June 22, 2012


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David Cameron has given his blessing to greater fiscal union within the eurozone

David Cameron has given his blessing to greater fiscal union within the eurozone
Thursday June 21,2012

By Alison Little

GERMANY is plotting a European power grab using the economic ­crisis as a smokescreen.
A group of 10 EU foreign ministers and officials – none from Britain – has held talks in Berlin this week on exploiting eurozone debt problems to create a superstate.
A European army, an IMF-style monetary fund and a finance minister for the whole EU were among radical suggestions put forward.
The group aims to set the scene for a summit in Brussels next week of EU leaders – and to encourage further thinking about how “political union” might be achieved.
Tuesday’s meeting of the 10-nation “reflection group”, including France, Italy, Spain and Austria as well as non eurozone EU members Poland and Denmark, underlined how many influential figures on the Continent wish to see a United States of Europe – and was immediately seen by some as a plan for Berlin domination.
German Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle, who chaired the talks, urged: “We should take advantage of the crisis to take a historic step towards more integration.”
We should take advantage of the crisis to take a historic step towards more integration
German Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle
He added that the forces of nationalism “have to be countered by pro-European arguments”.
He said: “Only a long-term ­perspective for Europe will restore the confidence that we also need to come out of the debt crisis now.”
In a preliminary report, the group backed tighter central control over national budgets to ensure the euro was an “irreversible” institution.
They also agreed on the need to explore whether the eurozone’s European Stability Mechanism bail-out scheme could grow into a European version of the International Monetary Fund. Germany has now chaired three meetings of the forum which expects to release its final conclusions in the autumn after further discussions next month in Spain.
The talks triggered renewed Conservative demands for David Cameron not to sit on the sidelines while the rest of Europe plots to forge an ever-closer bloc.
Mr Cameron and Chancellor George Osborne have given their blessing to greater fiscal union within the eurozone as a way to shore up the troubled currency and help it to survive as a thriving trading partner for Britain.
But some MPs fear the Government is taking too relaxed a view.
Leading Tory eurosceptic MP Peter Bone said: “We as a country shouldn’t sit on the fence and say it’s up to them. We should be saying ‘No, this is wrong, wrong for Europe’. The people of Europe don’t want to be dominated by Germans.”
Fellow senior Tory Douglas ­Carswell yesterday introduced a ­Private Member’s Bill in the ­Commons proposing that Britain should leave the EU, in line with a Daily Express crusade which has received huge public backing.


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