August 31, 2012

Ominous warning from V

As western banking has fallen and the continued sinking of the Anglo American financial slave system is being played out in what I call plebian theater with characters the likes of Soros and Rothschild begin to make public declarations on the fall of a currency (Euro) that they have months ago moved out of. I thought it was prudent for me to outlay the post collapse world that many of you will emerge in.

First and foremost cash is dead. The new means of exchange will be all digital. As I write this the framework and outlays are already in place that will have all digital transfers/transactions occurring on the highest speed data networks. This will be supported by the new smart chipped credit and debit cards as well as those smartphones that many of you are fond of. The smartphone payment system will be called NFC (Near Field Communication). These systems will conjugate into a thorough algorithmic predictable digital database that will allow the banks, corporations and governments to have a clear understanding of who you are. In the monetary world you are what you BUY us bankers can tell the very person and character you are by the very things you purchase. This means it will not simply be your credit score that a bank will look at before giving you a loan. How about a character score to see if your an enemy of the state? Or responsibility quotient to see if your a frivolous spender? The smartcard/NFC system will coincide with internet ID that we are working on as well. Meaning you will not be able to get online without identifying yourself, your web logons will be tracked and will be looked at along side your purchases, all digitally controlled and maintained.

I fear that this system that is already birthing out before us will eventually evolve into some sort of implantable chip. You see these are all moves for the sake of ubiquitous computing and what transhumists and futurists call singularity. These two movements or fields of thought are funded and fueled by the eltes of banking. Your freedoms will be conditional and your privacy non existent. Long ago you Americans and much of the western populations have become the human collateral and as your economies are being killed off by design you will emerge as the new serfs on the new plantation we call Earth.

There are no further warnings that I can give any of you that I have not said already. If you still have money on paper your a fool of fools. If your still sitting around wondering the "if" and not preparing for the "WHEN" then you are a bigger fool. What more signs can you seek? The accounts are be swept, metals are being suppressed even at $1650 plus, war is in the air, your country is about to declare martial law, many of the elites have left or have emergency relocation plans already activated. I myself am hunkered down. Prepare, if you have read my alerts from the beginning you will see a clear progression of events that is playing out right before your eyes. You would see the handwriting on the wall that Steve Quayle has been warning you about for years. Now I too am warning YOU.

Ignore the main stream media, ignore the talking head pundits, do not listen to those who say all is well and the markets will come back. We HAVE entered into the final phase before collapse the only sign to watch is the final financial solution. The only thing you can do is prepare, watch and wait. I promise you it won't be long now.

Aug 31, 2012

August 30, 2012

L’Euro, contre la France, contre l’Europe

L’euro nouveau est arrivé ou presque et il doit sembler déjà dépassé pour nos avant-gardistes qui pensent déjà au mundo, juste avant l’universo qui remplaceront l’euro ringard. Tout ceci pour devancer le matraquage médiatique auquel nous avons eu droit sur cette nouvelle donne. On assista à la jonction entre la droite libérale représentée par l’homme à la cervelle d’or :
Valéry Giscard d’Estaing, la gauche sociale-démocrate européiste anti-nationale de Jacques Delors (qui a déjà la physique de l’Européen de demain) et l’apatride d’extrême gauche internationaliste : Con-Bandit reconverti en autorité morale de l’Europe maastrichtchienne.
Depuis longtemps la droite libérale joue l’Europe et selon la formule bien connue « plutôt Hitler que Léon Blum » ceci donne maintenant « plutôt Maastricht que la gauche française », libéraux toujours prêts à trahir et vendre leur pays la main dans la main avec les sociaux-démocrates opposés à leur gauche radicale.
La France va bien sûr perdre une immense partie de sa souveraineté et ce n’est pas rien et il n’est pas évident que dans ce grand saut dans l’inconnu elle y gagne économiquement. Tout laisse même à penser le contraire.

European Conservatives in Tampa


European conservatives will sponsor an event at the Republican National Convention in Tampa entitled “Hey America — Don’t take this road.” RSVP here (limited seating). The conservatives are affiliated with the Alliance of European Conservatives and Reformists (AECR) a center-right political group that includes the British Conservative party, the Czech Civic Democrats, and the Polish Law and Justice party among others.

The speakers at the AECR event in Tampa (including British MEP Daniel Hannan and Czech MEP Jan Zahradil) are self-described Reagan-Thatcherites. The overall thrust of the AECR is pro-American, pro-NATO, pro-free-market, pro-free-trade, pro-Israel, and pro-national-democratic sovereignty. Our European friends will probably convey two messages. The first message, that America should “not take the road” of European social democracy, has already been internalized by most Republicans.

August 29, 2012

The EUSSR – produces nothing but claims everything

I have made it a point so far not to make any comments about the London 2012 Olympic Games so far. I have regarded the many displays by cock a hoop and mad politicians as just another step in a well worn historical path taken by so many rising totalitarian fascist states.
There is no doubt in my mind that Britain in 2012 perfectly fits the definition of fascism given by Mussolini in 1932 as the merger of the State and the Corporation.
If that were not bad enough, the EU, that thoroughly modern melding of fascism with communism, reverts to type with its latest ploy direct from the script books of the Berlin Reichstag and Soviet Politburo, namely that through the hard work of the peasants the State may produce nothing but should lay claim to everything.
THE European Union has tried to claim Britain’s entire Olympics medal haul for itself.

A sad farewell to the U.S. Constitution

Exclusive: Christopher Monckton of Brenchley calls GOP treasonous for eligibility inaction

The U.S. Constitution was a magnificent document. In that long, hot Philadelphia summer, your Founding Fathers thoughtfully debated the instrument of your freedom – a document that inspires all of us who no longer live in the knowledge that the only people who can impose laws or taxes upon us are those whom we have elected.

In today’s Europe, we are ruled by faceless Kommissars elected by none, accountable to none, removable by none. By contrast, the United States is still, in Walt Whitman’s memorable phrase, “the athletic democracy.” Or, rather, it was.

August 27, 2012

Eastern Europe’s Market System and the Changes of 1989


Eurocrash: Merkel's treaty plans take shape


Richard North, 26/08/2012   225

Spiegel 437-ued.jpg

Quite remarkably – or perhaps not – news of the Samaras/Hollande meeting in Paris yesterday has all but disappeared and, most tellingly, could hardly be found in the French press at all. And for Spiegel, last night the big story was Merkel calling for a new treaty.

Actually, that's not quite true. She was calling for "more Europe" in early June and, after the interim report of the Future Group came out openly at the end of that month supporting the idea of a United States of Europe, giving more power to Brussels.

Now, Merkel is beginning to set out a "concrete shape" to the plan and it looks as if she is going for the full Monti. She want the European Council in December to decide on setting up a convention with the task of "preparing a new legal basis for the EU". This will extend the fiscal pact to a full political union.

Spiegel does note, however, that many member countries reject the idea "vehemently" and, even if the Future Group ten were in general accord, Ireland is in opposition because it does not want to risk a referendum. Even compliant Poland is dubious because it sees little chance of agreement among the 27 EU members.

One has to recall, though, the Asmussen view, where the EU splits into a politically integrated core comprising the rump eurozone, with an outer ring of states, including the United Kingdom.

This, most likely, is the shape of the new European Union, with discussions to make it happen starting in earnest next year. It is one that can readily accommodate Greece on the periphery - which can be bought off with a new "Marshall Plan" - and eventually Spain and Ireland. Italy, as a member of the original Six, would remain in the core group.

Such a scenario is not without its challenge for the UK, which would see itself "relegated" to peripheral status. It would be unable to meet the entry requirement to the core, which would demand that all members were part of the single currency.

Most likely, this would be seen as advantageous to the likes of Cameron. It would defuse the pressure to leave the EU, as the new status would undoubtedly be sold as membership of a "trading agreement plus" – following the appearance of a renegotiation. That would satisfy the ambitions of the Tory europlastics, without actually making a clean break.

Any such arrangement would almost certainly require a British referendum. But, since a convention might take two years (or more), and the treaty negotiations another year, that gets Cameron past the general election with the "Europe" issue parked, and the "outers" completely marginalised.

Whether the Merkel plan has any chance of fruition is anyone's guess, and much will depend on the German people themselves, who will also have to be consulted. But it is a stratagem that can accommodate the loss of some members from the eurozone without fatally damaging the EU.

Most of all, it buys time and that, all along, had been the strategy of the "colleagues", which to date has worked remarkable well. With so many predicting the demise of the euro (not least this blog), the construct has confounded its critics with its resilience.

On past form, therefore, one can surmise that those hoping for a quick resolution are going to be seriously disappointed. We are in for the long haul. 


August 26, 2012

The imperial police of the "new" RSA open fire on miners - August 16, 2012

On August 6, 2012, in Rustenburg, 118 km west of Pretoria, the imperial police of the “new” Republic of South Africa (RSA) opened fire on striking miners. Video of the incident shows violent bursts of bullets, and many men were shot, wounded and killed. BBC news speaks about 34 dead.

This it is the “new” South Africa, the Empire that international capitalism, from the beginning of the 90s, given to black communist forces of southern Africa to run it.

The capitalist-communist regime is at work and the Imperial Police shot and killed. As killed in Sharpeville in 1960. Then there was talk of racial hatred to fuel communism, so: the false alternative that capitalism proposes to consolidate and expand itself. Today, in the so-called “rainbow nation” of “Papa Madiba” (nickname of the former Communist terrorist Nelson Mandela) is a bit more difficult, and the only allowed racism is that “politically correct”, so: against whites.

The repression of the imperial forces didn’t start today, or in 1994, or in 1948, but when this empire was created in 1902, when international capitalism, through British military force, put an end to the free Boer Republics, to rob them of the mineral resources that had been discovered in their lands. The Boers were the first victims.

The imperial repression shed Boer blood in his death camps; during the Boer Rebellion of 1914; during the Rand Revolt of 1922, when it opened fire on the white miners. The forces of the Empire persecuted and imprisoned the Boers of the Ossewabrandwag (OB), in the 40s, as well as the policemen of the (“old”) RSA persecuted the Boers of the Afrikaner Weerstandsbeweging (AWB)during the 90s (some of which were even brutally tortured in prison, as in the case of Phil Kloppers, reduced in a wheelchair).

Today, this imperial repression, continues in the “new” RSA, that imprisons, condemns and tortures the Boer nationalists.

The imperial repression isn’t racist, because it strikes without distinction all volk of southern Africa. The Empire has maintained its unity upsetting the whole area demographically, importing cheap labour, and promoting false nationalisms and ideologies that serve this purpose: various forms of white nationalism, black nationalism, and communism.

Southern Africa must be taken out of the hands of the capitalism-communism, and returned to all volk that historically inhabit it. One of these volk is white, and African: the Boer volk.

Why the elite wants to obliterate borders

Politicians present their sniffiness about national sovereignty as something progressive and liberal. It is anything but.

UK foreign secretary William Hague, in threatening recently to storm the Ecuadorian embassy in London and arrest Julian Assange, displays the same degree of contempt for national sovereignty that Western nations have shown repeatedly since the end of the Cold War. The examples of this contempt are legion, from invading countries to bring about regime change, to the unelected officials of the Troika (the European Commission, European Central Bank and the IMF) lecturing and threatening Greece into sacrificing itself on the altar of the interests of the European Union. And in each case, the core principles of national self-determination and of democratic sovereignty, once championed by Woodrow Wilson and Lenin alike, are more likely today to be attacked as the fig leaves of dictators.

August 25, 2012

Putin Replaced by Politburo?

Friday, August 24, 2012 by Staff Report -

Experts: a new Politburo to lead Russia .... According to the report of a leading Russian think tank, the 'tandem' structure no longer exists. In its place, a group of eight people representing different interests and the balance of which is the guarantor of President Putin. The system of power that governs Russia today is a "conglomerate of groups and clans that compete for the resources of the country"; it resembles a sort of a "Politburo", consisting of about eight people governed by the president, Vladimir Putin. This is the conclusion of the report by the authoritative think tank Minchenko Consulting Group. Released on 21 August, the document states the "tandem" Putin-Medvedev mechanism that characterized the last eight years of the country's political life is "buried", and reveals the exit strategy of power in the event of a serious political crisis. – Moscow (AsiaNews)

Dominant Social Theme: Alone, he stands up to the West, this courageous Russian bear.

Free-Market Analysis: In a recent article we pointed out that we had a lot of trouble with the weird idea now popular in alternative media circles that Vladimir Putin is some sort heroic figure standing up to the West's central banking power elite.

We focused on how Putin had enriched himself by some US$50 billion supposedly during his term in office and how despite his tough talk on Libya, he had not ultimately interfered with the invasion and rape of that country.

August 24, 2012

The Death of Anglo-American Banking

With New York and London disgraced, where will the next center of global finance be? 

There is a single number at the heart and core of the world’s financial system. This number sets the interest rate for a whopping $800 trillion of financial products, including your car loan, your adjustable-rate mortgage, the student loans you are still paying off, your credit card, any personal loans you have, and even your savings account at the bank. And even though you probably don’t deal with hundreds of trillions’ worth of complex financial instruments, like swaps and futures, they too are linked to this number, and they affect you.
The number is called LIBOR, the London Interbank Offered Rate.
And apparently it’s rigged.
That’s right. The world’s largest banks and financial institutions stand accused of colluding to manipulate the most important benchmark in global finance. Some have already admitted to it. And if regulators allow lawsuits to proceed, and if banks are proven in court to have manipulated LIBOR rates, the financial consequences will be massive.
More importantly, the damage to confidence in the English-speaking world’s financial system will be catastrophic.
And what will happen if this crisis obliterates the great financial institutions of Britain and America? Who will the world look to next?
Unparalleled Corruption
The good news—if you can call it that—is that so far, only British bank Barclays has actually admitted to fixing the LIBOR rate.
The bad news is that British regulators seem to be trying to dodge the scandal. As punishment, authorities fined Barclays $455 million—not too tough for an organization whose pre-tax profits last year were more than $9 billion. Barclays’ stock price plunged and its CEO resigned, but so far, no one has been prosecuted or gone to jail.

August 20, 2012

Fate of the Euro


BY JR NYQUIST08/20/2012

Europe’s long-term bailout measures for Spain and Greece depend on German ratification. After the German legislature gave final approval to the European Stability Mechanism (ESM) for establishing a European bailout fund, the German Federal Constitutional Court said it would rule whether the ESM compromises German sovereignty. The German high court will decide whether to impose a temporary injunction against the ESM on Sept. 12. How long will the injunction last? Supposedly, a final court decision could take several months.
The plaintiffs in the case argue that a $610 billion bailout plan effectively negates German budget sovereignty. Strictly speaking, such a measure is unlikely to be constitutional. German voters would be locked into a situation without remedy. Some portion of their money would go to other countries, at the discretion of the ESM. Germany would then be Europe’s cow, giving milk whenever needed. And a cow has no sovereignty.

August 19, 2012

Exclusif . Côte d'Ivoire : Ces documents qui accablent la France

Africa Libré

Des câbles issus des services de renseignements et de la diplomatie française ont été publiés exclusivement aujourd'hui par Inner City Press sur son site Internet ( Ces documents mettent à nu les manigances ombrageuses de la France, dans la crise ivoirienne de sa naissance à nos jours.
Cela passe par la manipulation de L’ONU et la communauté internationale à travers des rapports éhontés sur le dispositif militaire ivoirien, l’organisation de la rébellion et la stigmatisation des leaders jeunes déterminés à s’affranchir désormais de la colonisation.
Dans le premier document, le général de division Elrick IRASTORZA de la Force Licorne écrit au Représentant spécial du Secrétaire général de l'Onu en charge de l’ONUCI pour attirer son attention sur le suivi des armes et munitions de l’armée régulière ivoirienne, en laissant transparaitre que cette armée détient des munitions à forte capacité destructrices du fait d’un manque de contrôle à l’aéroport d’Abidjan. Curieusement, il ressort plus récemment, que c’est la France est accusée de violer l'embargo sur les armes en fournissant des armes aux forces rebelles d’Alassane Ouattara.
Le second document étale la parfaite connaissance française de la rébellion conduite dirigée par Guillaume SORO ainsi que son organisation, ses sources financières et ses abus.

The Strange Message in the 2012 Olympics Opening

Tradition in Action
La plus belle aventure du monde, c’est la nôtre
- The most beautiful adventure in the world is ours -

Margaret C. Galitzin

The Opening Ceremony of the 2012 London Olympics was too long, too strange and too occult. These are the main criticisms I have heard. The three hour extravaganza that played out before a crowd of 80,000 on July 17 was indeed long and strange. By the time it reached the power blast of fireworks and emotion at the end, the $40 million production seemed more like a Woodstock, with a rock and love feast spirit winning out over the traditional pomp and circumstance.

Dancers Olympics opening ceremony

Dancers pay homage to a setting sun
British producer Danny Boyle, who composed the show, proved himself a master of agiprop - a new term derived from agitationand propaganda that conceives stage plays with ideological messages.

As for the agitation, in fact, it was very agitated and chaotic with the 10,000 volunteer workers always rushing about pulling apart or rebuilding scenarios on the field. This frenzied tone was magnified by the pulsating rock music and dizzying flashes of screen images in the stadium. The new generation is accustomed to that pace, but 40 years ago it would have disgruntled any audience.

August 17, 2012

Expert: EU Strengthens Germany’s Global Power

Posted by Ron Fraser at 3:01 pm on August 16, 2012
A German think tank exposes the real purpose of the European Union.

This magazine has long maintained that the European Union is but a cloak for the promotion of Germany’s drive for world power. That claim is underwritten by an expert on the process, as revealed in a recent release from
We reproduce here our own translation of a summary of these findings published August 15 under the heading “Requisites for German World Power”:
BERLIN (own report)—The stabilization of the crisis-shaken EU is an “indispensable condition” for German world political power, an expert has judged in a present analysis on the long-term tendency of Berlin’s foreign policy.

Accordingly the Bundesrepublik has been able to strengthen its global position since 1990, in a far different fashion from the times of historic confrontation, since it is now independent from the United States military-politically and can count on a close cooperation with Russia.

Finally, with its new “Shaping Power Concept,” it has even opened up an option to an independent worldwide power politic.

Even so, Germany’s position depends “essentially” on the success of the EU. Actually this is already happening through the by-far-greater power methods over which the EU, by comparison with Germany, is in charge. The author of the analysis observes that the benefits of the EU for Germany are all the greater since Berlin has succeeded via the euro crisis to soar—contrary to France and Great Britain—to an undisputed hegemonic power within the EU.
We will publish a more detailed analysis of this latest report from German Foreign Policy as soon as a full translation is to hand.
In the meantime, our publication He Was Right! would make a timely read in relation to this latest revelation from Berlin.

August 15, 2012

Les techniques secrètes pour contrôler les forums et l’opinion publique

Les techniques secrètes pour contrôler les forums et l’opinion publique
Attention, c'est du lourd !
Le 12 juillet dernier, le site Cryptome, sorte d'ancêtre à Wikileaks, qui publie des documents que les gouvernements et les sociétés n'aimeraient pas voir sur le net, a mis en ligne le témoignage et les explications techniques d'un ex-agent de Cointelpro. Cointelpro est une organisation US liée au FBI dont la mission était de faire de la désinformation et de foutre le bordel parmi les groupes d'activistes. Officiellement, Cointelpro a disparu en 71, mais l'organisation a juste changé de noms. Maintenant en plus d'infiltrer de manière classique des groupes d'activistes, cette ou ces organisations gouvernementales officient sur Internet pour enterrer les bad buzz et noyer le poisson sur les forums d'activistes.
Le 18 juillet, ce témoignage sur Cryptome a été mis en avant sur Slashdot par un contributeur de longue date. Et chose étrange, le post a été censuré. C'est ce qui a attiré mon attention sur le sujet.
Ce document met au jour toutes les techniques employées par les gouvernements, les désinformateurs, les politiques, etc. sur le net mais aussi dans la vraie vie pour décrédibiliser leurs adversaires et enterrer les sujets sensibles. C'est très orienté US mais ce serait une erreur de croire que ce genre de pratiques n'a pas lieu en France. C'est riche d'enseignement et au fur et à mesure que je lisais le document, je me rendais compte que j'avais déjà été le témoin de ces manipulations. À la télé dans les débats politiques, dans les interviews dans les journaux, mais chose plus troublante dans les commentaires sur mon site ou d'autres ou sur Twitter. Sans tomber dans la parano, je me demande maintenant si certaines personnes qui viennent poster et semer le doute dans certains de mes articles un peu "sensibles" sont juste des trolls qui s'emmerdent ou des agents désinformateurs.
Mais peu importe... Lisez ce document, certes un peu long, mais passionnant, qui vous permettra de "détecter" à l'avenir les tentatives de manipulation dont nous faisons tous l'objet, en tant que personne ayant une opinion, ou en tant que simple spectateur.

August 13, 2012

The 10 Most Dangerous Politicians in Europe - acc. to the NWO: Threaten EU Project, Infamy, Populists, Fanning Flames of EU Crisis, Want National Currencies, Saying “Commission Staging EUSSR”, “Greece out”R”, “ESM Destroying Democracy”

 Euromediterranien - Euromediterranean - Euromediterranien

I bring this post on the 51. anniversary of the erection of the Berlin Wall, as the following attitude of “Der Spiegel” - unless it is ironically meant - is exactly the ideology behind the Berlin Wall, dictatorial world Communism and here - today called the EUSSR.
eussr flag
EurActiv 8 Aug. 2012 brings a comment to an article in the Spiegel on 8 August.
Europe´s-10-most-dangerous-politiciansThe German magazine Spiegel identifies the ten most aggressive politicians, who are fanning the flames on the euro crisis.
From Silvio Berlusconi to Marine Le Pen, some EU politicians “resort to cheap populism in order to rack up domestic political point” and are “grossly oversimplifying the situation, and … intensifying the euro crisis.”
Alexis Tsipras, the leader of Greece’s Syriza party has been highlighted as the ‘most dangerous man in Europe’, for his efforts to pressure governments into abandoning austerity measures.

August 12, 2012

Le mirage post-national européen, tombeau de la France et de l’Europe des peuples

Wikisource : la bibliothèque libre

Le Coup d’État simplifié/Chapitre 6

Chapitre 6

Le mirage post-national européen, tombeau de la France et de l’Europe des peuples

« Despotisme : pouvoir absolu, arbitraire et oppressif. Toute autorité tyrannique. » Petit Robert

« Les despotes eux-mêmes ne nient pas que la liberté ne soit excellente ; seulement ils ne la veulent que pour eux-mêmes, et ils soutiennent que tous les autres en sont indignes tout à fait. » Alexis de Tocqueville

« Il n'y a d'histoire digne d'attention que celle des peuples libres. L'histoire des peuples soumis au despotisme n'est qu'un recueil d'anecdotes. » Chamfort

On a tendance à l’oublier : nous vivons aujourd’hui dans une République héritée des grandes conquêtes politiques et sociales de la fin du XVIIIème siècle, qui vit les valeurs des Lumières mettre à bas un ancien Régime incapable de corriger ses propres injustices. La conquête majeure de la Révolution française, le point d’orgue de cette séquence historique, fut l’instauration d’un gouvernement démocratique pour mettre fin au despotisme et aux privilèges de caste qui en sont l’apanage. Le « despotisme », ce terme un peu obscur, entendu par la plupart d’entre nous il y a longtemps sur les bancs du lycée et qui semble appartenir à un âge révolu.

Et pourtant… Pourtant, c’est ce système de gouvernement arbitraire (échappant à toutes règles, y compris aux siennes), absolu (sans limite dans le temps et dans l’organisation du pouvoir), oppressif (qui n’hésite pas à recourir à la violence, dure ou douce, pour imposer ses vues), bref c’est ce pouvoir tyrannique dont le principe est d’abuser par tous les moyens de sa force pour piétiner la dignité et le bien-être des gouvernés, qu’est en train de bâtir sous nos yeux stupéfaits cette Europe « qui avance » avec son coup d’Etat simplifié. On va dire que j’affabule encore. Mais ce sont ses propres artisans et promoteurs qui qualifient leur grand œuvre de « despotisme » ! Par exemple, lors d’un discours prononcé dans la cathédrale de Strasbourg en 1999, c’est Jacques Delors qui qualifia l’intégration politique européenne de « despotisme doux et éclairé ». L’actuel président de la Commission européenne, José Manuel Barroso, a dit à peu près la même chose, parlant d’« empire non-impérialiste » le 10 juillet dernier, également à Strasbourg. L’un et l’autre embellissent le despotisme ou l’empire de qualificatifs qui en changeraient soi-disant l’hideuse nature. Mais un despotisme aura beau se dire « doux et éclairé » (est-il d’ailleurs le mieux placé pour parler ainsi de lui-même ?), il n’en restera pas moins une tyrannie. Quant à un empire qui ne serait ni hégémonique ni autoritaire, admettons, si les mots ont un sens, qu’il ne serait plus grand-chose et même plus rien du tout.

August 11, 2012

L’Europe se dirige à terme vers une Union carolingienne

l'info nationaliste

l'information vue par un nationaliste

Posté par pat le 11 août 2012
Selon Marc Rousset, économiste, écrivain, auteur de « La Nouvelle Europe Paris-Berlin-Moscou »
« Charlemagne a encore de l’avenir » a pu dire Charles de Gaulle !  « Il ne faut pas moins d’Europe, mais plus d’Europe » a déclaré de son côté  la chancelière Angela Merkel  tout en appelant «  à donner un signal et à nous rapprocher dans une union politique ».

Ne pas se fier aux apparences de l’olibrius François Hollande

Dans l’immédiat, il est certain qu’avec « François, le cauchemar des entreprises » titre d’un article dans  le quotidien Süddeutsche Zeitung,  l’Europe  n’en prend pas le  chemin. François Hollande cherche à nier les réalités économiques et à finasser avec l’Italie et l’Espagne ; il  ne trouve grâce en Allemagne que dans le parti « die Linke » l’équivalent du Front de gauche de Jean Luc Mélenchon  tout aussi stupide mais moins burlesque. François Hollande ne connait pas suffisamment l’Allemagne et commence à réaliser qu’il va lentement mais sûrement  au KO, à «  l’échec et mat », à la capitulation pure et simple, au-delà de son petit jouet sur la croissance de 120 milliards d’euros (emprunts de la Banque Européenne d’investissements ,fonds européens non encore utilisés) . L’Allemagne aurait bien tort de ne pas vouloir lui donner son petit hochet , afin  lui permettre de  garder la face et de continuer à  illusionner ses électeurs socialistes . La Chancelière allemande a préféré ne pas s’attarder à Rome  pour voir à Gdansk  la « Mannschaft » triompher  au football contre la Grèce (tout un symbole). Mario Monti  adhère sur le fond, aux  thèses d’Angela  Merkel . Les sociaux démocrates du SPD  qui auraient eu tort pour des raisons de politique interne allemande, de refuser l’invitation à l’Elysée,  se sont empressés  de rallier le pacte budgétaire européen lors du vote prochain au Bundestag. Le chef de la diplomatie allemande Guido Westerwelle souligne qu’on ne peut pas combattre une crise des déficits avec de nouvelles dettes et qu’il n’est plus possible d’acheter de la croissance avec des dettes. La croissance doit être le résultat de réformes structurelles qui améliorent la compétitivité. Au delà des obstacles apparents que représente  François Hollande, l’Europe, dans son malheur  et son déclin actuel tant politique, militaire, démographique, moral qu’économique  ne se dirige-t- elle pas à terme vers une Union carolingienne, noyau dur d’une Europe Puissance à construire pour survivre dans le monde multipolaire du XXIème siècle ?

Faire du mal économique  européen de l’euro  un bien  politique : « Alles oder Nichts »!(Tout ou Rien)

Euro Crisis Accelerates Division in Europe

August 11, 2012  •  From
The ongoing euro crisis continues to pave the way for the resurrection of the Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation.

August 10, 2012

More Power to Brussels? Germany Considers Holding EU Referendum


08/10/2012 06:05 PM

By Florian Gathmann and Philipp Wittrock

Chancellor Angela Merkel wants Europe to move toward an ever closer union in a bid to solve the euro crisis. But she is already pushing at the limits of what is possible under the constitution. The debate about holding a referendum on transferring power to Brussels is gathering momentum in Germany.

A bottle of liquor and a half-empty glass stand on the table next to Angela Merkel, who is studying a confidential document with a sullen expression. "How to Break Up the Euro," is the title.

That, at least, is how Britain's Economist imagines the chancellor's predicament these days. "Tempted, Angela?" is the headline on the cover of the current issue.

Indeed, the chancellor is in a tricky position at the moment, as she fails to get the euro crisis under control. Of course, the Economist's notion of a secret plan to break up the euro zone is purely fictitious. But it fits into the current debate, where more and more politicians from Germany's coalition government are talking about radical steps to solve the euro crisis.

August 9, 2012

The Compleat Death of Sovereignty

The Commentator

The European Union is snatching our sovereignty, bit by bit. Ever wonder how it's managed it?
100 percent
EU        "My dear fellow! Welcome to the club. It’s splendidly set up, so that all members have an equal say. The members vote on new rules that are then binding on everyone. Voting has to be unanimous, mind. Otherwise it could all get nasty and bad tempered. And there’s a club committee to keep any eye on day-to day things, plus a process for deciding who’s in breach of the rules, a sort of court, but that’s not onerous or intrusive. The rules are only those that all members want. Everyone has a veto"
UK        "Marvellous. Sounds good to me. Where do I sign?"
100 percent – 80 percent
EU        (Unctuously) "We’ve been having a think about the rules. It turns out that a lot of rules (20 percent of them or so) address pretty mundane issues, so we think it’s better that we take decisions by majority voting in those specified areas. Trivial stuff. Nothing important. Better not to bother about it in fact, by getting decisions taken ASAP. And don’t forget that all members will still have a veto on everything else – everything that really matters. OK?"
UK        Thinks: Hmm. Bit of a concession here to cede the principle of unanimity. But a lot of this stuff is trivial and it’s maybe better to get through it faster by majority voting…