June 7, 2012

Katyn 2. Russians placed two bombs on Polish presidential plane during repairs in Russia

Publication time: 4 June 2012, 01:04

According to the Polish Forum of Independent Journalists, Salon 24, Anthoni Maceriewicz, president of the Polish Parliament Commission on Investigation of the Smolensk Crash, Antoni Maceriewicz, speaking in the northern Polish city of Wroclaw (the German city of Breslau), on May 31, said that the two explosions on board of the Polish military plane Tu-154M with Polish President Lech Kaczynski on board were preceded by a repair of this airplane in the Russian Volga city of Saratov.

He pointed out that the Polish delegation heading on April 10, 2010, to the ceremony dedicated to memory of the Russian massacre of 23,000 Polish prisoners of war in March 1940 got into a trap arranged by the Russians and that the Polish plane crash was not an accident, but a Russian terrorist attack.

He also referred to a study by American professor Binenda, costing one million U.S. dollars, that the crash had been provoked by two bombs on board.

The speech (in Polish) by Antoni Maceriewicz in Wroclaw (duration 1 hour 21 minutes), revealing the truth about the gristly Russian crime, can be viewed at the following link.
On his part, the Polish officer Ronin, who placed this news story on the Forum of Polish Journalists, indicated in particular:

"Avenge Smolensk!" (a popular slogan of the anti-Russian demonstrations against Putin's KGB-FSB killers in Poland) ... After 70 years ... It seems to me, the honor and memory of the victims demand action.

If we can be sure that it was a terrorist attack, we must deal accordingly with the guilty (the Russians - KC). We need to convene a press conference, raise our voice to talk about the death of the Polish allies of Obama. Is it not required after the killing of the elite of the Polish nation?

I do not understand silence. If we are talking in public at all, then it is very quiet. Let's be courageous and reveal the truth loudly and with conviction ... The people is waiting (Odwagi. Naród czeka)".

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