September 16, 2012

Conservatives oppose Barroso’s ambition for an EU Defence Union

Strasbourg, 12th September 2012

Addressing the European Parliament in his ‘State of the Union’ speech today (12 September), Commission President Barroso called for EU collective Defence Planning and “a political Union with a coherent foreign and defence policy” as he set out his stall for creation of an EU “Federation”.
Conservative Defence Spokesman Geoffrey Van Orden commented:

Geoffrey VAN ORDEN“For the Eurocrats there is always just one answer to crises in the EU – more Europe! Now we see a headlong drive for a fully empowered European Federation, including its own integrated foreign and defence policy – objectives that we have consistently opposed.
“It would be totally unacceptable for Britain’s armed forces to come under the control of Brussels. The whole thrust of the EU’s defence ambitions is detrimental to our national interest, to NATO, and to the close alliances that Britain has with many countries outside the EU – not least the United States, Gulf allies, and many Commonwealth countries.

“In the real world, the EU should have nothing to do with defence. It should focus on restoring financial stability to those countries that were foolish enough to join the Eurozone, and promoting economic growth. It should leave defence matters where they belong – in our national capitals and in inter-governmental organisations such as NATO that do not threaten our sovereign interests.”
“The one shaft of light in Mr Barroso’s otherwise depressing speech was that he saw the need for a new Treaty. This will trigger the convening of an inter-governmental conference, present the opportunity for a reshaped EU with a different relationship for countries such as Britain, and for the British people then to be given a long overdue referendum”.

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