December 7, 2012

Pentagon Modernizing Nuclear Weapons in Europe

December 6, 2012 • From

America’s trust in Europe could prove to come at a deadly price.(Torquetum/iStockphoto )
America’s trust in Europe could prove to come at a deadly price.
(Torquetum/iStockphoto )
Why this may end up being the worst money it ever spent

The military will upgrade its aging European nuclear weapons stockpile, it was announced on Tuesday. Pentagon officials indicated it was now or never for the upgrade. With a $10 billion price tag, this may be America’s costliest mistake ever.
According to military officials, the upgrade will include modernized delivery systems, refurbished warheads, and changes to the weapons’ production complex.
“Old parts mean less-safe nukes,” says John Noonan, a former nuclear missile officer and a spokesman for the House Armed Services Committee. “Sixty years without an accidental detonation. We have a keen interest in keeping that record going.”
Opponents of the upgrade cite America’s looming budget issues. With a defense budget facing billions of dollars’ worth of cuts, some people wonder why America would upgrade its European stockpile when its positioning has become somewhat redundant. America has thousands of intercontinental ballistic missiles that can deliver the bombs.
Yet this upgrade to the European nuclear weapons stockpile may prove costly in other ways too.
For years, the European Union has been lobbying to inherit NATO weaponry based in Europe. EU officials want to capitalize on America’s shrinking military presence in Europe by taking control of equipment that is too expensive to ship back overseas.
The real cost to America may be that at some point America will decide to simply transfer responsibility for its nuclear arsenal to the EU as it takes a greater responsibility for defending itself.
The obvious risk, however, is that Europe will not always be America’s ally. Already many EU member states have close relationships with Russia, China and other U.S. competitors.
America should not put so much trust in Europe. For many years the Trumpet has warned that America will become a victim of a European double cross.
In a 1980 article titled “Where Does the U.S. Go From Here?” Herbert W. Armstrong wrote about the risk America was taking with Europe:
You may be sure the West European leaders are conferring hurriedly and secretly about how and how soon they may UNITE and provide a united EUROPEAN MILITARY FORCE so they can DEFEND THEMSELVES! And so they will no longer have to give in meekly to Russia! AND WHO WILL THEY BLAME for their humiliation and their necessity NOW to have a UNITED EUROPE, with a united GOVERNMENT, a COMMON CURRENCY, and a COMMON MILITARY FORCE AS GREAT OR GREATER THAN EITHER THE USSR OR THE USA? They will blame the United States!

And when they are strong enough to assert themselves, Bible prophecy reveals a man will rise to take the helm in Europe and will first attack Britain for standing firm with the United States, and then they will return a lot of hydrogen bombs the U.S. has stored now in Europe!
Since Mr. Armstrong wrote that, Europe has united into a union, it has adopted a common currency, it has made huge strides toward a centralized overarching government, and now it is in the process of developing a united military force—it has already created rapid reaction forces composed of troops from various countries.
It will not be long before, as Mr. Armstrong warned, European states will be “strong enough to assert themselves.”
After that, as Bible prophecy indicates, a lot of nuclear bombs will be heading back toward America.
That $10 billion nuclear upgrade will be the worst money America ever spent.