September 20, 2012

KATYN 2. America scared to reveal truth about Katyn 2 because it does not want war with Russia

Publication time: 17 September 2012, 23:17
A Polish journalist Henryk Urban published on the Forum of Independent Polish journalists Salon 24 an article condemning the Americans for hiding truth about Putin's terrorist attack at Smolensk, and the war between the West and Islam.

Mr. Urban is known in Poland as an active member of Solidarity since 1980, the moderator of the Union of Catholic youth and a member of political council of the main Polish opposition Party Law and Justice.

In an article entitled "70 years to wait for Smolensk, as in case Katyn? (Czy na Smoleńsk też będziemy czekali 70 lat, jak na Katyń?)", he wrote in particular:

"Recently, declassified American documents on the Katyn Massacre deprived many fans of illusions about Western democracy, debunked the idea of ​​freedom, equality, and fraternity,which were developed since the Enlightenment.

There should be no fraternizing with the murderers. The murderers (i.e. the Russian - KC) should be called murderers and isolated from the free world.

Modern technologies allow collecting evidence that serves as a solid proof exposing Putin. Only the Americans are able to refute the Russian Smolensk lie.

However, like 70 years ago, there were concerns about the consequences of this clear Kremlin's military act against Poland. Can we afford to reveal the truth without a war with Russia?

We do not want a military response to the terrorist attack against our aircraft, because in any war, civilians are killed. We expect that a reconciliation with Russia will help to send the criminal responsible for the terrorist attack to the International Court in The Hague. This way of settling disputes after the war was set for the Serbian murderers.

I know that for most observers of political life, such hard definitions as "the evil empire" do not correspond to the scale of the interest which the "free world" assigns to Russia. However, history teaches us that the policy of Pope John Paul II and Ronald Reagan brought better results than burying heads in the sand, as Roosevelt and Carter did.

Such change in policy that meets the standards elaborated by the Second Vatican Council and implemented by Pope John Paul II was a response to the culmination of the plan the Church of Freemasons to rule the world.

This paved the way for a new millennium instead of old school lies, aggressions and stealing from each other (even when it is only money.)

The old leaven led to unleashing the war against Muslims and the global crisis which is the largest in human history so far".

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