November 30, 2012

Citigroup sentences to Europe to faster economic death

The closer you read Willem Buiter's imperial uber-blick of the world economy, the more astonishing it becomes.
Citigroup's end of year forecast – Prospects for Economies and Financial Markets in 2013 and Beyond – is in essence a celebration of American revival and ascendancy. It sentences Europe to slow economic death.
The growth gap in 2012 between the US (+2.2) and the eurozone (-0.4) is the 2.6pc, the biggest since 1993.
Professor Buiter – Citi's chief economist – said this is not a one-off. The differential will widen to 3.4pc in 2014 and continue at extreme levels into the latter part of the decade.
The compound effects of this for year after year are dramatic. Europe will be left behind as an outpost of stagnation in a G2 world dominated by the US and China, with a string of emerging powers gaining ground but still far behind.
Euroland's nominal GDP will slip from 78pc of US levels this year to 66pc by 2025. India will overtake Germany by 2020. (German growth will be: 2013 (0.5), 2014 (0.3), 2015 (0.9). 2016 (1.1) — in other words, slow asphyxiation along with the rest of EMU).

Greek Band-Aid and German Delay Tactics

Yet once more EU elites have staved off the inevitable Greek default by a band-aid approach to that nation’s unsolvable debt crisis.

As America’s presence in the region shrinks, Germany is quietly filling the vacuum.

America is rapidly headed into its darkest hour ever. But that black hour leads immediately into an everlasting joy!

November 26, 2012

L’union de la droite, clé du renouveau de la France

Club de l'Horloge


L’union de la droite, clé du renouveau de la France

par Henry de Lesquen
président du Club de l'Horloge

Une pédagogie des opinions proscrites

Le verrouillage politique qui met le Front national au ban des partis est le fidèle reflet du verrouillage idéologique qui empêche de parler librement de certains sujets vitaux pour l’avenir de notre pays. C’est parce que le F.N. ne se conforme pas aux interdits édictés par les hérauts de l’idéologie dominante qu’il est victime d’ostracisme et exclu de l’“arc constitutionnel”, en tant que parti d’extrême droite.

November 25, 2012

Of Things to Come

Tradition in Action
La plus belle aventure du monde, c’est la nôtre
- The most beautiful adventure in the world is ours -

Toby Westerman
America has made a choice in the November 2012 elections, and the security of the nation will suffer for it. There is no honest debate as to what lies before an increasingly debt-ridden, militarily weakened United States in a world growing ever more dangerous.

Putin  Obamaq allianc

A flirt that increases...
The events surrounding "Benghazi-gate," China's initial steps toward a blue water navy, and President Barack Obama's excessively close relationship with the Russian leadership do not bode well for the future of the United States in relation to the outside world. Past is prologue.

At stake is America's ability to preserve its independence and political institutions. A weak United States could easily become the de facto client State of other nations, most likely the Moscow-Beijing axis.

November 13, 2012

Tricked into the EUSS R - powerful record here of traitors at work

eu-evil-inside 4 140 x 93Vladimir Bukovsky, the former Soviet dissident was allowed to study secret Soviet documents in 1992 by Boris Yeltsin who needed his support.  Bukovsky told The Brussels Journal about a plan to make the EU like the Soviet Union:
In January of 1989, for example, a delegation of the Trilateral Commission came to see Gorbachev. It included [former Japanese Prime Minister Yasuhiro] Nakasone, [former French President Valéry] Giscard d’Estaing, [American banker David] Rockefeller and [former US Secretary of State Henry] Kissinger. They had a very nice conversation where they tried to explain to Gorbachev that Soviet Russia had to integrate into the financial institutions of the world, such as Gatt, the IMF and the World Bank.
In the middle of it Giscard d’Estaing suddenly takes the floor and says: “Mr President, I cannot tell you exactly when it will happen – probably within 15 years – but Europe is going to be a federal state and you have to prepare yourself for that.  You have to work out with us, and the European leaders, how you would react to that, how would you allow the other East European countries to interact with it or how to become a part of it, you have to be prepared.” (2)
Britain's entry into the EU was effected by underhand schemes by senior politicians who deceived Parliament and the British with lies and deceit into thinking they were only joining a trading arrangement when the culprits knew clearly that the aim was political union.  Our membership of the EU and the billions of taxpayers money we give the EU has no legitimacy.  My over-riding concern is that unless some new anti EU momentum is created by the next General Election, Labour, who are looking certain to win, will make every effort to take us into the presently forming State of Europe - and will probably succeed, with the right propaganda, because the electorate are generally ignorant of what is happening.
If they do succeed - the hopes of national freedom will be quelled and national independence over - a nation breaking free then will be as likely as one of the political divisions from Russia or a province of China breaking away.
The documents I provide are evidence of the machinations that got us in and maybe a basis of a legal challenge but they need studying by trained legal minds.
The first evidence is not from cranky blogs talking about shape shifting lizards but were obtained by Mrs. Thatcher through Freedom of Information Requests and are on the Margaret Thatcher Foundation website. (3)

The Parade Is Not Over


Metaphorically speaking, the United States is sinking. The ship of state is listing heavily to one side (i.e., the left). Many believe we will be under water before another election rolls around. So there are passengers who want off the ship. According to The Daily Caller, the White House website is now “deluged with secession petitions from 20 states.” Of course, these various petitioners are forgetting the words of the Pledge of Allegiance, where it says: “…one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.” Likewise, the government may be accused of forgetting about “liberty and justice for all.” And nearly everyone has forgotten the part which says we are “under God.”
After the election results of last week, Donald Trump supposedly twittered, “We should have a revolution in this country!” Such is the slogan of the financially and politically frustrated. At the same time, however, the Party that claimed victory in the election isn’t necessarily the winner of anything; for the White House is now a booby prize, apparently given as a joke in recognition of terrible performance. What remains is to preside over a great down-going. With Europe in crisis and debt piled upon every side, there is nowhere else to go.

EU Plans to Create New Military Headquarters

November 13, 2012  •  From
Key European nations want to establish a new headquarters, despite Britain’s objections.

France plans to use the European Union’s military mission in Mali as a “Trojan horse” to create an EU military headquarters, the Telegraph reported November 11, citing a “senior French Defense Ministry source.” France is also planning a “major offensive” to stop individual nations from being able to veto defense issues.
The report comes ahead of a meeting between Germany, Italy, France, Spain and Poland in Paris to discuss how to move forward on European defense.
Last year, Britain forced France to back down over plans to create a military operations headquarters (OHQ). Now France is using a different tactic. Rather than pushing for the hedquarters first, and then expanding Europe’s military operations, France is going about it the other way around. It believes that if the EU commits to more military missions, it will be force to create a headquarters to manage them all.

November 12, 2012


By Dennis L. Cuddy, Ph.D.
November 12, 2012

...And the Future

For months, highly paid conservative national talk show hosts like Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and Glenn Beck were telling us that because of continually high unemployment, etc., there was no way President Obama would be re-elected. On the other hand, for months I have been telling listeners on Radio Liberty that the Power Elite (PE) wanted Obama re-elected in order to fulfill their plan for world control.

The PE wanted Obama to continue to move the U.S. toward socialism as a nation. Remember the 1911 cartoon where PE member John D. Rockefeller is welcoming Karl Marx's socialism to Wall Street.. As the U.S. has become more and more socialist, it will be easier to link us to the many other socialist nations around the world in order to form a World Socialist Government. And as the U.S. becomes socialist as a nation, it will become National Socialist in its orientation (the term NAZI means National Socialist). This is an important aspect of the PE's Secret Nazi Plan (see my book, THE POWER ELITE AND THE SECRET NAZI PLAN) coming to fulfillment today.

The Nazis had allied with the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) beginning in the 1930s, and because the PE doesn't like strong nationalist leaders, a pan-Islamic movement and loyalty were created that transcended national borders. As the (international) MB takes over more and more of the countries in theArab world, it will be easier for the PE to negotiate a regional arrangement with them rather than many national leaders. This regional entity can then be linked with the European Union and other regional entities to form the World Socialist Government. President Obama's Muslim background will help facilitate this for the PE.

November 11, 2012

KATYN 2. Moscow apartment buildings bombings denouncer Felshtinsky: Poles survived in Smolensk disaster finished off

Publication time: 10 November 2012, 17:48

A large Polish Catholic newspaperKresy and an opposition portalniezalezna.plpublished an article on November 10 "Felshtinsky about finishing off of wounded in Smolensk ​​(Felsztyński o dobijaniu rannych w Smoleńsku)" with extensive excerpts translated from English into Polish from the article of a well-known author of books on the bombings of apartment buildings by Putin's KGB thugs in Moscow in 1999 (coauthoring with Litvinenko) and poisoning of Litvinenko by Putin with the polonium-210 for the truth in London on 1 November 2010.

The paper refers to Felshtinsky's blog, where this article was published in English under the title "Killing of Survivors" after Kaczynski Plane Crash: Can We Believe the Video?". Kavkaz Center presents its readers this article:

"Killing of Survivors" after Kaczynski Plane Crash: Can We Believe the Video?

- Our perennial problem is a lack of information: to be precise, a lack of reliable information. In the Soviet Union, we were simply told nothing. Today, the flow of information is so large that we drown in it, without always understanding what important parts of a story we may be missing. Unfortunately, the questions of most genuine interest often go unanswered.

Obama won. We have to keep fighting.

Obama won. We have to keep fighting.

The election is over, but the campaign isn't. President Obama's reelection means we conservatives have to redouble our efforts to fight big government and stop any liberal advance.

November 9, 2012

Obama is going to work us over

IsraPundit Banner

David Weinberg, ISRAEL HAYOM

I’d like to believe that President Barack Obama’s re-election means nothing significant for U.S.-Israel relations, since “all Democratic and Republican presidents over the past four decades have been solidly pro-Israel” — as Deputy Prime Minister Silvan Shalom argued on Israel Radio this morning. But Shalom is putting a pretty face on a forboding situation.

Obama’s re-election means that Ehud Olmert is going to run against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in the upcoming Jan. 2013 Israeli election. It means that Obama is going to intervene aggressively in our election to boost Olmert. It means that a push for immediate Palestinian statehood is back on the international agenda. Most worrisome of all, it means that an American “grand bargain” with the Iranians, possibly at our expense, is on the table.

With good reason, Olmert and Tzipi Livni seem to think they can count on Obama’s strong support in the race against Netanyahu. There are a myriad of ways in which Obama and his emissaries can make it clear to the Israeli voter that U.S.-Israel relations will suffer if Netanyahu is re-elected. They know that Israeli voters fear U.S.-Israel conflict.

November 8, 2012

America goes into the darkness

The greatest satisfaction today over the re-election of Obama is not being felt in the Democratic Party. It is not being felt among the media, who are no longer objective observers but have turned instead into corrupt partisans who ruthlessly censored the truth about Obama and helped peddle his demonising propaganda about his opponent. It is not being felt among the gloating, drooling decadents of the western left who now scent a great blood-letting of all who dare defy their secular inquisition. No, the greatest satisfaction is surely being felt in Iran.
With four more years of Obama in the White House, Iran can now be sure that it will be able to complete its infernal construction of a genocide bomb to use against the Jews and the west. World War Three has now come a lot closer.

It is said that, with likely gridlock in Congress over domestic issues, Obama will concentrate on foreign policy. We should all shudder. So far, Obama has empowered Iran to destabilise the region; supported Islamist takeovers in Egypt and Libya; is backing al Qaeda affiliates in Syria; refused to come to the aid of Americans being attacked by al Qaeda in Benghazi as a result of which four American officials were murdered; and hung Israel out to dry against its genocidal Palestinian attackers.


Adapted by Rodney Atkinson from German Foreign Policy 02.11.2012

Continuing anti German protests in Italy have led German policy experts to comment that there is in Italy a "failure to accept the positive role which a united Germany could play in Europe" (To most Europeans outside Germany such a comment would be extremely amusing) and that "old slogans aimed at Germany's presumed hegemony have been dragged out of the attic".

Mass demonstrations in Rome against the German imposed austerity (mirrored of course in Spain, France, Greece and Portugal) are just the latest example of long held Italian objections to German dominance in the EU. While many Italian financial concerns have been very helpful in helping Germany to a strong position in Italian industry that has of course caused popular resentment. This analysis comes from The German Institute for Foreign Policy (DGAP) which published a paper by Frederico Niglia of St John's University in Rome "Past and prejudice in the Italian image of Germany".

November 6, 2012

ASEM speech: The lasting crisis in Europe and the continuing growth in Asia: Why is it so?

Mr Chairman, dear colleagues,

I would like to thank the organizers of the summit for giving many of us the possibility to for the first time visit Laos. I am convinced this meeting will make Laos the focus of world attention in these two days and I am sure the country deserves it.

I have been looking forward to this meeting because ASEM has become an important platform for dialogue between heads of states and governments of European and Asian countries. It gives us not only an opportunity to discuss issues of mutual interest, to strengthen relations between our countries, to hear each other’s views and learn from them.

During the two years which have passed since the last ASEM summit in Brussels not much has changed in the world. The crisis in the Eurozone continues, if anything, it has deepened. The public debt in several European countries has substantially increased, while most of the countries of Asia have continued to grow. These are two basic points of departure for me and – I assume – for all of us.

November 3, 2012

US tests prove presence of trinitroluene!


Latest news news of the day - US tests prove presence of trinitroluene!
Our news! We reveal the key document – description of analysis conducted on 26 April 2012 to trace presence of explosives on samples of Tu-154 wreckage’s debris. The document has been published on Professor Kazimierz Nowaczyk – an expert of Parliamentary Committee investigating into the Smolensk’s crash – blog. portal as well as Gazeta Polska Codziennie have been informing about tests conducted in American laboratories commissioned by Stanislaw Zagrodzki, whose cousin – Ewa Bakowska – died in the crash....
Russian reflections on Polish disobedience
Information delivered by Polish media (Rzeczpospolita daily) has not been quoted by the majority of the Russian mainstream media yet. Komsomolskaya Prawda gives relation about the publication naming it “Polish sensations”, and reminding to its readers that the Plane with the President on board crashed as a result of landing attempt in a thick fog.
Katarzyna Gojska-Hejke interviews Jaroslaw Kaczynski
There is sufficent evidence proving there was an explosion on board during Tu-154 flight on 10 April 2010 to Smolensk. Katarzyna Gojska-Hejke interviews Jaroslaw Kaczynski.  KG-H: Is there any evidence, apart from those revealed by the Rzeczpospolita daily, that there was an explosion in Smolensk? JK: In terms of evidence of an explosion there are two groups of proofs: direct and indirect ones. The later ones were delivered by scientists from the US, and Australia, who were recently joined by those living and working...

Etienne Chouard : protectionnisme, frontière et nation

[ Extrait (4'50") d'une longue interview d'Etienne Chouard - Octobre 2012. ]
« Tout ce qui est vivant a besoin d’une membrane, d’une peau, d’une enveloppe. Tout. Sinon c’est la mort.

La vidéo complète ici
«Le libre-échange est une folie mortifère, sauf pour les multinationales, qui s’en goinfrent : elles n’ont qu’à choisir dans cet immense supermarché les travailleurs les moins chers, là où elles veulent. (…) Les pauvres ont besoin de frontières. Ce sont les riches qui ont besoin d’abolir les frontières, pour « passer d’un hotel à l’autre » comme dit Attali.(…) Il y a désormais une pensée interdite, celle qui parle du degré d’immigration ou de la quantité d’étrangers qui fait que le corps social disparait. On est sommé d’accepter n’importe quelle immigration… »