September 14, 2012

The Scariest Iran War Scenario Ever

Terminus of orbis terrarium ut not teneo is

by John Galt
September 12, 2012 23:00 ET

The following scenario is an unforeseen theoretical outcome for what could happen should Israel attack Iran; and in this writer’s opinion the most terrifying outcome for world peace and the United States of America I could ever imagine. I feel this particular scenario must be put into consideration as the prophetic and geopolitical implications of such an outcome would change how all of us live the remainder of our lives out in this country.

No matter how short our lives may be.

The United States is currently ruled by a corrupt regime aligned with an amalgamation of globalist financiers, anti-American technocrats, and Islamist sympathizers. This Trifecta of Evil has put the danger of the Constitution being abdicated for practical considerations first and foremost into the daily decision making process up to and including the abandonment of traditional allies in favor or radical agendas designed to accelerate the destruction of this Republic.

For the sake of discussion, assume that the Israeli government has reached the point of disgust and anger with the United States as their intelligence data indicates that Iran is less than a month away from obtaining enough fissile material to construct one or two functioning Hiroshima type atomic weapons (as speculated on DEBKA and other sites last week). The proverbial “go” signal is given to the Israeli military to carry out a series of strikes on Iran to permanently debilitate the radical regime and decapitate the ability of that nation to attack Israel forever. The theory circulated by some analysts (see WND, Mike Evans, September 4, 2012: Israel readies ‘secret weapon’ for Iran attack) is that after a high altitude EMP strike over Iran which will darken the entire nation and blind U.S. and Arab forces to an incoming attack, the Israelis will launch a massive surface to surface missile strike to destroy Iranian military assets such as missile launch sites, storage facilities, air assets, and selected Republican Guard bases.

Then it gets interesting.

After the worldwide shock of first wave occurs, a second attack specifically designed to eradicate the nuclear sites and capabilities of the Iranian missile program will be carried out by the Israeli Air Force. This one time shock and awe event will in all probability occur in the post-EMP confusion which would reign over the region allowing the planes to attack the sites successfully but that is where the terrifying scenario begins, not ends.

The following portion of this theory is purely based on the Progressive/Marxist ideology of the current U.S. President who in his mind actually believes he earned the Nobel Peace Prize and thus is the actual leader of the world instead of just the United States of America. President Obama has encouraged an internationalist ideology which expands on the theory that a global point of view is superior to the American program of economic pragmatism and sharing the ideals of our Republic. Thus he has engaged in the very policies that the pre-World War I leadership of Europe engaged in along with a parallel policy akin to either Neville Chamberlain dealing with Nazi Germany or worse, a Quisling.

That leads to the question and theory of this scenario:

Will Obama order the United States military to intercept the Israeli Air Force on their return trip to Israel?

While the initial reaction of most readers is “no way,” I present a terrifying outline of how and why this would occur starting with our basing in the region and military capacity.  The four primary United States bases in the region are mapped as follows:

(thanks to for the maps above)

While each base is completely capable of long range intercept, an allowance must be made for the lack of command and control function during the initial shock of the ElectroMagnetic Pulse attack on Iran. Once the Obama administration evaluates the initial strike and begins to field calls from outraged Islamic leaders, a snap decision could be made for short range intercepts of returning Israeli Air Force planes to “maintain world peace” in the name of preventing a wider war in the region or some other such nonsense as espoused by the D.C. regime.

The intercept capabilities of the USAF from their bases in the region without refueling at full afterburner to intercept is somewhat short and thus the following map is only theoretical with the arrows indicating the likely direction of an attempted interception of the IAF planes and the circles indicating probably maximum combat range from the bases above.

There are some major considerations to place within this scenario however. There is a high probability that a large number of U.S. pilots would disobey or “engage ghosts” by firing their air-to-air missiles at non-existent targets to placate the Commander in Chief yet stay out of hack. The problem is that if just 30% to 40% of those warriors obeyed orders and shot down some Israeli fighters, a state of war would exist between the United States and Israel. That immediately puts every U.S. military asset in the Middle East and Europe into the cross-hairs of an Israeli retaliatory strike.

The primary concern if a state of war is not walked back would be the the aircraft carrier battle groups in the Arabian Sea and Mediterranean. With the capabilities of the Israeli navy to launch Popeye SLCM’s with little warning, odds are the U.S. could and probably would lose several capital ships; up to and including aircraft carriers themselves. The Jericho II and Jericho III missile systems also have the range to destroy any facility in the region and Europe as this map below illustrates and would be in play should the U.S. launch strikes on the nation of Israel itself:

The last question is the most terrifying one of all:

Would the U.S. use a nuclear weapon on Israel during a conflict which escalates on an hourly basis?

I sincerely doubt it but that would not prevent the U.S. from launching attacks on their military bases using advanced conventional weapons in which casualties from both sides would be extremely high. If the Israelis were attacked on their own soil by U.S. forces, it is a safe bet that this escalation would result in one of the Israeli submarines putting one if not all three aircraft carriers in the Arabian Sea region at the bottom of the ocean. IF, and that is a huge ‘if’, the U.S. did attack the Israeli homeland directly with a tactical nuclear weapon to neutralize Israel’s military capabilities, I fear the Samson Option is on the table with cities on the East Coast of the U.S. at greatest risk of a retaliatory nuclear strike form Israel’s strategic submarine forces.

The result of such a conflict after the Iranian strike would be far reaching beyond the initial clash between Iranian, Israeli, and U.S. forces. From a geopolitical point of view, the U.S. influence on the region would be completely nullified and there are indications that the states on the Arabian Peninsula have been preparing for this eventuality by re-establishing relations with Russia and expanding trade with Communist China. Saudi Arabia, not Israel or Turkey would reign as the supreme power in the region with support from their new allies as the U.S. would be shamed into slithering from the area, if not the Eastern Hemisphere as a whole. Meanwhile Israel would simply renounce all agreements and alliances with the U.S. and form a new strategic and trade agreement, something which has been considered at this time regarding natural gas and petroleum extraction in the Mediterranean, with Russia to keep the Israeli nation from starving and fully armed against all of their neighbors.

I can not stress enough that this is a theoretical possibility which years ago would be dismissed as conspiracy lunacy. However the arrogance of this administration and their continuous betrayal of our allies and non-Muslim religions worldwide indicates that indeed Obama has an Islamocentric foreign policy which favors those governments and movements which have been advocating the re-establishment of a greater Caliphate throughout the region. Considering this is an election year and the unpredictable amateurs inside the U.S. government, preparing for this scenario is not as far fetched as it might have seemed in the past.

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