October 17, 2012

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Kaczynski: "This is the Polish cabinet's resignation from the Polish rights"
"Giving everything to Russia and the behaviour on 10th and 11th April 2010 is a total resignation of the Polish authorities from the Polish rights and it leads to what we can see now," this is how Jaroslaw Kaczynski, the leader of Law and Justice, commented on the publication of the photos of Smolensk victims' bodies from the documentation collected by the Russian MAK. "The only solution is to try to appoint an international committee," said the leader of Law and Justice. "This cabinet is no partner for Russia. (...)...
Satellite photos from the day of Smolensk air crash have been classified
Satellite photos from Smolensk, taken on 10th April 2010, were given to the Polish intelligence services by the NATO just after the air crash. In the documents which the "Gazeta Polska Codziennie" daily got hold of this is confirmed by, among others, the Intelligence Agency. At the same time, the military prosecutor's office, which is carrying out the investigation, has classified the photos to such an extent that it even refuses to admit if it has them at all.
Shocking photos of Smolensk victims' bodies come from the MAK
According to what the Niezalezna.pl portal has established, the photos of the Smolensk victims' bodies published on the Internet by an alleged blogger come from the evidence collected by the Russian MAK. Typical descriptions under each of the photos show that the shocking photos of the Smolensk air crash victims, which were published on the Internet, are in the documents of the committee led by Tatiana Anodina. In this way Antoni Macierewicz's words turn out to be true. Yesterday Macierewicz said to the Niezalezna.pl...
Internal Security Agency is trying to block the servers with drastic photos of Smolensk victims' bodies
The Internal Security Agency (ABW) has informed that the photos of the Smolensk air crash  victims were published and are present on the servers in Germany, the USA and in Ukraine. The ABW is trying to block them. In a special announcement the ABW informed that "according to what we have established, on 28th September 2012 on the Russian Internet some drastic photos of the Smolensk air crash victims were published." "The ABW has contacted the services of the states where on the Internet it was possible to find the...
Macierewicz: "We have sent these photos to experts"
"The Parliamentary committee received these photos a few days ago," says to the Niezalezna.pl portal Antoni Macierewicz, who reveals that they were given to foreign experts in forensic medicine. "In order to assess them and to formulate conclusions concerning the causes and the course of the air crash." "The game which the Russians are playing with the use of these photos is barbarian. And it is only possible due to the negligence of the cabinet," says to the Niezalezna.pl portal Antoni Macierewicz, a Law and Justice MP...
Smolensk victims' photos were published on the Internet
Shocking photos of the Smolensk air crash victims have been published on the Internet. One of Russian bloggers was said to have published them. At the same time the editor-in-chief of the "Super Express" daily claims that someone has offered him to buy these photos. As the Radio Zet informed, little is known about the person who published the photos on the Internet. "It is a blogger coming from the Asian part of Russia. He set up his profile at the beginning of last year. He published the photos a month ago," the radio...
Tusk gets angry when asked about Smolensk
For a few days Donald Tusk has been appearing in the media. Yesterday he organised a press conference during which he wanted to say once again what he was going to do. However, a "Gazeta Polska Codziennie" journalist asked him a question about the responsibility for the mistakes made in Moscow just after the air crash. The journalist's questions made the Prime Minister angry. Donald Tusk refused to say anything about the Smolensk air crash and a moment later he left the press conference.