October 22, 2012

Czech official says Havel served Satan, Klaus serves truth, love


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Ilustrační foto - Prezident Václav Klaus (uprostřed) při slavnostním představení knihy Festschrift Václavu Klausovi uspořádaném 17. června k prezidentovým 70. narozeninám v Míčovně Pražského hradu. Vlevo je vedoucí prezidentské kanceláře Jiří Weigl, vpravo zástupce kancléře Petr Hájek.Prague - Czech Presidential Office deputy head Petr Hajek believes that the late former president Vaclav Havel served Satan and was an instrument of lie and hatred, while his successor, Vaclav Klaus, is an instrument of the truth and love, server Parlamentni listy writes, citing from Hajek´s new book.

In the past, Hajek, a close aide of Klaus, drew the media attention by challenging the existence of Osama bin Laden, branding homosexuals "our deviant fellow citizens" and dimissing Darwin´s theory with a resolute assertion that he by no means descends from an ape.

"Vaclav Havel - no matter if intentionally or unknowingly, but in any case actively - was an instrument of lie and hatred. He succeeded in his mission. In spite of this he lost. Vaclav Klaus - no matter if intentionally or unknowingly, but in any case actively - has been an instrument of the truth and love. He did not succeed in his mission. In spite of this, he won," Hajek writes in "Death In Velvet," his new book that is to appear in November.

Havel, a playwright and former leading anti-communist dissident who preceded Klaus in the presidential post in 1989-2003, died in December 2011. Under Havel´s presidency, Klaus was Czechoslovak finance minister in 1990-92, Czech prime minister (1992-98) and Chamber of Deputies head (1998-2002).

The Havel-Klaus relation was "not a mere regional squabble between two distinguished personalities," but had a deeper meaning and highlighted the way the "ailing Euro-American civilisation" had embarked on, along with the "fatal danger" involved, Hajek writes, cited by Parlamentni listy.

Klaus will leave the presidential office soon, as his second and last tenure expires next March. Most of what he strived for has failed, Hajek writes.

"Mediacracy reigns instead of democracy, the right has been replaced by its own Europeist caricature," he writes.

Elsewhere in his book, Hajek draws apocalyptic visions linked to the EU. He calls the Lisbon Treaty "a constitution of a new jail of nations," an instrument for the Satan to present himself. There is not much time ahead until the outbreak of the final battle with Satan, Hajek writes.
"Darwinists, Marxists, and Europeists," who are allies of "anti-Christ Islam" and resuscitate the ancient Rome´s paganism with its "apotheosis of blood, violence, sex and idolatry, with its praise of homosexuality," Hajek writes.

He says Leaving (Odchazeni), a film Havel directed after his own play a year before his death, is a banality which only the last scene elevates to an unplanned message.

"The author and director emerges from water in a fountain as a strange hybrid of a demon and a man on the brink of death: ´The truth and love must win over the lie and hatred,´ he grins ironically in the camera. For his words to be beyond any doubt, he raises two fingers in his typical ´V-gesture´, a greeting and sign of freemasons," Hajek writes, cited by Parlamentni listy.
According to Hajek, 62, Havel was a theoretical moralist who did not have moral scruples himself. Havel was also an apostle of freedom and democracy, whose vision openly eyed a fascist corporativist state, Hajek writes, referring to Havel-promoted civic society.

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