September 21, 2012

KATYN 2. Russians replaced dead body, since traces of explosion were on the original one

Publication time: 20 September 2012, 10:13
Polish media reported that the Russians replaced the corpse of 81-year-old founder of the Solidarity trade union in the Gdansk shipyard during the communist era, Anna Walentynowicz.

Earlier, the head of the parliamentary commission investigating the Smolensk tragedy, Antoni Macierewicz, said that the corpse of Mrs. Walentynowicz is important for the investigation because she was sitting in the center of the cabin of the blown-up plane where, according to scientific data from computer simulations, an explosion occurred. So chemicals from explosives must remain on her body.

A popular Warsaw newspaper Super Ekspres writes in its issue of September 20:

"Direct family members of Anna Walentynowicz - son Janusz and grandson Peter - are shocked.

- The body, which was taken from the grave and laid on the dissecting table, does not belong to my mother, Anna Walentynowicz, which I identified in Moscow, said the son.

- I did not recognize that it is the body of my grandmother, said the grandson.

The exhumation was carried out in the Gdansk Srebrzinska cemetery on Monday, September 17. On Wednesday, a study was conducted at the Institute of Forensic Medicine in Wroclaw.
- I knew it was not my grandmother just after the first glance, Peter said.

He told the newspaper about his feelings:

"I do not know how they could make such a mistake. As far as I know, dad easily identified the corpse in Moscow. Did the Russians throw bodies into coffins, as carrion? Was it like that? Otherwise, the replacement of the dead body couldn't occur. The worst thing is that the Polish government did not timely react to it", said shocked Peter Walentynowicz.

For its part, a Polish radio station, Polskie Radio, reported that the spokesman of the Polish military prosecutor's office Col. Zbigniew Zepa had declined to comment on the statements by Janusz and Peter Walentynowicz.

A lawyer of the families of the Smolensk tragedy victims, Stefan Hambura, asked the prosecutor's office to exhume, on the base of case of the missing corpse of Anna Walentynowicz, all the dead bodies sent from Russia, noting that the body of an unknown Russian woman buried the coffin of Mrs. Walentynowicz was fairly well preserved.

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