September 30, 2012

"La souveraineté, cela ne se divise pas, ne se partage pas, ne se limite pas"


Maastricht est un échec cuisant. Vingt ans après, comment le contester ? Prise dans l'engrenage infernal dans lequel elle a enfermé la France en 1992, la classe politique française quasi unanime, est prête aujourd'hui à voter la ratification d'un "super-Maastricht ". Souvenons-nous, pourtant, des mises en garde éclairées de Philippe Séguin : "La logique du processus de l'engrenage économique et politique mis au point à Maastricht est celle d'un fédéralisme au rabais fonda­mentalement anti-démocratique, faussement libéral et résolument technocratique, L'Europe qu'on nous propose n'est ni libre, ni juste, ni efficace. Elle enterre la conception de la souveraineté nationale et les grands principes issus de la Révolution : 1992 est littéralement l'anti-1789".

Il faut relire, vingt ans après, ce discours sublime et courageux qui aura peut-être coûté l'Elysée à Philippe Séguin. Alors que le traité de Lisbonne est entré en vigueur le 1er décembre 2009, et que le traité de stabilité et de gouvernance (TSCG) grave dans le marbre l'austérité et l'aliénation de la souveraineté budgétaire à vie, grâce à la collaboration du PS et de l'UMP.

Nous vous proposons donc de réécouter ce lumineux plaidoyer que prononça Philippe Seguin devant l'Assemblée Nationale, le 5 mai 1992 contre l'intégration supranationale :

"Voilà maintenant trente-cinq ans que le traité de Rome a été signé - disait-il - et que d'Acte unique en règlements, de règlements en directives, de directives en jurisprudence, la construction européenne se fait sans les peuples, qu'elle se fait en catimini, dans le secret des cabinets, dans la pénombre des commissions, dans le clair-obscur des cours de justice. Voilà trente-cinq ans que toute une oligarchie d'experts, de juges, de fonctionnaires, de gouvernants prend, au nom des peuples, sans en avoir reçu mandat des décisions dont une formidable conspiration du silence dissimule les enjeux et minimise les conséquences."

Chef de file du "non" aux côtés de Philippe de Villiers et Charles Pasqua, le député-maire d'Epinal s'exprimait ici dans le cadre d'une exception d'irrecevabilité déposée par lui et ses collègues sur le projet de loi constitutionnelle préalable à la ratification du traité de Maastricht. Il faut aujourd'hui le compter au rang des "grands discours républicains", mais aussi, disons-le sans réserve, des grands discours européens prononcés devant le Parlement. Une voix qui va cruellement manquer à la France. Vingt ans après, 64% des Français regrettent ce vote de Maastricht (sondage IFOP/Le Figaro 17 septembre 2012) obtenu de justesse et aux forceps.

Le projet de loi constitutionnelle sera adopté par l'Assemblée nationale le 12 mai 1992 par 398 voix contre 77 et par le Congrès le 23 juin. Mais la ratification du traité sera rejetée par les Danois lors du référendum du 2 juin. En France, le 20 septembre 1992, avec un taux de participation au référendum de 69,69 %, le « oui » l'a emporté avec 51,01 % des suffrages exprimés, sans toutefois atteindre  la majorité des votants.

Discours prononcé par M. Philippe Seguin

5 mai 1992
 (exception d'irrecevabilité en application de l'article 91, alinéa 4, du Règlement)

Transferts de compétences nécessaires à l'établissement de l'Union économique et monétaire européenne  (en vue de l'application du traité de Maastricht)

September 29, 2012

Europe: The Shattering of Illusions

Remarks of the author at the launching of the book in New York City

I know the book is more relevant for European readers but I have a special reason to promote it here as well. The book was written last autumn, immediately after my return from the United States where I had several discussions about European problems, one of them also at the Hudson Institute. These presentations here in America – together with the visible reluctance of Europeans to look at themselves seriously and without prejudice or wishful thinking – motivated me to formulate my position in a more complex way. I decided to write a book about it.

Being in U.N. Headquarters is always a problem for me. They are systematically – ignoring the need for the much heralded energy and CO2 savings – overairconditioning the rooms there and I always become ill. The same happened last September and after returning to Prague I was forced to unwillingly stay in bed with antibiotics for 10 days. After the first two restless hours in bed I started to write the book and you have in your hands the outcome of these ten days. The book was originally published in Prague last December, in Bulgaria in February, in Italyl ast week. The German and Spanish editions will be completed in a couple of weeks.

September 28, 2012

KATYN 2. Russian terrorist attack on Polish President's plane confirmed during autopsy of a victim

Publication time: 27 September 2012, 12:31

A Warsaw newspaper, Gazeta Polska Codziennie(Poland's Daily) reported in its issue of September 27 on new developments around the Russian terrorist attack at Smolensk on 10 April 2010. In a articleentitled Rivet from Tupolev plane in the body of victim of Smolensk disaster (Nit z tupolewa w ciele jednej z ofiar katastrofy smoleńskiej) the newspaper writes:

"Gazeta Polska Codziennie informs that during the autopsy of one of the exhumed bodies of the victims of the Smolensk disaster last week, a fragment of a rivet has been found.

The head of a rivet fell out from the corpse of one of exhumed victims on the autopsy table.
- I had to demand from the prosecutor's office that they enclose this head as evidence to their Smolensk file. They asked me why, but in the end, it was decided to enclose it as evidence, told to the paper Stefan Hambura, a lawyer of the family of the late Anna Walentynowicz, founder of the Solidarity Movement in Communist Poland in 1980s.

Farage: We are now entering the terrifying end game

25/09/2012 10:03 - webmaster

UKIP leader Nigel Farage told King World News, today, that “We are now entering the end game.”  He also cautioned that “We are storing up these huge problems for our children and grandchildren.”

Farage also discussed gold, but first, here is what he had to say about the ongoing crisis:  “What is really happening here is the eurozone crisis is so serious, and so dire, public opinion across Europe is turning so quickly in every country against the project, that what they are trying to do is seal and complete the project before everybody really wakes up to what’s being done in their name.”

Nigel Farage continues: “That’s what they are about.  We are now entering the end game in what has been a 50-year political project.  This is all going to come to a very dramatic head over the course of the next two years...

“The end game for them is to effectively abolish the nation states of Europe, to completely abolish any concept of national democracy, and to vest all power, all the attributes we associate with normal countries, that is all to be vested in this new European political class.

That imperial ambition has been there from the start, but up until now it has been hidden.  I have to say that as far as most of Europe is concerned,  I am quite pessimistic.  Despite the fact that we have these democratic rebellions taking place in the North, in so much of Europe the current status quo has the whip hand and is in control.  For most of Europe they will continue with this insane project, but there are countries that will free themselves from it.
The United Kingdom is in a good position, the Czech Republic may well have the will and the courage to stop it.  Finland may well have the will and the courage to stop it, but I think most of the rest of it is going to carry on down this course of absolute stupidity.”


Britannia Radio

 copied from Nigel Farage website

Nigel Farage spells out the danger of a European Federation, which is the next step to be taken by the EU to strip the nation states of the last vestiges of sovereignty.

Ironically, the notion of a formidable central government gradually strangling the sovereign states is embodied in the current stage of US governance. It strikes me for the first time that, rather than Europe being a warning to America, our current dire state of affairs, with a president who refuses to protect the states from invasion (mass illegal immigration) and even suing a state that dares to protect itself, is a warning to Europeans. 

I plead with my European friends not to allow themselves to be sucked into this maelstrom of deceit. It is a scheme intended to impoverish you by punishing the honest, hard-working peoples for their success. We have been similarly duped and are now seeing our last freedoms ebbing away.

Your Draghi and our Bernanke are working hand in hand using the same tyrannical tactics of wanton money printing and bailouts for their cronies that is diluting the value of our currencies and inflating prices to the extent that the middle class is trending toward extinction.

Since it is obvious that these power control freaks cannot be stopped by conventional "democratic" means or by fighting them under their own rules, eg, though negotiations, I think Catalan had the right idea when it threatened to secede from Spain and leave the EU. 

Likewise, any American states that want to avoid the destruction of the dollar will eventually have to mint their own currency rather than continue to use a debased currency whose value falls precipitously with each passing day.

Far fetched, you say? How far fetched is the current policy--on both sides of the pond--of allowing a small coterie of extravagantly rich and powerful bureaucrats to steal your sovereignty and your savings and give them to their banker and politician cronies?
No, the reality is far fetched. 

The solution is a matter of do or die.


By Nigel Farage

September 27, 2012

USE1: Why a ‘Federation of Nation States’ is a NONSENSE and a FRAUD!


European Commission President Barroso, in his ‘State of the Union’ speech to the European Parliament on 12 September 2012 called for a Federation of Nation States. Was he confused or just badly informed? His proposal was to try to solve the EU’s politician-generated woes, both falling trust in politicians and skyrocketing debt mechanisms mortgaging future generations.

On 18 September Mr Barroso repeated this call for a Federation of Nation States to a German audience of his political party, the EPP. We can say that this silly idea of a  federation was no slip of the tongue. It is a ploy, a distraction.

I call as witness to my case an eminent lawyer, twice prime minister of France, and its longtime foreign minister. Robert Schuman made a lifetime study of democracy before he proposed Europe’s first Community based on supranational principles and universal values. Schuman called such ill-defined, emotional talk of a federation of nation states an illusion. In his May 1949 Strasbourg speech he called for a supranational union and gave cogent reasons why this great scientific experiment in supranationality must succeed. He cited a thousand year history of such unrealistic ideas of federations and concluded they were all ‘a utopia‘. This analysis was made in one of the greatest speeches on European unity of the postwar years.

September 26, 2012

Five Answers for the Washington Times

You are renowned as a “Eurosceptic.” What is it about the European political union that concerns you? Is political and economic union really possible among such a diverse collection of nations?

I don’t like the term “Eurosceptic”, there are only Euro-realists and Euro-naivists in Europe these days and I am certainly not a Euro-naivist.

I live in Europe and care about democracy and sovereignty of nation states there. That is why I wrote the book “Europe: The Shattering of Illusions” to be published by Bloomsbury on September 27. We witness a growing tendency of the EU institutions, especially of the unelected Commission, to make decisions about most of the issues of our lives. I resolutely oppose this development as undemocratic.

The solution to the current problems in Europe does not lie in creating a political union. What we need is a systemic change: of the European integration model on the one hand and of European overregulated and paternalistic social and economic model on the other. I see the solution in the return to intergovernmental cooperation, and in the nation states becoming, again, the basic building block of Europe. They should retain control over all kinds of their policies, including monetary and fiscal ones, because their governments are democratically accountable to their citizens. Europe does not have any demos, there are only citizens of individual EU member states there and that is why any attempts to build a political union in Europe from above have nothing in common with democracy.

Europe seems on the verge of collapse, weighed down by massive debt and crippled by profligate spending policies that only make the crisis worse. What does the EU need to survive, and do the character and will exist to get the job done?

European Union: Is it the end of Internet freedom?

Publication time: Today at 12:12 Emirate time
A Polish online newspaper published an article about the threat to freedom on the Internet coming from the increasingly totalitarian monster called the European Union. The article "Is it the end of Internet freedom? (To koniec wolności w internecie!?)" says:

"The visions of George Orwell in the novel "1984" become more and more real. The European Commission, operating under the banner of a project "Clean Internet", can destroy the last bastion of free speech and independent media.

As a representatives of Polish Information Center Panoptykon points out, the project "Clean Internet" was officially proclaimed by the EC as a tool to fight "cyber-terrorism" (but not the Russian-KGB one because a dog never bites other dogs - KC), but the methods used to achieve the dubious goal are of considerable interest.

The main task of the "Clean Internet" project will be to control everything users are doing on the network, exactly as Orwell forewarned. Several providers already declared their support to the Project in agreeing to filter the content on the Internet". End quote.

September 25, 2012

Allemagne/Russie : alliance eurasiatique !

l'info nationaliste

La rigidité, qui caractérise les rapports que Berlin vient d’instaurer avec l’Europe (suite à la crise grecque), ne correspond nullement au dynamisme dont l’Allemagne fait preuve en se rapprochant de la Chine, de la Russie et de l’Inde, trois Etats qui forment les principaux piliers de soutien de l’ensemble désormais dénommé BRICS. La visite d’Angela Merkel à la Nouvelle Delhi en mai 2011 est venue sceller la collaboration avec l’Inde, surtout dans le domaine de la haute technologie. Les échanges entre l’Allemagne et la Chine en 2011 s’élevaient, en chiffres, à 144 milliards de dollars et seront sans nul doute doublés d’ici 2015, année où on les estime d’ores et déjà à quelque 280 milliards. Ces chiffres permettront à l’Allemagne de se hisser sur le podium des principaux pays exportateurs de biens et de services vers la Chine et de dépasser les Etats-Unis. Berlin resserrera ispso facto ses rapports stratégiques avec la Chine. En avril 2012, le premier ministre chinois Wen Jibao s’est rendu à Wolfsburg, la ville-mère de l’entreprise automobile Volkswagen, dans le but de sceller un accord visant à installer une nouvelle usine Volkswagen dans la région du Xinjiang (le “Turkestan” chinois). Les autorités chinoises prévoient, par cet accord, de diminuer le taux élevé de chômage dans cette province, qui a contribué, dans un premier temps, à alimenter les sentiments centriguges de la population indigène.
Cette intensification des rapports avec la Chine constitue la part intégrante et principale d’un processus qui vise le repositionnement de l’économie allemande en direction des marchés émergeants. Selon un rapport établi par l’“European Council on Foreign Relations”, “l’Allemagne tend désormais à se considérer comme une force crédible dans un monde multipolaire, ce qui alimente son ambition de devenir ‘globale’ en tablant sur ses propres forces” (1).

September 24, 2012

A new Cold War

Editor’s note: Lt. Gen. Ion Mihai Pacepa is the highest-ranking Soviet-bloc official ever to defect to the West. In December 1989, Romanian President Nicolae Ceausescu was executed at the end of a trial whose accusations came almost word-for-word out of Pacepa’s book, “Red Horizons,” subsequently republished in 27 countries.
After President Carter approved his request for political asylum, Pacepa became an American citizen and worked with U.S. intelligence agencies against the former Eastern Bloc. The CIA has praised Pacepa’s cooperation for providing “an important and unique contribution to the United States.” His new book, “Disinformation,” co-authored with professor Ronald Rychlak, will be published by WND Books in 2013.
The view that the latest wave of Muslim outrage worldwide, including the murderous assault on the U.S. embassy in Libya and new threats from Iran, is somehow a “spontaneous” reaction to the low-budget film “Innocence of Muslims,” has been revealed to be political naïveté at best, and ignorant or intentional scapegoating at worst.
After all, even the president of Libya, Yousef El-Magariaf, stated that “no doubt” the attack had been “preplanned,” emphasizing that the terrorists had chosen a “specific date for this so-called demonstration.”

September 23, 2012

Interview of the President of the Czech Republic for The Sunday Telegraph with Bruno Waterfield

The new push for a European Union federation, complete with its own head of state and army, is the "final phase" of the destruction of democracy and the nation state, the president of the Czech Republic has warned.
In an interview with The Sunday Telegraph, Václav Klaus warns that "two-faced" politicians, including the Conservatives, have opened the door to an EU superstate by giving up on democracy, in a flight from accountability and responsibility to their voters.
"We need to think about how to restore our statehood and our sovereignty. That is impossible in a federation. The EU should move in an opposite direction," he said.

KATYN 2. Video posted online confirms Tu-154 blown up by the Russians

Publication time: 22 September 2012, 16:24

A Warsaw newspaper, Wirtualna Polska, reported on new developments around the Russian terrorist attack near Smolensk on 10 April 2010. It specifically says:

"A video that might call into question the official version of the Smolensk disaster has been posted on the Internet. A study was conducted, which is intended to find out what happened to the plane and its passengers if the plane crashes into the ground at a speed of 225 km / h.

An unused Boeing 727 was bought for this. This experiment is similar to the Smolensk crash. There, according to the official version, Tu-154 crashed on the earth. The Russians stripped the design for their Tupolev from Boeing 727.

Brainwashing in America

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Brainwashing in America


by Berit Kjos - 2001

Background information: Reinventing the World, Parts 1 & 2

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"Information is useful only if citizens can put it into a framework of knowledge and use it to solve problems, form values, and make choices. Education for sustainability will help them make individual and collective decisions that both benefit themselves and promote the development of sustainable communities. [It] must involve everyone." [1] President [Clinton]'s Council on Sustainable Development
"...absolute behavior control is imminent.... The critical point of behavior control, in effect, is sneaking up on mankind without his self-conscious realization that a crisis is at hand. Man will... never self-consciously know that it has happened." [2] Raymond Houghton, To Nurture Humaneness, ASCD (curriculum arm of the NEA), 1970

"The Protestant Ethic will atrophy as more and more enjoy varied leisure and guaranteed sustenance.... Most people will tend to be hedonistic..."[3] Behavioral Science Teacher Education Program (B-STEP), Department of Health, Education and Welfare, 1969.

"We were trained in all phases of warfare, both psychological and physical for the destruction of the Capitalistic society and Christian civilization. In one portion of our studies we went thoroughly into the matter of psychopolitics. This was the art of capturing the minds of a nation through brainwashing and fake mental health... During the past few years I have noted with horror the increase of psychopolitical warfare upon the American public." [4] Kenneth Goff, member of the U.S. Communist Party from 1936 to 1939.

September 21, 2012

KATYN 2. Russians replaced dead body, since traces of explosion were on the original one

Publication time: 20 September 2012, 10:13
Polish media reported that the Russians replaced the corpse of 81-year-old founder of the Solidarity trade union in the Gdansk shipyard during the communist era, Anna Walentynowicz.

Earlier, the head of the parliamentary commission investigating the Smolensk tragedy, Antoni Macierewicz, said that the corpse of Mrs. Walentynowicz is important for the investigation because she was sitting in the center of the cabin of the blown-up plane where, according to scientific data from computer simulations, an explosion occurred. So chemicals from explosives must remain on her body.

A popular Warsaw newspaper Super Ekspres writes in its issue of September 20:

The US Elections, Latin America & Cuba

Tradition in Action
La plus belle aventure du monde, c’est la nôtre
- The most beautiful adventure in the world is ours -

A South American Point of View

Destaque Internacional
The upcoming U. S. presidential elections on November 5 are a natural point of interest throughout Latin America and the Caribbean, especially the prison-island Cuba, with regard to the foreign policy of the next US government. Because of the natural influence exerted by the United States in the Americas, the future of Latin American politics depend in good measure on the outcome of the next American presidential election. 

The prospects are worrying. As for President Obama's policy towards Latin America, one has the impression that the U.S. government has been navigating adrift, aimlessly and without a compass, letting itself be carried away by surface currents, and at times by under-currents that are steadily moving the Latin American Continent in a direction that is leftist and divisive.

Obama - Chavez - Obama - DilmaObama's policy is friendship with the socialist Latin American presidents; above, with Chavez and Dilma
Almost without opposition, the socialist-populism of Chavez in Venezuela has spread to other countries in the region, openly encouraging anti-American feelings. And what has President Obama done to counteract it? 

He has only flattered those Latin American presidents who are supposedly "moderate" leftists, presenting them as acceptable alternatives to the more "radical" ones. The most protuberant and disastrous example of Obama's bet on the "useful moderates" had been his support for former Brazilian President Lula, whom he praised in continental forums as a model of a serious statesman and reliable ally. 

September 20, 2012

Berlin Group: EU Needs Army and Super-President

The European Union needs a radical transformation into a superstate, according to proposals laid out by the EU’s most enthusiastic members. The creation of a European army, a single European president and a European border police force were among their most striking recommendations.
Formed at Germany’s behest, the group of foreign ministers from 11 member states met throughout the year and published their conclusions September 17. Calling themselves “the Future of Europe Group,” and sometimes known as the “Berlin club” or “Berlin group,” their suggestions to create a super-president over the whole EU were the subject of the July Trumpet magazine’s cover article.
Their suggestions for strong central government match what EU officials like Herman van Rompuy and Jose Manuel Barroso have been saying in recent weeks, and what the Trumpet has been writing for years.

UK Tories condemn possible plans for 'European army'

By Martin Banks - 20th September 2012

 This is an accelerated and dangerous push towards creation of a European Federal state
Geoffrey van Orden
Some MEPs have condemned new proposals to create an EU foreign ministry and defence force.

A 'hard core' of 11 European foreign ministers is pushing for intensive EU integration, including moves towards a European army.

This emerged in a policy paper drawn up by nine member states, including France, Germany, Spain, Italy and Poland.

It calls for wholesale reorganisation of external and security policies to create an all-powerful foreign ministry, run on majority voting.

The report is said to envisage a European army and single market for pooled EU defence industries.

In their "Final report of the future of Europe group", released earlier this week, the nine member states call for an EU seat in international organisations, such as the UN and a reinforced EU defence policy that "could eventually involve a European army".

They said they want an end to the national veto in the areas of foreign and defence policy and in changes to European treaties.

However, the plans have met with fierce resistance from some MEPs, including ECR members Charles Tannock and Geoffrey van Orden.

Tannock described the scheme as "unwanted, unwarranted and unlikely to prevail. This plays into the hands of the hard-line Eurosceptics who have been predicting this type of move for years.

"There is no evidence that this is something the people of Europe desire and it appears as a political elitist top down project which will end in tears.

"There is no support for such a move in the UK by the public or the government, which would result in a veto and a referendum which would almost undoubtedly reject it."

Van Orden, his party's defence spokesman in parliament, said, "This is an accelerated and dangerous push towards creation of a European federal state which none of our people want.

"This hard core group confirms its view of the euro as 'the most powerful symbol of European integration' and seeks to force the pace of European economic governance."

KATYN 2. America scared to reveal truth about Katyn 2 because it does not want war with Russia

Publication time: 17 September 2012, 23:17
A Polish journalist Henryk Urban published on the Forum of Independent Polish journalists Salon 24 an article condemning the Americans for hiding truth about Putin's terrorist attack at Smolensk, and the war between the West and Islam.

Mr. Urban is known in Poland as an active member of Solidarity since 1980, the moderator of the Union of Catholic youth and a member of political council of the main Polish opposition Party Law and Justice.

In an article entitled "70 years to wait for Smolensk, as in case Katyn? (Czy na Smoleńsk też będziemy czekali 70 lat, jak na Katyń?)", he wrote in particular:

"Recently, declassified American documents on the Katyn Massacre deprived many fans of illusions about Western democracy, debunked the idea of ​​freedom, equality, and fraternity,which were developed since the Enlightenment.

There should be no fraternizing with the murderers. The murderers (i.e. the Russian - KC) should be called murderers and isolated from the free world.

Modern technologies allow collecting evidence that serves as a solid proof exposing Putin. Only the Americans are able to refute the Russian Smolensk lie.

September 19, 2012

CIA "Millennium Hilton" Program

Mikhail Kryzhanovsky - 9/18/2012

Mike Rogers, Chairman
U.S. House Committee on Intelligence
133 Cannon House Office Building
Washington, DC 20515
September 3, 2012

Dear Mr. Rogers,

On June 29, 2012 I've contacted Inspector General of the Intelligence Community, Washington, DC 20511, 703-482-130 on CIA "Millenium Hilton" top secret program. William Shea from the Office answered: " I still see no proof of any connection to the CIA, and you have not explained how the CIA is effecting your life at this time. What is happening to you that you want to have stopped?" On June 30, 2012 same William Shea sent me e-mail:"CIA told me that "Filament" doesn't exist".

I want to inform you, Mr. Rogers that I do exist and I am the part of CIA/FBI/U.S. Secret Service program which I call "Millenium Hilton", hotel where CIA agents recruit and work with the members of this program and where I was recruited on September 1, 1995 as a joint CIA and FBI National Security Division project".

The purpose of this program is to secure CIA, FBI and U.S. Secret Service self-preservation. That's why they control the White House and the U.S. Congress and kill politicians if needed. They assassinated President John Kennedy on November 22, 1963 who wanted to terminate CIA. There was no "huge conspiracy - there was a "passive sabotage" operation. CIA Director John McCone, FBI Director Edgar Hoover and Secret Service Director James Rowley made a deal not to touch Lee Harvey Oswald until operation is over. On June 5, 1968 they killed Robert Kennedy who promised, in case he was elected the U.S. President, full investigation into his brother's murder, on July 16, 1999 they killed John Kennedy who said once that his father's death investigation was the most important thing of his life. Before that, on August 31, 1997 they killed Princess Diana who had confidential meetings with John Kennedy Jr. and helped him in his investigation.

September 17, 2012

Trivial Causes


With economic troubles come political troubles, and military troubles. While the U.S. government has strongly signaled its determination to eschew a preemptive strike on Iran’s nuclear facilities, the Israeli government continues to argue in favor of a strike. Some believe that Israel will bomb Iran – with or without America – in the next ten weeks.  In the event of such an attack, Tehran is promising to retaliate against America’s bases in the Middle East. This would enlarge the war, making it a regional conflict that could involve Iran’s neighbors. Oil production would undoubtedly be disrupted for a period of days, weeks or months. Anticipating a general war in the Persian Gulf, Moscow is increasing its military strength in Armenia and Dagestan, perhaps even contemplating an invasion of Georgia.

Europe’s Historic New Reality!

Germany’s Constitutional Court yielded to the will of European Central Bank chief Mario Draghi when it gave its verdict on Germany’s ratification of the European Stability Mechanism and fiscal compact on September 12 in Karlsruhe, Germany. (Matthias Hangst/Getty Images)
Germany’s Constitutional Court yielded to the will of European Central Bank chief Mario Draghi when it gave its verdict on Germany’s ratification of the European Stability Mechanism and fiscal compact on September 12 in Karlsruhe, Germany.
(Matthias Hangst/Getty Images)

September 17, 2012  •  From

Few commentators picked it. Yet last week a totally new reality struck home in Europe

Up till last week, one power had demonstrated its ability to trump all in Europe—Germany’s Constitutional Court.

Last week, all that changed—powerfully!

One of Europe’s newest institutions, and certainly one of its newest technocrats, proved their power to trump the Karlsruhe-based German Constitutional Court. The European Central Bank (ecb), under its president Mario Draghi, spiked the guns of that once proud institution.

By publicizing his decision to buy the government bonds of ailing eurozone countries in advance of the German court’s ruling on the legality of the European Security Mechanism, Draghi successfully and most triumphantly ensured the ecb’s assumption of the position of Europe’s most powerful institution.
Then, when challenged by Germany’s gainsayers, he promptly faced them down by offering to instruct the German Bundestag in the finer points of his plan: “The head of the European Central Bank (ecb), Mario Draghi, threw down the gauntlet to German critics of his plan to buy the government bonds of ailing eurozone countries yesterday by suggesting they should invite him to justify his decision in person before M.P.s in the Berlin parliament” (Independent, September 15).

September 16, 2012

Britain should seize this chance to strike a new deal with Europe

After 20 years of hurt, the euro crisis is an opportunity to change the relationship for good

Opportunity: John Major, who chose to keep Britain out of the eurozone, says the single-currency crisis gives this country a chance to redefine its relationship with Europe
Opportunity: John Major, who chose to keep Britain out of the eurozone, says the single-currency crisis gives this country a chance to redefine its relationship with Europe Photo: PA

Conservatives oppose Barroso’s ambition for an EU Defence Union

Strasbourg, 12th September 2012

Addressing the European Parliament in his ‘State of the Union’ speech today (12 September), Commission President Barroso called for EU collective Defence Planning and “a political Union with a coherent foreign and defence policy” as he set out his stall for creation of an EU “Federation”.
Conservative Defence Spokesman Geoffrey Van Orden commented:

Geoffrey VAN ORDEN“For the Eurocrats there is always just one answer to crises in the EU – more Europe! Now we see a headlong drive for a fully empowered European Federation, including its own integrated foreign and defence policy – objectives that we have consistently opposed.
“It would be totally unacceptable for Britain’s armed forces to come under the control of Brussels. The whole thrust of the EU’s defence ambitions is detrimental to our national interest, to NATO, and to the close alliances that Britain has with many countries outside the EU – not least the United States, Gulf allies, and many Commonwealth countries.

“In the real world, the EU should have nothing to do with defence. It should focus on restoring financial stability to those countries that were foolish enough to join the Eurozone, and promoting economic growth. It should leave defence matters where they belong – in our national capitals and in inter-governmental organisations such as NATO that do not threaten our sovereign interests.”
“The one shaft of light in Mr Barroso’s otherwise depressing speech was that he saw the need for a new Treaty. This will trigger the convening of an inter-governmental conference, present the opportunity for a reshaped EU with a different relationship for countries such as Britain, and for the British people then to be given a long overdue referendum”.

September 15, 2012

Europe’s Precisely
 Engineered Disaster

It looks like chaos, but actually, everything is unfolding according to plan.

Are you watching Europe? Imploding national economies seem to be threatening the entire project of European Union and sending shock waves through financial markets around the globe. This is a moment of extreme significance—for the future of not only Europe but all of us. What is happening? Where is it leading? Such questions are on the lips of observers everywhere.
To the layman, Europe is in the midst of cataclysmic change. Yet the longtime student of European affairs understands that this crisis was both premeditated and planned.
Two principal actors are behind it, and these two will shape the Continent’s future. The first is Germany. This is already patently obvious to anyone watching events there.
The second, believe it or not, is the Vatican.
The Patient Engineers
The European Union is not a product of the people. It is the masterpiece of certain Franco-German Catholic elites. It was built by treaty, without any say in the process by the national electorates. The common people of Europe have had no voice in either accepting or rejecting the acquis communautaire, its main body of regulations. The sheer size of that document, said to currently exceed 100,000 pages, is beyond the capability of any person to absorb.
That is the way of EU elites. So much for democracy—this is a technocracy. Its agenda is pursued not by elected representatives but by unelected technocrats based at its headquarters in Brussels-Berlin—administrators who were appointed to the mushrooming EU bureaucracy for a specific purpose: to ensure that the imperialist vision of Franco-German elites reaches fruition.

September 14, 2012

The Scariest Iran War Scenario Ever

Terminus of orbis terrarium ut not teneo is

by John Galt
September 12, 2012 23:00 ET

The following scenario is an unforeseen theoretical outcome for what could happen should Israel attack Iran; and in this writer’s opinion the most terrifying outcome for world peace and the United States of America I could ever imagine. I feel this particular scenario must be put into consideration as the prophetic and geopolitical implications of such an outcome would change how all of us live the remainder of our lives out in this country.

No matter how short our lives may be.

The United States is currently ruled by a corrupt regime aligned with an amalgamation of globalist financiers, anti-American technocrats, and Islamist sympathizers. This Trifecta of Evil has put the danger of the Constitution being abdicated for practical considerations first and foremost into the daily decision making process up to and including the abandonment of traditional allies in favor or radical agendas designed to accelerate the destruction of this Republic.

The New Entente Cordiale

The New Entente Cordiale

(Own report) - Government advisors in Berlin are demanding a rapid expansion of German-French cooperation in the military and arms industry sectors, to prevent the creation of a Paris-London Axis. In Germany, the French and British efforts, initiated in 2010 to reinforce the bonds between their military forces and their arms industries, have long been dangerously underestimated, according to a recent analysis published by the German Council on Foreign Relations (DGAP). "A new Entente Cordiale," spanning the English Channel, is being created, which will undercut German efforts to set up an EU army and thwart the organization of a unified European arms industry. The DGAP's choice of calling it an "Entente Cordiale" refers to the Franco-British alliance of 1904, as the German Reich's power was growing menacingly. It was formed to synchronize the two countries' global interests and forge a common defense in Europe against the expansion of German domination. The awareness that European policy is essentially being dictated by Berlin has led to this new Franco-British alliance.
Allied Rivals
As was recalled in a recent analysis published by the German Council on Foreign Relations (DGAP) the Federal Republic of Germany and France had, for decades, been considered "to be the closest allies in Europe, even in their security and defense policies." Bonn and Paris had successfully "established a unique network of links in military cooperation," including the German-French Brigade or even the Franco-German École Tigre, training the Tigre combat helicopter pilots of the two countries. The German-French EADS company cooperation project, founded as exemplary in July 2000, is "today, Europe's largest aircraft and space enterprise," emphasizes the DGAP.[1] However, the analysis does not mention the persisting German-French rivalry being carried out inside EADS, as well as in other sectors of the European arms industry. Paris has had to cede to Berlin with growing regularity.[2] This is not only the case in the arms industry, but also in questions of the EU's intervention policies.[3]

September 13, 2012

Putin – the Faceless Apparatchik

Masha Gessen ends her book about Putin* with an Epilogue, which consists of her diary entries covering a “week in December”. It wasn’t just any week but the week from the 3rd to the 10th December 2011, the week of The Snow Revolution in Moscow. This was the time when, almost in spite of herself, she experienced the restoration of her faith in Russian democracy. It was a time of volatile emotions for Gessen, as high hopes were mingled with fears. She worried at first that the “brewing revolution had no unifying symbol, no slogan” only to rejoice when someone coined the phrase the “snow revolution”. She fretted when a demonstration was moved from “the fabulously named Revolution Square” to a place called Bolotnaya (Swampy) Square… She applauded every good joke told during manifestations, and celebrated that “the goons who were spouting propaganda” from tv screens “started speaking a human language” but then she suddenly remembered that the same journalists sounded human about 12 years earlier, before they became Putin’s goons.
The choice of this blog-like diary for the ending of a book about Putin ought to be surprising but isn’t really, because the most lively part of her book concerns the Nineties, the Yeltsin era of “democracy” and that week in December left her hoping for more of the same. Gessen leaves us in no doubt as to why she found the Yeltsin period of her life the most satisfying. She states verbatim “I gained everything in the 1990s”. All the active participants in the momentous events of the early Nineties she describes as “brilliant”, every businessman had a Ph.D., every politician was an “activist” (and more often than not had a Ph.D. to boot). I was reading these parts of the book – book about Putin, lest we forget – having an unmistakeable feeling of déjà vu: we’ve seen it all before, we lived through the same excitement, the same passion, the same ultra-democratic idiocy which left one on the verge of ecstasy. The year was 1980 and the place was Poland. We too felt we had to re-invent democracy from scratch; we too thought we carried a righteous struggle against evil; we too hoped and believed and misplaced those hopes in people who were not worthy. We weren’t the first ones either. Before us people went through the same process in Czechoslovakia in 1968 and in Hungary in 1956, the process of almost spiritual intensity, of intellectual renewal, the exciting feeling that everything around is in the state of perpetual ferment. And just like Masha Gessen, we could not accept that our authentic and spontaneous reactions were cynically manipulated. The paradox of this situation is obvious: the more authentic and spontaneous were the manipulated masses the better the outcome for the manipulator.

September 11, 2012


German Foreign Policy Instiute worried about Paris London axis.

Dateline: 11th September 2012

Those who have been following the Freenations website for many years will perhaps recall the article comparing Europe and German expansionism in 1904 with similar moves evident in So many parallels between the pre First World war and 2004 were evident, particularly in the Balkans, that even the dozy British Foreign Office, awakening at last in the early 21st century, have been moved to cooperate with Paris to check the German advance! Those threats are well documented in my books Europe's Full Circle and Fascist Europe Rising (available through this website see Publications) and recent comments from German and Austrian politicians have hardly lessened the threatening tone: