May 16, 2012

Cut the Gordian Knot.

Old Holborn

A problem that has been bubbling away for decades is finally about to reveal the true nature of the European "experiment". Desperate to acquire power and wealth after a century of fruitless wars, the German - Franco powers saw the European Union as the answer to the Commonwealth. Unlike the British Empire however, the European Project needed to be run by Socialists who could redistribute the wealth of a thousand years in return for unbridled power for themselves.

As Greece now lies trapped in a Gordian knot, shackled to a currency it cannot control, with debts it cannot repay and dictated to by masters it cannot replace, the scale of the deception is becoming clear. Already, those who welcomed Greece into the club as "brothers and equals" are demanding that if their vichy politicians in Athens cannot install a Government that will do the bidding of European Central Bankers and the Politicians they purchased, then simple technocrats should be installed like bailiffs taking over the property of a debtor. To hell with the democratic will of the people who will have to repay the debts  -  money above liberty or property

Endless attempts to plug the dyke with bailouts or furious meddling cannot conceal that which is now clear to see. Greece has a choice. Fail slowly, with crippling debts and austerity as shiny new airports and motorways purchased from fellow members at the Brussels Lodge sap every penny the citizens can earn or fail quickly, eject the bailiffs and print a new currency and hope for growth.

Naturally, should Greece fail quickly, Portugal, Ireland, Spain, Italy and France will follow - the Germans simply cannot sell enough BMWs to finance a continent of feckless donkey farmers. Banks will collapse, life savings will vanish, stock markets will plummet, property will become worthless and no end of "service industries" will vanish, leaving millions and millions across Europe with no way to support their bloated lifestyles.

Should Greece fail slowly, the others too can expect a long drawn out death, as austerity starves the citizens to finance the banks and the coffers of Governments. Formula One and premiership football will appease the masses only for so long - they are luxuries the third world has no need of and when standards really start to fall in Southern Europe - to pre WWII levels, expect to see an exodus of Southerners to warmer or benevolent climes. Angola for the Portuguese, South America for the Spanish, Switzerland and Germany for the Italians, and the US and UK for the Irish.

Interesting times indeed. If we survive the next thirty years without European civil war, we will have escaped by the skin of our teeth - and all for the vanity, once more, of a few deluded Socialists who thought they could have it all if they could just get their grasping hands on the earned wealth of others.

Head for the hills folks, it's coming.

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