May 6, 2012

Orbán: Dispute with EU stems from shift in philosophy

Disputed issues between Hungary and the European Union have mostly arisen from Hungary’s changing not only its government but its philosophy two years ago, Prime Minister Viktor Orban said in Kazakhstan on Friday.

The people of Hungary understood in time what Europe is reluctant to acknowledge, that we can no longer live on as we have done up to now, Orban told a business forum.

Hungarians realised that Europe was on the wrong track, their country being especially impacted by the community losing direction, the prime minister said.

The Hungarian government has seen during the past two years that its new objectives and efforts of building the economy on realistic and solid values rather than on illusions or ideologies are clearly understood by countries of the east, Orban said.

Orban insisted that in the current, global competition companies or countries, even if strong in themselves, may be left behind unless they seek the best ways of cooperation with others. He said that the crisis in Europe demonstrated what happens if a strong competitor misses the beat of the race and focuses on its internally created problems rather than seek new cooperation and new solutions.

The prime minister noted that political ties between Hungary and Kazakhstan were smooth, burdened with no open issues, which gives an opportunity to focus on developing business relations.

The forum was attended by 150-200 businessmen including 50 from Hungary representing agricultural, food-processing, financial, pharmaceutical, medical, bio-technology, construction, engineering, and energetics companies.

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