October 25, 2012

KATYN 2. Experts at International Conference confirm: the plane was blown up

Publication time: 23 October 2012, 15:31 

According to the Polish websiteNiezależna.pl, numerous experts confirmed at the International Conference on the Smolensk disaster held in Warsaw the findings of the Polish parliamentary commission investigating the plane crash.

Prof. Piotr Witakowski indicated that the plane crash had been accompanied by an explosion, and the plane crashed after it was blown up in the air.

According to Prof. Witakowski, the most likely hypothesis at the moment is an explosion in the air. Fragments of exploded plane fell on the ground.

An analysis of air crashes in the last 30 years has shown that the plane in most cases cuts all forest lands located in front of it during the collision with the ground, it was not case in Smolensk. In addition, fragments are never scattered in such a vast area as in Smolensk.

The results obtained by Prof. Witakowski were confirmed by Prof. Chris Ciszewski from the University of Georgia (USA) who gave in his report a comparative analysis of satellite images from different plane crashes and commented on each photo.

The expert concluded that the scattering of the fragments indicates rather an explosion in the air than an impact with the ground. In addition, the analysis of satellite pictures from Smolensk shows that the exterior at the site after the crash and the location of the wreckage indicate that they have been manipulated.

Prof. Jan Obrebski from Warsaw University of Technology found that the cause of the accident were several explosions in the air.

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