to dust off some Soviet-era vocabulary: nothing else will do.
First, nomenklatura. This was the name given to the self-propagating Communist Party elite who controlled Soviet government, industry, finance and most of the caviar.

Next, apparatchiks. These were the unquestioning loyal subordinates of a Communist apparat or administrative system.

As for other words from the USSR era – transnational, class betrayal and colonialism – you already know those, so now I can get started and explain what Ireland must learn from what the European Union nomenklatura did to Cyprus and its president in the early hours of March 16th.

Picture the scene. We can do that because three reporters from the Wall Street Journal, one in Brussels, the others in Berlin and Nicosia, have managed to piece together an hour by hour account of events leading up to the announcement that eurozone finance ministers would force the Cypriot government to confiscate €5.8bn from bank deposits.

What has happened since that night remain other issues: the rush to Moscow by the Cypriot finance minister desperate for a loan, the attempts by Cypriots to find a Plan B, the possibility of Cyprus leave the euro.

March 22, 2013

The Political Background to the Cyprus Crisis

News Before It's News

By Dr. Gary K. Busch 21/3/13
While there is a lot of discussion about the effort by the European Union to steal the money of the Cypriots in exchange for a bailout there is very little being written about the origins of the current standoff. The politics of the dispute are no less interesting than the economics.

What Is The Reason For The Russian Presence in Cyprus?

One of the key elements of the crisis is the role of Russia and its companies in Cyprus. Why, of all the places in the world, have they settled on doing business in Cyprus? The answer goes back to the Cold War days. The Soviet KGB had its biggest operating base outside of the Soviet Union in Cyprus. At any one time there were at least forty-five KGB officers working in Cyprus, about a third of whom came from the First Chief Directorate (INU - Innostrannoye Upravleniey, First Chief Directorate - Foreign) . The GRU (Military Intelligence) had fewer officers but maintained a regular presence and liaison with the civil and military officials of the country. The location was perfect as a base. It was very close to the troubled lands of the Middle East, especially The Soviet Union�s main client, Syria, and a handy place to reach for those wishing a safe place to stay.

The Links With AKEL

Cyprus Openly Defies the EU

Cyprus Openly Defies the EUFour days into the worst crisis to hit the island nation since the 1974 invasion by Turkey, Cyprus’ lawmakers did the unthinkable and the unprecedented Tuesday: In voting unanimously to reject the levy on bank savings mandated by EU authorities in Brussels to pay for a bailout, Cyprus has become the first country to openly defy the will of EU financial Powers That Be and the international banking cartel that they serve.

The crisis in Cyprus is rapidly evolving into a financial confrontation between Russia and the EU, since Cypriot banks are major repositories for Russia’s wealthy nomenklatura (and not a few Russian gangsters, it is alleged). Moscow is now working feverishly with the government of Cyprus to reach an alternative deal whereby Russia would extend a needed loan to keep banks in Nicosia afloat, in exchange, perhaps, for access to Cyprus’ newly discovered offshore gas fields. Cypriot authorities, meanwhile, have extended the “bank holiday” through next Tuesday, warning of calamitous consequences if no bailout is forthcoming.

The Václav Klaus Institute's Public Statement: Cyprus crisis and its unprecedented solution

Three days after the entry of Cyprus into the European Union – on May 3, 2004 – the delegation of the President of the Czech Republic arrived on a state visit to Cyprus and was met with euphoria, facing declarations and slogans such as “We are in Europe”, “We have entered Europe”. We tried to explain, they were “only” in the European Union, because one can enter a man-made institution, such as the EU, but not a continent. It can’t be “entered”. The brutal division of the country and the capital gave a depressing impression, but otherwise the country did not seem to be doing badly.
The economic, or more precisely financial problems of this small island country of 839 000 inhabitants, which has for its size an overly developed banking sector and belongs to the so called tax havens (the membership in the EU changed nothing about that!), have been lasting for some time now.

March 20, 2013


In one of the most extraordinary and obnoxious moves against the people of the European Union the EU Commission and the IMF have confiscated between 6% and 10% of the Cypriot people's bank deposits and given it to the incompetent owners of their banks.

Having just protected the (mainly institutional) holders of bonds in those banks the Cypriot Government has robbed their depositors instead.

The Cypriot Parliament was asked to pass the necessary law over the weekend and the Monday Bank Holiday and then the (LEGAL) robbery will take place on Tuesday morning. To prevent people taking their money out of the country a ban on electronic transfers was put in place. Cypriots have been lining up outside banks cash points to take their money out - but there is doubt as to whether they will save paying the "tax" which will be retrospective.

Thus has the assumption if a European wide deposit insurance established after the 2008 crisis been swept aside and those who did not cause the crisis have been robbed to subsidise those (foolish banks, irresponsible Governments and the EU's disastrous Euro) who did. Even the poorest bank depositors are losing 6.5% of any money they hold in a bank (and which they did not take out of the cash point!) Ironically cash in the Cypriots' hands is now worth between 6.5% and 9.9% more than in the bank!!! Could only happen in the laughable European Union where the robbery is being sold as a "tax" rather than a loss of deposits!

This crass assault on the European peoples is of course nothing new as the 25 million unemployed, social breakdown and welfare collapse in many Euro countries testify but it is certainly the most overt clear and undeniable attack, understood by all, not just in Cyprus but throughout the European Union. The British Government has been forced to offer compensation to any Government employees in Cyprus including of course our troops stationed there. The UK will also undoubtedly be contributing to this bail out through our membership of the IMF - or will Cameron and Osborne voluntarily offer other money, as they did to Portugal!?

Apparently it is all the idea of that arch euro-fascist Wolfgang Schaeuble, the German Finance Minister who in fact had suggested an even bigger robbery! If the German and EU political class were incredulous that they were portrayed as Nazis before this robbery they should not be surprised now.

The Battle for Cyprus

March 20, 2013  •  From
Cyprus is a pawn. The real struggle is taking place between Germany and Russia.

Germany’s systematic subjugation of the eurozone entered a critical new phase last Saturday with the creation of a bailout package for Cyprus. Although Germany’s radical demand for a levy on Cypriot bank accounts was rejected by Cyprus’s parliament last night, it was too late to prevent catastrophic damage.
To Cyprus, and even the EU.
Cyprus’s banks have yet to open. When they do, the chances of a major bank run are high. Meanwhile when it comes to Cyprus’s desperately needed €10 billion bailout, negotiations are back to square one. In fact, future negotiations with the EU will be tougher now that Cyprus is showing itself to be intractable and uncompromising. Yet, even as the geopolitical stand-off continues, Cyprus is quickly moving toward financial collapse. The country needs €10 billion, and it needs it very, very soon.
This explains Germany’s uncompromising response to Cyprus’s rejection of the levy last night. Following the announcement, Berlin basically told Cyprus that it can kick and scream all it wants but that will not change the fact that its fate lies in the hands of Germany and the EU. German finance minister Wolfgang Schäuble told Cyprus that the EU will not compromise with the bailout conditions, including the levy. He also reminded Cypriots, very publicly (on German television), that the destiny of its two largest banks sits in the EU’s hands. “The Cypriot state cannot fund itself on the markets. Its two largest banks are insolvent and are being kept afloat with emergency funding from the ECB, but only on the condition that there will be a long-term rescue program. If this condition is no longer met, Cyprus will no longer be solvent and this is something Cypriot decision makers must know,” he threatened.
Cyprus is now scrambling to find a solution.
Enter Russia.

March 19, 2013

A New Reality in U.S.-Israeli Relations

By George Friedman

U.S. President Barack Obama is making his first visit to Israel. The visit comes in the wake of his re-election and inauguration to a second term and the formation of a new Israeli government under Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Normally, summits between Israel and the United States are filled with foreign policy issues on both sides, and there will be many discussed at this meeting, including Iran, Syria and Egypt. But this summit takes place in an interesting climate, because both the Americans and Israelis are less interested in foreign and security matters than they are in their respective domestic issues.

In the United States, the political crisis over the federal budget and the struggle to grow the economy and reduce unemployment has dominated the president's and the country's attention. The Israeli elections turned on domestic issues, ranging from whether the ultra-Orthodox would be required to serve in Israel Defense Forces, as other citizens are, to a growing controversy over economic inequality in Israel. 

Inwardness is a cyclic norm in most countries. Foreign policy does not always dominate the agenda and periodically it becomes less important. What is interesting is at this point, while Israelis continue to express concern about foreign policy, they are most passionate on divisive internal social issues. Similarly, although there continues to be a war in Afghanistan, the American public is heavily focused on economic issues. Under these circumstances the interesting question is not what Obama and Netanyahu will talk about but whether what they discuss will matter much.

Washington's New Strategy


March 18, 2013

The miserablist revolution of Pope Bergoglio

Church Revolution in Pictures

Photo of the Week

Iron Cross of Pope Francis I

The miserablist revolution of Pope Bergoglio

In less than one week after his election on March 13, 2013, Pope Francis I has already accomplished more for Progressivism in changing the Papacy than what was done in the last decades of John Paul II and Benedict XVI combined.

Indeed, immediately after his election he refused to wear one of the many golden papal crosses at his disposal and instead chose an iron cross hanging from an iron chain without any gold or silver, as shown in the top insert above. He also rejected the traditional red papal shoes, bottom insert above. His ring as well is of a base metal - it is not clear if it is iron or aluminum - as one can observe in the first row below.

Dispensing with any help to pack his bags and pay the bill at Santa Marta Apartments, where the Cardinals stayed during the Conclave, below second row, he also sent the message that he does not want anyone to serve him or take care of his personal life. It is certainly a direct blow against the institution of the Papal Household, and an indirect strike against the whole Roman Curia, whose purpose is to assist the Pontiff in other matters.


Steve, I thought the Greek situation was heartbreaking when a nation, one of the forerunners of democracy and individual freedom has been ramshackled by the vampiric borg named the EU. I thought the strip mining program of Ireland's economy was bad, when the Celtic Tiger was relegated to a Gaelic kitten. The crisis in Spain and Italy was something that I was watching intently looking for the very playbook of austerity, the strategy of impoverishing nations and subjugating individuals laid bare to those with eyes to see,

Cyprus is a tiny nation one with a tiny economy, in other words the perfect environment to run a beta-test on what a GLOBAL AUSTERITY would look. The perfect economic laboratory. What is purposed in Cyprus was for many years a program that was discussed by central banks, the IMF, and the world bank. This program undertakes the procedures and methods to bring down large globally traded, high GDP based currencies. In other words, Cyprus is simply not just the canary in the Coal mine it is the Coal mine. It is the very picture with all rudiments and structures of a self contained economic petri dish that has been setup to study the contagions of the Euro. What they could not do in Iceland they are doing in Cyprus.

The Cyprus 'Bailout' And Germany

18 months ago, we said to watch Cyprus, as it would be the next battle ground.

And so it has come to pass, the German-dominated EU is overstepping its own hideous track record, and demanding that Cyprus raid its own citizen's accounts - in nothing short of an act of theft.

As ever, there is more than meets the eye.

It has been Germany all along, pushing for Cyprus to fail.

Germany's plan to crash Capitalism is coming along nicely, via attacks on the systems of credit and insurance.

Cyprus is the soft underbelly of Capitalism. As a (now former) safe haven for banking, it is a perfect place to attack in order to destroy trust in banking, and start a chain reaction.

This really kicked into high gear last year, when the German intelligence agency BND started feeding European news wires with propaganda about the content of Cypriot accounts (Russian mafia etc).

March 16, 2013

Les 10 plus gros (récents) mensonges sur l'euro


Dans une interview qu’il a accordée à Bloomberg, Lars Seier Christensen, l’un des CEO de la banque danoise Saxo Bank, a prédit que l'euro était « totalement condamné  ». Il a affirmé que l’euro avait été soutenu par le monde politique, non pour des raisons économiques, mais pour des raisons politiques.Sur son blog Testostérone Pit, Wolf Richter rappelle 10 déclarations mensongères que les dirigeants européens ont faites pour rendre des plans de sauvetage ou des mesures d’austérité acceptables.

1/ 1999 : « L’Allemagne devra-t-elle payer pour les dettes des autres pays ? Très clairement, non ! ». Cette déclaration était contenue dans un document émis par le CDU, le parti de Helmut Kohl qui était alors chancelier, mais aussi d’Angela Merkel, qui occupe ces fonctions aujourd’hui. « Le traité de Maastricht interdit explicitement de rendre responsable l’UE ou l’un des membres de l’UE du paiement des dettes de l’un de ses Etats membres », affirmait ce document, qui poursuivait que grâce à la limite de déficit de 3% du Traité de Maastricht, « les Etats membres de la zone euro seront capables d’assurer le service de leur dette sur le long terme sans problème ».

2/ Janvier 2001 : « Cette monnaie aura un grand avenir », avait déclaré Kohl au cours d’un discours donné pour célébrer l’introduction de l’euro. L’euro a marché pendant un temps, et même la Grèce a pu s’endetter à bon compte pour s’acheter les voix de ses électeurs et financer les Jeux Olympiques. Jusqu’à ce que ça ne marche plus, écrit Richter.

3/ Mars 2010 : « Je suis fermement convaincu que la Grèce n’aura jamais besoin d’utiliser cette aide parce que le programme d’austérité de la Grèce est on ne peut plus crédible », avait dit Jean-Claude Juncker, le président de l’Eurogroupe, pour convaincre les sceptiques que la Grèce allait adopter des coupes budgétaires qui lui permettraient de reprendre le contrôle sur son déficit budgétaire, et qu’elle n’aurait donc pas besoin de plan de sauvetage.

4/ Juillet 2010 : « Les fonds du plan de sauvetage auront un terme. Nous nous sommes mis d’accord là-dessus », avait affirmé le ministre des Finances allemand, Wolfgang Schäuble. La création du fonds permanent de l’UE, le MES, l’a fait mentir.

Germans Demand Radical Change in the EU

March 16, 2013  •  From
One of Germany’s main parties calls for Europe to transform into a superstate, while a new party goes to the other extreme, calling for Germany to quit the euro.

The European Commission should expand its powers to become a fully-fledge European government says Germany’s Social Democratic Party (SDP) in a draft of their manifestoGerman news media reported, March 9.
The EU proposal reportedly described looks a lot like a federal superstate. The European Commission would become a cabinet of ministers, with real powers, elected by the European Parliament. A second chamber would be added to the parliament, where national governments would be represented.
German Chancellor Angela Merkel has outlined similar ideas. If the SDP are putting this in their manifesto, it shows that all Germany’s two biggest parties are serious about Europe becoming a superstate.
The SDP also called for the creation of a common European debt fund—which would mean giving up more sovereignty to the EU.

March 12, 2013

Notes for Cato speech

Many thanks for organizing this gathering. I am glad to be again here, in Cato, where I have many friends. I highly appreciate the role Cato Institute has played in the last decades in defending freedom, free markets, and limited government.

This is a special moment for me. On Thursday, my second term as President of the Czech Republic expired and on Friday, the new President was inaugurated. He was my long-term political rival, standing on the other side of the political and ideological barricade. I can assure you, however, he will not weaken the existing Czech-American friendship and partnership.

It is for me, with a high degree of probability, the end of more than 23-years-long career in the Czechoslovak and later Czech top political positions, a career lasting from the fall of communism and the Velvet Revolution until last week. So I start my new life here with you today. I was extremely honored to be invited to become a distinguished senior fellow at Cato and am eager to fulfill this role. This lecture is just the beginning.

Thoughts on the Death of Hugo Chavez


Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez died last Tuesday after battling cancer. He was a famous and beloved critic of capitalism. But he was no ordinary critic. According to Chavez, “I have always said … that it would not be strange that there had been civilization on Mars, but maybe capitalism arrived there … and finished off the planet.” We must be careful, he warned his listeners during a March 2011 speech [1]. “Here on planet earth, where hundreds of years ago or less there were great forests, now there are deserts.” In other words, the earth is becoming like Mars and capitalism is doing it again.

Of course it would be very strange if Mars had known civilization at all. And it would be a peculiar sort of person who suggests, without any evidence whatsoever, that Mars may have been converted into an uninhabitable desert by capitalism. But there it is – a phenomenon of our time. Here is the confession of a man who was irrationally obsessed with anti-capitalism. Talk of Mars and Martians in this context is one of those weird digressions by which we may glimpse the intensity of a man’s hatred for something he probably never understood.

In 2009, during a speech to the Copenhagen conference on climate change, Chavez explained his position: “There is a group of countries that consider themselves superior to us in the South, to us in the Third World, to us, the underdeveloped countries … the crushed countries, as if a train ran over us in history.” According to Chavez, “One could say … to paraphrase Karl Marx, the great Karl Marx, a specter is haunting the streets of Copenhagen, and I think that specter walks silently through this room, walking around and among us, through the halls … [and] Capitalism is this specter….”

March 8, 2013


Once the EU has total control of the UK there will be no turning back.
  • We have had Treasonous Government for four decades; that isn't going to change without Rebellion/Revolution!
  • Our British businesses are being sold-off to foreign control.  50% are already gone!
  • Nuclear Power-stations ALL foreign owned, including those not yet built!
  • Land and Heritage is being sold-off
  • UK Police and Armed Forces being dismantled and put under foreign control
  • Immigration used purposely to sink the NHS, keep wages/salaries down, displace native British citizen's, take housing from the British etc., etc., etc.
  • Our Christian religion is attacked and belittled with the aim of it becoming extinct
  • The Muslim religion is being heralded as the new British religion by Treasonous Government and the EU Dictatorship
  • The Gay Life is being promoted to take place of NORMAL Heterosexual Life
  • Gay Marriage is being brought in to destroy TRADITIONAL Marriage
  • Gay Marriage is being used to destroy the Church of England
  • The people who are more likely to defend their Country and their Freedom's are beeing made poorer to prevent an uprising do to a priority of survival.
  • Unfair, Criminal and UNLAWFUL EU Laws in the guise of British Laws are coming in fast and furious to disrupt any cohesion and to disable society
  • Mass surveilance is being used to follow and to photograph known active Patriots
  • Reports of Treason are totally ignored by the (British)EU Police-force
  • Queen Elizabeth II has been committing Treason for forty years
  • EU Operatives have been hard at work restructuring the UK for forty years
Etc., etc., etc.
Do any of us see anything getting better?

This is no time for dreaming or for hoping that after 40yrs of betrayal they will suddenly listen to reason!

Should not the emphasis be on amassing a Rebellion/Revolution? instead of flogging dead horses.

Are our country and our freedoms worth so little to us that we would risk everything, and put all our eggs in the basket of diplomacy and betraying, lieing, cheating, thieving, totally dishonourable politicians?

Once they have total control, there will be NO turning back!

It Was TNT After All


The first samples from the wreck of the Tu-154 in Smolensk from which Polish experts uncovered traces of TNT have been examined in the laboratory. The analyses indicated the presence of TNT – as Gazeta Polska found out. “This is another confirmation that there were explosive materials on the wreck of the Tupolev,” our contacts emphasize.

It Was TNT After AllThe samples from the wreck were taken between September and October 2012 in Smolensk by Polish experts. They went to Smolensk to investigate whether the remnants of the Tupolev have traces indicating the workings of explosive materials. In case the presence of these types of traces is indicated, the investigations are supposed to find the type of explosive material, its place of action, and describe the force of the explosion as well as the extent of damages. The legal motion regarding this case was directed to Russia after the investigations into the exhumed bodies of the victims of the Smolensk catastrophe.

Devices, including specialist detectors which were used to study the fragments of the Tupolev last year, indicated the presence of TNT. After this information was revealed by Cezary Gmyz in Rzeczpospolita, a storm began to brew. The military prosecution carrying out the Smolensk investigation, in a press conference, denied the presence of TNT on, among other things, the fragments of the wreck that were studied. The journalist lost his job, as did his superiors.