November 25, 2012

Of Things to Come

Tradition in Action
La plus belle aventure du monde, c’est la nôtre
- The most beautiful adventure in the world is ours -

Toby Westerman
America has made a choice in the November 2012 elections, and the security of the nation will suffer for it. There is no honest debate as to what lies before an increasingly debt-ridden, militarily weakened United States in a world growing ever more dangerous.

Putin  Obamaq allianc

A flirt that increases...
The events surrounding "Benghazi-gate," China's initial steps toward a blue water navy, and President Barack Obama's excessively close relationship with the Russian leadership do not bode well for the future of the United States in relation to the outside world. Past is prologue.

At stake is America's ability to preserve its independence and political institutions. A weak United States could easily become the de facto client State of other nations, most likely the Moscow-Beijing axis.

Militant Islam presents a growing threat. The Islamic Republic of Iran is coming ever nearer to obtaining nuclear weapons capability. The "Arab Spring" has turned into a nightmare for those not sharing the goals of the violent Muslim Brotherhood and their subgroups. America's ally Israel is in their crosshairs, as are the Christian minorities in North Africa and the Near East.

In the near future, the United States may well be attacked from within its borders by foreign terrorists who no longer fear American power. As U.S. forces withdraw from Afghanistan, fundamentalist Muslims will sense weakness and will believe that the American homeland is vulnerable and ripe for vicious assaults. Disillusion and anger will grow among U.S. service members who, although victorious in battle, now see their sacrifices, including the deaths of their comrades, counting for little. The feeling of betrayal will grow within the ranks of our professional armed forces.

terrorists muslim

Obama silent when Muslim terrorists kill US embassy security chief in Yemen, October 2012
Russia will be emboldened as the Obama administration, with a freer post-election hand, will readily seek to accommodate Moscow. Russia will continue with its intense military buildup, and at the same time Moscow will accelerate its technical and financial assistance to regimes hostile to the U.S., from Iran to Venezuela.

The Peoples Republic of China is proceeding with its own program of military expansion. In the not too distant future, Beijing will act on its desire to remove the U.S. fleet from the waters around Taiwan, Japan, and Philippines, all U.S. allies. Because China holds such a large amount of U.S. debt, Beijing will also demand political concessions from the United States, both in foreign and in U.S. domestic affairs. As Communist China's military challenge to the United States grows, Beijing also put pressure on the United States government as well as various U.S. mass media outlets to avoid any criticism of Beijing and present a pro-China view of events which are, in reality, detrimental to the U.S.

As the military forces of Russia and China increase their strength, budget cuts in the U.S. may lead to the substantial deterioration of the American armed forces and soon reach the point where the U.S. will no longer be decisively superior to any opponent.

The debilitated U.S. armed forces will face not merely sporadic challenges from Russia and China but a concerted and orchestrated strategy of forever ending U.S. military superiority.

South of our border, Russia and China will increase their presence in Cuba, Venezuela and other Latin American States already friendly to the Moscow-Beijing axis.


A leap toward the South American style of Communism?
Should spending in the U.S. spiral out of control and the economic crisis in the United States deepen, the Socialist revolutionary message of Venezuela's Hugo Chavez (and his successor) may find a growing number of adherents within the U.S. homeland. The Colombian revolutionary group known by its Spanish initials FARC is already selling illegal drugs in several U.S. cities. It is unknown how much Communist propaganda accompanies the sale of these drugs in America.

As a consequence, domestic urban violence will be a real possibility. Immigrants who have come to the United States fleeing Communism/Marxist Socialism will again be forced to directly confront violent Socialist ideology.

The stark choice will be between human freedom given by God or the evolution of an all- powerful State, inspired by forces from within or without.

The struggle is on, the stakes are high. America's defenses must remain strong abroad. The preservation of our God-given human freedoms demands that we unite and, as Winston Churchill said to the English people during the early days of WWII, "Never give in."

Posted November 19, 2011