July 7, 2012

Katyn 2. USAF Intelligence General explains why Russians killed Polish President


[6 July 2012 , 01:22]

In an interview to Warsaw newspaper Gazeta Polska, USAF intelligence general Walter Jajko strongly condemned the Russian terrorist attack 4/10 and Poland's Polshevist regime that covers this another horrific crime committed by the Russians. The newspaper writes:

"In Smolensk case, we are talking about pseudo investigation, this is a crime, an atrocity, a crime committed with incredible self-confidence.

This is an expression of contempt for sovereignty and independence of Poland and a slap to all mankind", said USAF General Walter Jajko in an interview with Leszek Misiak and Grzegorz Wierzchołowski.

- You are expert on special purpose aircraft. How do you assess the conduct of the Russian air traffic controllers, who were in touch with General Vladimir Benediktov, one of the main commanders of the Russian Air Force, during the approach of Tu-154M?

- The conversations with General Benediktov and instructions that he gave are in no case following the normal procedure. Instead, they raise serious suspicions.

- Suspicions on terrorist attack?

- Of course! The Russians often resorted to this solution, even in Chechnya and Moscow. If these people never experienced a slightest doubt that when they tried to kill his Holiness Pope John Paul II, their hand will never tremble in killing mere mortals.

Russians have already killed the heads of state and government.

Moreover, the Poles know that. We are talking about Stanislaw Mikolajczyk who barely managed to escape from Communist Poland. He died under mysterious circumstances. Or recall General Wladyslaw Sikorski. Skeptics are still in doubt, although in this case their doubts are against the common sense.

The question of the Smolensk tragedy is quite clear: the majority of people in free Poland supports the NATO. Most Poles are pro-American and pro-Western. The majority of them are Catholics. And then the national political elite was destroyed in a moment.

These people were not afraid to show the true face of historical Russia. They were those who dared to point to other abominable Russian crimes. They were those who said that Communism was evil.
In addition, without neutralizing Poland Russia would be unable to expel the US from Europe, to limit the role of the NATO and to create a pan-European security system under their own leadership.

Former Polish president fully understood the strategic position of Poland and its needs. He persecuted the Russians and became a bone in their throat.

Now, after the Smolensk tragedy, Russia can be satisfied: the Polish elite is divided, and a new chapter opened in Polish-Russian relations.

- How do you assess the current investigation into the crash at Smolensk?

- It's a pseudo investigation, or rather an imitation of the investigation, and it is a crime, a scandal, a crime committed with incredible self-confidence. This is an expression of contempt for sovereignty and independence of Poland and a slap to all mankind. What else can you expect from this illegitimate regime of criminal gangsters and thieves, the agents of the repressive immoral regime ?

- And the most important person in the country surrendered himself to the hands of this immoral Polish Government before the accident.

- For me it is not clear. For its the VIP's, Poland is using an obsolete aircraft, the reliability of which has long been questioned. In addition, these machines have been sent for repair to Russia, to a company owned by Putin's friends and supporters, to the thieves who are the backbone of Russian mafia and its leader.

The story, which is beyond my comprehension, could never happen in the United States. Moreover, I wonder why Poland has not bought a modern airliner, for example, a Boeing, and asked instead immediately the Russians for repairs and upgrades. The actions of the Polish government are a good example of a desire to save money that results in even greater costs".

Gen. Walter Jajko:

USAF intelligence General, graduate of University of Pennsylvania and Columbia University, former intelligence adviser to US secretary of defense.He lecturers at the prestigious Institute of World Politics where US intelligence officers are taught (his lectures cover covert operations, Eastern Europe, history, military strategy, internal security matters and issues relating to NATO). He is a member of the Catholic Association "Knights of Columbus". He comes from a family of Polish immigrants.

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