March 1, 2012

Obama is not a Muslim or a Christian

Steve Cooper
The Conservative

Romney will most likely be the nominee just like I predicted in May 2011. The system is already rigged and has been hijacked. I believe that the Communist Establishment is now dictating to the GOP Establishment WHO will be the nominee to face Obama. That is how deep I think this conspiracy is. Do I have proof? No, but I have been accurate in the past.

Romney (or his surrogates since he has no guts) needs to focus on the fact that 'COMMUNISTS LIE'. Obama is a Communist, not a Christian like he says he is (he admitted in his book that he sought out the most radical Marxist Professors) and he attended Rev. Wrights Church for over 20 years that teaches Black Liberation Theology.

Black Liberation Theology is really Black Militant Marxist Theology that focuses on politics which is a violation of the IRS rules and regulations to remain a tax free church. Churches are told to not focus on politics or social issues or they are in jeopardy of losing that tax free status, but Militant Black Churches seem to be exempt from this rule.

Obama did study Islam when he was a child, but that ended after his mother split up with his step father in Indonesia. Obama's name at that time was Barry Soetoro. Obama is not a Muslim. Obama insists that he is a Christian, but he is not a real Christian. The media would never dare question what Obama says, because they fear Obama and his regime. Black Liberation Theology is not Christianity. Just watch a video of Rev. Wright and you will know that I am correct.

White people are liars -
Rev Wright Preaching class warfare -
Rev. Wright; God Damn America - Long Version -

Obama's mother was a staunch leftist and Obama grew up around Frank Marshall Davis a well known Communist that lived in Hawaii.

Joe Farah on Cloward and Piven Marxist strategy -

Obama did say that he would side with the Palestinians in his book, but it is no secret that ALL Communists support the Palestinians over the Israeli's.

Communist propaganda is all about spreading deception and lies to make the enemy off balance. Does this sound familiar? This is why you are all upside down and twisted around. The LEFT are running circles around you Tea Party Patriots and most of you don't even have a clue about it. This is why they are winning. None of you know how to interpret what is communist propaganda and what is not.

Libertarians are brilliant at lying about how conservative they are, but they really are little Soviet terror cells. Yes, they are that good (most of them).

THE LEFT will have their surrogates focus on Romney being a Mormon. If this does happen, then Romney needs to bring up Rev. Wright, Black Liberation Theology, it's Marxist roots and the fact that it is not Christianity. It teaches their constituents that society OWES THEM SOMETHING.

Listen to my interview with the author of The Obama Timeline for more info. He missed the fist half of the show, so the interview was extended. Don Fredrick's book is the most impressive piece of work out there on Obama.

Don Fredrick, Author of The Obama Timeline on The Conservative Monster Radio Show - Sept 8th, 2010


The Obama Timeline: From his Birth in 1961 Through his First 100 Days in Office

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