October 8, 2012

KATYN 2. Polish prosecutors know about 2 explosions on board of Polish president's plane

Publication time: 6 October 2012, 02:04
Warsaw opposition newspaper Dziennikreported on new developments around the Russian terrorist attack on April 10, 2010, when the Polish government plane Tu-154 with Polish President Lech Kaczynski and 95 other members of the Polish elite on board were blown up on Putin's order. The paper says:

"Antoni Macierewicz says that the prosecution knows about two explosions on board of the presidential Tupolev, but the investigators have chosen the path of ignoring this information.

In an interview with wpolityce.pl, Antoni Macierewicz, head of Parliamentary Commission for Investigation of the Smolensk Disaster, said:

"According to my information, it seems that the prosecutor's office is well aware that there were two explosions on board. The fact that the investigators did so far nothing with this information, did not include it in their investigation plans, did not conduct tests, studying the debris, left everything in the hands of the Russians, gives a basis for criminal prosecution.

The investigators should have carefully investigated this information, but they did nothing.

Why do the prosecutors ignore this information? I have to say that such decisions are made in Moscow. It was there that it was decided that we can not get the debris and very important documents that are pertinent for the case. In Poland, in turn, they show a remarkable passivity in these matters, said the MP from the Law and Justice party.

Macierewicz, however, did not want to reveal what specific evidence had been ignored by the investigators. He just said that this evidence confirmed that two explosions happened on board and that most of the evidence had already leaked to the Parliamentary Commission. He said that the Poles would soon get new detailed information".

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