October 23, 2012



Steve I know that it has been awhile since I have posted any alerts in your site. This is because things are getting critical mass in the financial markets. I want all of your audience to understand and think in the understanding that all real trades have STOPPED. All the real money is moved out, the Euro has failed and now begins the death and freefall of the dollar.

The main reason for the Euro failure is this: the Euro was created with the sole intent to become an instrument of not only seizure of sovereignty but seizure of all assets and infrastructure. What do I mean by this? Simple, there are untapped oil, natural gas, and mineral resources in Europe waiting to be exhumed by the multi national corporations, funded by the banksters, and controlled by the elites. In order for this smash and grab to be successful look for the following to occur:

The Euro power brokers will receive the power and authority that they will need in order to further clamp down control on the people of Europe. This crisis is their doing and they will try to play sides off each other in order to convince the population that this is their fault and the greedy who work in the nefarious private sector. This can be stopped by the populace if they stand up but I will tell you the plan is to make them suffer so greatly that they will beg the Eurocrats to rescue them. Once again the Eurocrats will step in as the saviors.

America: to say that it is over for the US is an understatement. I stated multiple times that the Anglo-American branch will be pushing for a global war and I still hold firm to that view. Expect a massive down turn in the economy from now till December as a dismal holiday season befalls the US. The cancer that is stagflation has begun and it is running its course. Look for more big banks to go bust, sell off/dump divisions, downsize and ultimately come to a parabolic collapse. The derivative market will go belly up soon, JPM's recent loss in that market was the first sign that all is not well in Oz.

Capital controls are being implemented here in the US and will continue its shackling of people and their money. I end all my posts with a warning to prepare. I will urge you now more than ever to do so.


Oct 22, 2012


Steve --- This is a sanitized version of what I wanted to discuss with you. For the past several months there have been a series of quiet mergers in credit and personal data management companies. I know these things to be a fact. I am talking about being able to process “terabytes” of data in 30 minutes and track people in real time. One company ( with at least $500 million backing them ) has acquired data and reporting companies including some in the United States, Canada, China, Japan,Australia, Europe, parts of South America etc. They now own the entire Chinese credit database. ( This is something you can verify through your contacts. ) I suspect a one world credit reporting and human tracking system may be in place before the crash and before the one world currency. Sometime we need to meet and discuss the implications. Please forward this to the H&H and others. We need to start thinking about the implications of this right now.

I made contact today with someone whom I trust with my life and the lives of my family. About 10 companies have been acquired in the last 90 days. This week another data merger will take place. Then all companies will be merged into super date center in a FL bunker with numerous multi letter agencies. I know this to be absolutely true. Then all data will be merged with facial recognition software for realtime control over people and their access to money or credit. No one will be able to buy or sell unless they have the chip and are in the data control system. Pass onto H&H and any other people you may know.

These people are working on a timetable and we are getting closer to M law, disaster or other crackdown than we can imagine. At this point I think we have 6-8 months or less. Then all hell breaks loose. M

Oct 22, 2012