March 26, 2012

Public Hearing: Smolensk crash – The Rejected Truth

Brussels, 22th March 2012

On Wednesday 28th March 2012, The European Conservatives and Reformist Group with ECR Vice-Chairman Ryszard Legutko, ECR MEP Tomasz Poreba, and ECR MEP Ryszard Czarnecki will host a public hearing on the Smolensk plane crash, which occured two years ago this April.

SmolenskWith the second anniversary of the crash approaching it can be safely concluded that both Russian and Polish governmental reports have neglected to investigate the circumstances of the crash in accordance with recognised international standards, they are far from objective, and appear predominantly to be aimed at concealing the truth rather than investigating the real cause that has lead to the tragic events of 10th April 2010.

Thanks to the work of independent scientists, mathematicians and experts working with the Parliamentary Group for the “Investigation of the Polish Presidential Crash” chaired by Antoni Macierewicz, nearly every day new facts and information is uncovered.

The public hearing will present the latest work of the Parliamentary Group showing what really happened in Smolensk revealing new facts, evidence and theories. It will be an opportunity for the international public at large to find out how inadequate the investigation and evidence examination has been to-date. Family members of the victims will also take the floor to share their experiences and to illustrate the impact that the non transparent and inadequate investigation is having on them.

“The public hearing will be held in collaboration with The 2010 Katyn Families Association” said ECR Vice-Chairman Ryszard Legutko MEP, adding that – “The European Parliament Petitions Committee is currently considering a petition lodged by the 2010 Katyn Families Association requesting EU involvement and for a international investigation into the Smolensk crash. Recently the committee came to a positive legal opinion and has not indicated any objections regarding the admissibility of the petition.”

According to Deputy Law and Justice Leader in the ECR Tomasz Poreba MEP “What is striking among EU officials and the international public at large is the lack of elementary knowledge on how new facts surrounding the crash affect the investigation and how this investigation by Russian and Polish governmental bodies has really been carried out. Our initiative serves to present not only new facts established by independent and distinguished experts but also serves to bring to light the reality behind the Polish and Russian investigations aimed at concealing the truth.”

ECR MEP Ryszard Czarnecki said that: – “In July 2010, I submitted an interpellation to the European Commission calling for an internationalisation of the Smolensk investigation. The Commissions reply was unequivocal: Such assistance is possible, however, the Tusk government has not asked for any assistance. It is in the same spirit that in December 2010 President Barroso commented on the situation. This public hearing is an initiative to break the international silence around the event of April 10th, 2010, and of those events that came to follow. A necessary attempt, if we are to respect ourselves.”

The public hearing will be broadcasted and televised live in Poland via live conference, and will host prominent and distinguished guests.

The public hearing will be followed by a press conference and a Q&A session. All participants will have a chance to ask questions to our guest speakers.

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