September 5, 2012

KATYN 2. Version of murder of Kaczynski related to creation of Putin's Eurasian Union discusses in Poland

Publication time: 4 September 2012, 13:03
A popular mainstream Warsaw newspaper Fakt reported with reference to the influential Polish Catholic radio station Radio Maria about the "new sensational theories about the causes of the Smolensk crash".

This theory answers the question of why Putin killed Kaczynski. Previous versions, including Putin's revenge of Kaczynski for support to Georgia during the Russian attack on it in 2008, were plausible, but not very convincing. The newspaper writes:

Radio Maria put forward a new theory about the Smolensk crash. Dr. Stanislaw Krajski, expert Father Rydzyk (Catholic priest, doctor of theology Father Tadeusz Rydzyk is founder and director of the radio station Radio Maria and the TV station TV Trwam, as well as the founder and former rector of the Higher School of Social and Media Culture in Torun - KC) said that crash was the work of the mysterious Masonic Lodge, labeled P3.

- In Poland, after the dissolution of the military intelligence WSI (for links to the Russian GRU - KC) began to develop a special lodge, called P3.

P1 Lodge was organized by the French Revolution (in 1789 - KC).

Lodge P2 tried to seize power in Italy in 1981 and was abolished by the Italian secret services, said Dr. Krajski to Radio Maria.

Expert Father Rydzyk father says lodge P3 carried out terrorist act, because it felt a threat facing it.

- Attempt of Macerevic and party Law and Justice (party of killed Lech Kaczynski - KC) to eliminate military intelligence WSI has been succeeded in some extent. And they - this masoneria of French ritual, GRU afraid, and said that it is necessary to speed up the process of capture and the mastering of the Polish state, with its simultaneous dismantling.

Disassembly is required that Poland became part of Eurasia (the Eurasian Union is now created by Putin, Putin did not disclosed who is actually behind this initiative - KC).

From this I presume, and try to show that one of the acts of the lodge P3 was an attack on the presidential plane in Smolensk. They also committed many other acts, indicated Dr. Krajski".

Department of Monitoring
Kavkaz Center

KATYN 2. Polish media write on freemasons' trace in murder of Poland's president

Publication time: 3 September 2012, 23:30

According to Warsaw newspaper Gazeta Polska dated August 28, a well-known Polish scientist, Dr. Stanislaw Krajski, and a university professor Tadeusz Rydzyk reported that Russian 4/10 terrorist attack against Poland's president Lech Kaczynski had been carried out by Putin on an order of freemasons.

Earlier, a Polish portal Pomnik Smolenk posted in two parts the speech of Dr. Stanislaw Krajskiat a patriotic rally in Wroclaw (Breslau) on June 16, 2012 in connection with the release of the book "Freemasonry in Poland 2012" and writes:

"In the first video, Dr. Krajski tells about Polish political reality before and after the terrorist attack in Smolensk in the light of the Grand Orient Lodge of France which operates on the French rite of freemasonry, promotes its goals in Poland and is in open war with the Roman Catholic Church.

The second part contains a discussion of Dr. Krajski's speech, in which a number of interesting questions about the Smolensk terrorist attack was addressed: the fight of freemasonry with the church, the political consciousness among young people, political connections, priests and bishops belonging to free-masonic lodges.

There are discussions about provocative steps to remove a cross in a Warsaw suburb by decision of B. Komorowski (the present Polshevist President of Poland - KC), his behavior after the terrorist attack, his hasty seizure of presidential power, his sympathy for the military, his strange contacts with Russian secret services in Russia during his Asian tour".

Department of Monitoring
Kavkaz Center

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