August 29, 2012

The EUSSR – produces nothing but claims everything

I have made it a point so far not to make any comments about the London 2012 Olympic Games so far. I have regarded the many displays by cock a hoop and mad politicians as just another step in a well worn historical path taken by so many rising totalitarian fascist states.
There is no doubt in my mind that Britain in 2012 perfectly fits the definition of fascism given by Mussolini in 1932 as the merger of the State and the Corporation.
If that were not bad enough, the EU, that thoroughly modern melding of fascism with communism, reverts to type with its latest ploy direct from the script books of the Berlin Reichstag and Soviet Politburo, namely that through the hard work of the peasants the State may produce nothing but should lay claim to everything.
THE European Union has tried to claim Britain’s entire Olympics medal haul for itself.

Berlin-based Euro Informationen, which works for the European Commission and European Parliament, developed an Olympic medal table which declares the ‘European Union’ as the top nation.
On the agency’s website, it combines the 27 members of the EU into one, meaning that – with 306 medals – it is placed above both the USA and China.
This is not the first time the EU has attempted to lay claim to Britain’s medals. The European Parliament’s office in London triumphantly tweeted on August 13 about the EU’s haul of 92 gold medals, and before the London Olympics began, the EU’s delegation in Washington published a newsletter with articles entitled Europe: A Sporting Powerhouse and Europe: The Cradle of the Olympic Movement.
In other words the EU takes the work, history and culture of others and claims it for itself, it produces nothing but claims everything. I feel desperately sorry for those who promote the EU and everything it stands for.
With regards to the London 2012 games I will say this. Despite the pressures and politics laid on them by the British Government, the IOC, the EU and the multi national corporations the hundreds of individuals who participated in the games have my admiration. I applaud them for the hard work, the dedication and the fierce competition that they, and they alone brought to the games.
However, on the rare occasions when the EU does create something, it is quickly denied as in this example.
Take a look at the ECB’s latest paper on Short Term European Paper(STEP) – bond debt to you and me.
Euro STEP debt, as of three days ago, accounted for 80% of the global total 

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