September 28, 2012

KATYN 2. Russian terrorist attack on Polish President's plane confirmed during autopsy of a victim

Publication time: 27 September 2012, 12:31

A Warsaw newspaper, Gazeta Polska Codziennie(Poland's Daily) reported in its issue of September 27 on new developments around the Russian terrorist attack at Smolensk on 10 April 2010. In a articleentitled Rivet from Tupolev plane in the body of victim of Smolensk disaster (Nit z tupolewa w ciele jednej z ofiar katastrofy smoleńskiej) the newspaper writes:

"Gazeta Polska Codziennie informs that during the autopsy of one of the exhumed bodies of the victims of the Smolensk disaster last week, a fragment of a rivet has been found.

The head of a rivet fell out from the corpse of one of exhumed victims on the autopsy table.
- I had to demand from the prosecutor's office that they enclose this head as evidence to their Smolensk file. They asked me why, but in the end, it was decided to enclose it as evidence, told to the paper Stefan Hambura, a lawyer of the family of the late Anna Walentynowicz, founder of the Solidarity Movement in Communist Poland in 1980s.

A few months ago, at a meeting of the Parliamentary Investigation Commission for the Smolensk Disaster, Dr Vaclav Berchinski, a designer at Boeing, said that "the explosion could have led to the loss of hundreds of rivets used to fix the structure of the wing of the Tupolev aircraft.

- In terms of reconstruction of the process of the disaster, the discovered piece of evidence could be important to determine the cause of the tragedy, confirmed Antoni Macierewicz, head of the Parliamentary Commissin

In addition, according to Prosecutor Stanislaw Piotrowicz, an activist from the opposition Law and Justice party and member of the Macierewicz, Commission, the discovered evidence is crucial for the parliamentary investigation.

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KATYN 2. If Putin admits his assassination of Polish President, most Russians will be only delighted

Publication time: 27 September 2012, 00:44
A renowned Moscow democratic journalist Boris Stomakhin who had spent 5 years in Putin's Gulag for his critical articles on Russia published on the Russian section of Internet a new article, in which he described a potential reaction of the majority of Russians, if they find out that Polish President Lech Kaczynski has been killed by Putin. In his article, entitled "The Cleansing", he writes:

"If tomorrow Putin or Medvedev talk live on all Russian TV channels and frankly admits to their drunken biomass of Russian philistines that:

- yes, we ordered to obliterate the Poles at Smolensk on April 10, 2010;

- yes, we ordered to shoot down or blow up the plane of Kaczynski, the President of Poland;

- yes, it was a special operation by the GRU (Russian military intelligence);

- yes, the survivors were finished by execution tema after the crash because the bodyguards of President Kaczynski had been firing back and the KGB killers seized their pistols;

- yes, the most important evidence confirming that President Kaczynski was not killed after the crash is because somebody tried to use his phone to call to Poland after the crashed etc., then what would be the reaction of the Russian human cattle?


How cool, they would say, we had soaked in blood our eternal enemies, the Poles!

When the official version of the catastrophe was presented: technical difficulties...due to foggy conditions...there was hardly any reaction - just a bunch of flowers at Polish Embassy in Moscow. And tell the Russians the truth - it would be another epic heroism for them, remembered and celebrated by all Russians.

After all, the massacre of the Poles in Katyn in 1940, is celebrated too, and glorified by the majority of Russians deep in their hearts. They consider Katyn to be an act of Russian heroism and valor. And unofficially, they still claim inside Russian that the Poles had been shot by the Germans.

All most sadistic monstrous crimes committed by the Russians against others nations have been honored as heroic deeds, and the Russian pride and glory are written in stone of the annals of history.

The Russians enjoy to be ruled by stick and carrot approach - the harder the blow of the stick, the sweeter is the carrot. The Russian nation consists of masochists, as has long been known in the West - but the question remains: why should other nations suffer under the heel of the Russian scum, even if they are their neighbors? The Russians hate when the others get freedom and independence ...But what they hate most of all is freedom for THEMSELVES!"

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