October 5, 2012


Dr. Eugene Narrett, Ph.D
October 5, 2012

“The past was erased; the erasure was forgotten; the lie became truth.”
“The State tells lies in all the tongues of good and evil; whatever it says it lies, and whatever it has it has stolen. Everything about it is false…”

“Truth is the greatest enemy of the State.”[1]

There is abundant criticism, though not in the mainstream media, of the latest batch of “Quantitative Easing” best termed QE2i (“QE to infinity”). Would not everyone in this panicked and decadent cultural end game like to be ‘eased’? This typical postmodern neologism sounds so friendly, vague and unguent: it is a classic jagged iron fist in a velvet glove and haze of ether. The talking hairstyles confected of electrons chatter, burble and anesthetize the patient (the target audience) with their self-referential talk meant to keep the field beasts numb and dumb. Few guests even suggest the emperor is naked, that purchasing $40B ‘mortgage-backed securities’ / month will create jobs. Postmodern governance is insane and the media spreads the madness in the name of reason and truth: when you want a lie to be believed, make it a big lie and repeat it as often as possible. Don’t blame the media: it’s their job. Words mean whatever they say they mean and Humpty Dumpty is about to have its great fall.

It also is misdirection and distraction to argue or explain that purchasing these securities (or, rather, junk bonds) with digital dollars will not and cannot create jobs except for a few more under-secretaries, pr kinks and garbage persons in DC. Don’t get stuck in that dialectic of contrived pro and con ‘debates,’ the media’s hollow ‘dialog.’ The members of the Federal Reserve Board are not ignorant: they are evil. If they are ignorant, it is in lacking the heart and soul to feel the horrors of what their policies create, results that are not difficult to discern. They are achieving their goal of destroying the middle class, reducing most Americans to penury and obliterating accountability and restraints on power built into the constitution which, as a ‘living document’ (a target for color-of-law assault) has been explained into a ‘fits all sizes’ rag mat for the trans national corporate matrix.
The Fed is in the process of acquiring ownership of vast amounts of property, stores of genuine value while simultaneously destroying the value of the paper money it churns out like a lab rat with diarrhea. The Banks who get this not-so-funny money for their toxic ‘assets’ paper over the cracks in their ‘books’ and invest the rest: one certainly can’t put it in savings accounts, CD’s or bonds that pay a fifth the rate of true inflation.[2] So they invest and boost the equity indices, reaping some fat gains before pulling out so the indices crash, culling the herd before they swoop in to clutch what remains at pennies on the dollar. They get their info about 3.5 seconds before other traders and this translates into hundreds of billions in gains… or losses.[3] If another Euro 200 billion) or was it trillion) for Spain won’t crash the system, or Japan’s endless printing there remains the hi-tech wonder of cyber-attacks on banks and the right hand doesn’t know what the left was doing…[4]

Aided and abetted by Congress and fronted by a malevolent regime impacted with fraud, the Fed is fulfilling its part in destroying the bases of the economy on the way to an impoverished world order operating by the facilitated management of generic human inventory. The generic or multicultural aspect of the herd promotes rootlessness, forgetting, subjection to impressions of the moment; it also removes national barriers between an enormous State and ever belittled humans. America must be destroyed because it could be totally self-sufficient. This land has resources of food, energy, precious metals, water, good land, fishing grounds that have to be regulated and taxed to death, as arbitrarily as possible because random enforcement paralyzes with uncertainty; this must be crippled just as the Constitution is crippled because of the restraints it puts on State power. Since America is in the way, its borders must be collapsed, its resources stolen by the State that consumes the takings before dribbling crumbs to its dependents and its economy wrecked. The understanding that things were, could and should be different is destroyed by ‘public education’ which churns out bored, angry, confused and ignorant youths who have their energy directed to computer games and ‘social networking’ which serves the info-gathering interests of the powers. “American Idol,” another of the endless prongs of the ongoing British invasion and its news corps, is the essence of what this nation has become and where it is meant to go: narcissistic, moronic, superficial and subservient to virtual judges, petty despots of degraded styles.

A larger scale of this cultural destruction, this pervasive impoverishment, is that our currency is being debased (under the lie of creating jobs) in order to prop up Europe. A key part of the reason the screen-addicted populace is hypnotized by the spectre of a European collapse (if only) is to inculcate the ‘fact’ that ‘we,’ again, must be Europe’s saviors, in this case its ‘lender of last resort.’ On ‘our’ behalf, the Fed has been (via the IMF and the Barclay’s-J.P. Morgan nexus) and soon more overtly will be debasing our money further, destroying whatever capital we have, to save their Europeans or, rather, to insure that their currency is superior to ours, we ignorant colonials who for awhile forgot that our place is to pay and die for their insane wars. “We are prepared to respond” to help “resolve” Europe’s debt crisis says Philadelphia Fed President Charles Plosser.[5] Jim Sinclair comments that this process will continue till the Euro’s nominal value nears $1.40 and the $ index drops to 72 (it currently is near 81). The so-called rational purpose of this is to enable the Europeans to buy China’s gunk so the Chinese will continue to purchase our treasuries and we can import stuff from East Asia while our own industries rot. The consumerist role mapped for America is a crisis of obesity-gelding of which feminism is a complement: meanwhile, the herd is lectured about obesity which hardly is avoidable given the prevalence of hydrogenated corn syrup and GM corn-related products (nearly all food) in stores. America does, however, have a thriving diet industry, fifty shades of vaporous gray and is drowning in apps.

Ethanol kills many birds with one policy-stone: it withdraws land from wheat, driving up costs of bread and limiting supplies while paying farmers to use 40% of the corn crop for inefficient fuel that uses more energy to produce than it generates, ruins engines with residue and reduces mileage. It drives up prices of all food since nearly all meat, poultry, eggs, dairy, grains and more include corn as feed or ingredient. This drains savings and causes food shortages and famines as well as creating, with GM corn and soybeans, intestinal damage in animals and humans, ADD, genetic disorders, more Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s and cancers.[6] Like the financial-economic takedown being effected by the Fed for a century (happy anniversary!) this serves the major goal of the global power matrix, the ‘eugenicists’ and population controllers, by getting rid of useless eaters and worthless people. The idiom of the Nazis was a eugenicist ideology and British diplomats stationed in DC during WW II used the same terms when resisting any suggestions about permitting Jewish immigration.[7] The master class will get their global ‘green’ game park similar to that Huxley grimly satirized.[8] An epitome: Massachusetts has a “death with dignity” referendum (five pages of fine print) on its November ballot.

The Age of Terror that began in Europe in 1789-92 and became institutionalized in service of an impoverished, totally managed global system after 2001 is the era of State Control and the triumph of official (State) fictions over life. Technology enables the punitive aspects of transparency[9](the end of privacy and personal safety) and the dominion of imagery, of the false smile and relentless selling of lethal products. The ordering principle of the Postmodern State is fiat, from currencies to interest rates to the destruction of language and evidentiary rules. There is nothing to rely on: man’s own household and helpmate become his worst enemy. Women marry the State in myriad perverse manners matching the various kinds of domestic unions that serve the reduction of human inventory goal. Note that the new roles and usurpation of male roles into which the masters of the media have seduced women can never satisfy them for they require the surrender of natural femininity, of female biology and the roles linked to it. Thus being radically displaced, hysteria and terror ensue with further ‘security’ measures promising to fill the void they have hollowed out. This is the kind of self-sustaining system of terror and artifice the matrix prefers: the machine runs itself needing only a bit of steering.

As for the rule of fiat in money per se, the four major currencies have increased their balance sheets to about $ten trillion or more. The ECB itself has debt/loan obligations of Euro 12 Trn.[10] These finances are the holy ghost of the new world order; the pure fiction of a world run by sociopaths who play any game that serves their will to power and compulsion to rule. The balloon is about to pop leaving an impoverished world in the wake of its super heated, toxic wind of fictions and imagery. But even the end of fictions will generate more lies: several breaking stories state that Britain’s Financial Services Authority (FSA) now will oversee LIBOR rather than the BBA (British Bankers Association) says FSA-treasury “Enforcer in chief,” Martin Wheatley.[11] The British have a unique ability to concoct these fall-back positions and promote them with a straight face and stiff upper lip. One must not doubt their probity, no. Banks now outside the system are “will be encouraged to participate, if necessary by regulations.”

In process is the European Aristocracy’s Total Management Essence, the ‘in your face’ of geopolitics (which includes finance). One can derive this, and the increasing use and destruction of America’s money system and economy from the conceptual ratio forged in Churchill’s speeches of March 1946 (“Sinews of Peace”) and August 1949 to the Council of Europe, “the greatest of continents.”[12] The fifty colonies have been England’s beast of burden since WW I. We twice invaded Mesopotamia to serve her geopolitical goals; to this day our armed forces guard the Persian Gulf to protect Europe, Japan and China’s oil (less than 5% of American oil comes out of the gulf). Rather than liberating American resources and freeing humans from the dead iron hand of the State, “the cold monster,”[13] by eliminating capital gains taxes, inheritance taxes, halving corporate taxes (thus bringing American businesses back home), freeing natural resources and farmland from toxic chemicals and deceitful regulations in the name of ‘the environment,’ Americans will continue to be crushed and shamed into serving that fiction termed, ‘the global community’ which was the thrust of Churchill’s ‘Iron Curtain Speech’ (above and note). The irony is that this lethal end game is being achieved in the name of “sustainability,” precisely what it makes impossible.

The choice is to get American children out of State schools whose purpose is to indoctrinate and manage,[14] cut the size and expenditures of government greatly and let their employees, if they are able to work, find work for the industries that will come back home; or continue into the winter of a totalitarian and punitive State that kills by impoverishment, sterility, ‘transparency’ and the death of justice and thought. The media serves the State “as the great keyboard” it plays with ever more numbing fervor. The dogmas of State ‘necessity’ and ‘he war on terror [sic] “make lying a universal principle.”[15]

© 2012 Eugene Narrett - All Rights Reserved


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