March 31, 2012

Two Explosions On Board of the Polish Government Plane Before the Crash

Two Explosions On Board of the Polish Government Plane Before the Crash: MAK and KBWL LP 2010 Crash Reports Analyzed by Dr. Kazimierz Nowaczyk, Ph.D.

The Official Polish & Russian Smolensk Crash Reports Under Scientific Scrutiny of Dr. Kaziemierz Nowaczyk, PhD:

Author: Kazimierz Nowaczyk, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
University of Maryland


The main causes of the [Polish Government Tupolev Tu-154M] crash were two explosions taking place just before landing.

One of them impacted the left wing near its mid-point and caused an extensive damage, effectively breaking the wing in two. The other, inside the fuselage, caused an profound damage and dismemberment of the latter, as well as loosening the connection of the left wing and fuselage. The landing in a woody area, no matter how unfortunate and at what angle, was incapable of causing the documented fragmentation of the structure.

The Analysis
MAK – Interstate Aviation Committee
KBWL LP - Polish Air Incident Investigation Committee
Parts of presentation:
• First impressions
• Results of analysis:
• horizontal trajectory
• the likelihood of a roll to the left
• TAWS #38
• Possible cause: preliminary findings
Properly secured air crash investigation site?

Smolensk: Two explosions onboard the Polish plane

Brussels, 30th March 2012

SmolenskOn Wednesday in the European Parliament there was another public hearing on the Smolensk Crash, was organised by the European Conservatives and Reformists Group (ECR) with ECR Vice-Chairman Ryszard Legutko, ECR MEP Tomasz Poreba, and ECR MEP Ryszard Czarnecki. The hearing was attended by a significant number of distinguished guests, including members of the victims’ families, MEPs, scientists as well as representatives of embassies and the Polish community.
 This was already the second public hearing on the Smolensk tragedy; the first one took place in December 2010. Yet again, the families have called for an international committee for investigation into the tragedy. The public hearing focused on the latest work of the Parliamentary Group looking at what really happened in Smolensk - revealing new facts, evidence and theories. It was an opportunity for the international public at large to find out how inadequate the investigation and evidence examination has been to-date.

Putin And Power

Duly Noted
Repeated presidential terms present opportunities but freezing society’s advance is not one of them.

Political speculations are burdened by a widespread but also vain attempt. It is to move to the wastebasket that news about Russia that does not fit contradictory, before-the-fact conceptions. The results suffer from two prejudices. One is that everything Russian –regardless of her system- is a threat. The other is that whatever comes from there is justified and positive. Such extremes are seldom right. The cited rule is, in this case and the moment, quite fitting.

In the course of the last centuries Russia’s internal decisions serve as decisive components of world affairs. Currently, no party that intends to conquer the world and to force its ways on us rules Russia. This is a negative praise. Even if correct, it leaves open wide vistas of relationships and future alternatives. Not all of these are positive.

Every Day a New Elitist Fairy Tale – Now 'Earth Hour'

Friday, March 30, 2012 by Staff Report -

Not "I Do" at Earth Hour, but "I will" ... This year's theme for Earth Hour that happens on Saturday at 8.30pm is "I Will If You Will", a challenge-based platform that encourages people to go 'beyond the hour' to preserve and protect the planet. Even as malls, government offices and corporations pull the plug on all but essential lights in support of the annual event to raise awareness of climate change, some companies have taken steps to make a change for more than 60 minutes and much earlier, too. Singapore country CEO of Credit Suisse, Mr Lito Camacho, issued a challenge to his 5,000 staff a fortnight earlier, pledging to plant 100 trees if staff commit to reduce their carbon footprint, by 500,000 kilograms (kg) of carbon dioxide by end of the year. The company intends to track the reduction target with a customised, web-based carbon footprint monitor which calculates everything from a water-saving shower head to the use of LED lighting. – ChannelNewsAsia

Dominant Social Theme: Earth is a fragile planet and the mold growing on its surface must provide protection.

Free-Market Analysis: Every time we turn around we are assaulted with another meme of elite propaganda. They are mostly fear-based, promoting scarcity themes.

Today, we are being beaten upside our collective pointy (elvish) heads with "Earth Hour."

March 30, 2012

Polish minister: EU and Nato might fall apart 

KATYN 2. Brother of murdered Polish President confirms Putin's terrorist attack on Polish government plane

Publication time: 29 March 2012, 14:35

Jaroslaw Kaczynski told a hearing at the European Parliament, Wednesday that if [the 2010 Smolensk air] catastrophe looks increasingly like an assassination, then this means there is a new quality to international politics.

Mr. Kaczynski, whose brother former President Lech Kaczynski was one of the 96 victims on the flight on 10 April 2010, was speaking via video link to the public hearing at the European Parliament in Brussels, where the late president's daughter, Marta, and members of the opposition Law and Justice party were in attendance.

Jaroslaw Kaczynski has never accepted official explanations that blamed thick fog and human error for the crash, and repeated his call yesterday for an international investigation into the causes of the disaster.


Week of March 26

Barack Obama: I Have A "Moral Obligation" To Neuter America: Barack Obama actually plans to do it. He actually plans to neuter America by unilaterally dismantling most of the U.S. strategic nuclear arsenal. In fact, Barack Obama says that the United States has a "moral obligation" to disarm as we lead the way to "a world without nuclear weapons". Sadly, a "world without nuclear weapons" is a fantasy that will not be possible any time soon. Nuclear weapons technology is getting into more hands with each passing year, and geopolitical tensions are rising all over the globe. If the United States did not have nuclear weapons, anyone with just a handful of nukes would constitute a massive threat to our national security. An overwhelming strategic nuclear arsenal helps keep us safe because every other nation on the planet knows that it would be national suicide to attack us. more

Issa on Obama's Remarks to Medvedev: 'He's Going to Sell Out Our National Defense After the Election'

By Elizabeth Harrington  March 27, 2012

Obama and medvedev at Nuclear Summit
President Obama and Russian President
Medvedev at summit. (AP photo)

( – House Oversight and Government Reform Chairman Darrell Issa (R-Calif.) said Tuesday that “the American people should be very afraid” after hearing President Barack Obama’s accidentally recorded remarks to Russian President Dmitry Medvedev on Monday that after the election he would have more “flexibility” in dealing with the Russians.

"I judge that in fact he’s going to sell out our national defense after the election," said Issa.

March 29, 2012

Club of Rome´s/ Gorbachev´s Communist World Constitution to Be Passed in June 2012 as UN´s “Rio+20″


Summary: It is teeming with world government constitution drafts for the time being. Already there are the Agenda 21 and the World Federation Manifesto for the world state. Now the IUCN and ICEL (International Council on Environmental Law) have a draft that was 16 years in preparation:
The “Draft International Covenant on Environment and Development”, 4th Issue, conveyed to the Member States of the United Nations on 22 September 2010 during the 65th UN Secretary-General Assembly. That this is so close to the Agenda 21 Conference, the Rio +20, on 20-22. June 2012, is hardly a coincidence.
Common to all three constitutional drafts is that they bear the unmistakable fingerprints of Rockefellers Club of Rome. The Manifesto was issued by the U.S. division of the Club of Rome. The Agenda 21 and the “Pact”  both build on the untruthful doomsday scenario of the Club of Rome due to scarcity of resources and the climate / environmental religion that originated in the publications by the Club of Rome: “Limits to Growth” and “The First Global Revolution”. This is how the incredible fraud began. The Agenda 21 is how it ends.
In 1992, Club of Rome member Maurice Strong as Assistant UN Secretary-general headed the Rio I Conference, where an imaginary, non-existent climate catastrophe was to scare mankind - and especially its corrupt politicians - into a long-planned world government for “sustainability” and looting by Rothschild´s Global Environmental Facility.
This machination is now to be completed in June: The pact is to be adopted - and the world constitution to become reality - with the UN as a world government and the International Criminal Court and the International Criminal Tribunal for the Law of the Sea as the highest courts of the world. Communist redistribution of wealth by means of “Climate mitigation” due to a nonexistent global warming is a major item on the program – as is crowding of people in tiny urbanized areas without access to nature´s wildernesses. Likewise, fighting that mendacious climate specter by using taxpayers’ money and taxes. The immense bureaucracy and the redistribution have to be funded by Western taxpayers. It is to transfer 100 Mrd Dollars a year from the developed to the developing countries – and is probably just as susceptible to corruption as the European Investmentbank. Probably for this reason, the Fund is now applying for UN style immunity to all judicial prosecution.

CIA/FBI Operations: Millenium Hilton Conspiracy and 9-11

By Mikhail Kryzhanovsky

CIA/FBI Millenium Hilton Conspiracy

On September 1, 1995 , I was recruited in New York at the Millennium Hilton, as CIA "Filament" by CIA agents .I also met Frank from FBI National Security Division and had to work for two agencies. Next was a joint CIA-FBI conspiracy.

They decided to "copy" "Kremlin" operation I had to spy on the U.S. Congress and work with Congress Librarian James Billington who knew me as a political scientist through his Moscow office, and could introduce to Senators and Representatives.

I had to influence the White House and created "The Professional" system - special instructions for Bill Clinton on successful election and re-election campaigns, strategic planning and top decisions making, national security, foreign policy and diplomacy, propaganda, economy, war and special operations. Since 2009 Obama is using “The Professional” too.

March 28, 2012

Bowing to the Kremlin

Why Obama's "hot mic" diplomacy is endangering America.


Sometimes it's the unguarded moments that are the most revealing of all. President Obama just had such a moment at the summit in South Korea. "This is my last election," Obama told Russia's president, Dmitry Medvedev, in an exchange that was inadvertently picked up by microphones. "After my election I have more flexibility."
But flexibility to do what? The president mentioned missile defense to Medvedev as one area where the Kremlin should expect more flexibility. This is alarming.
It is not an accident that Mr. Medvedev is now busy attacking me. The Russians clearly prefer to do business with the current incumbent of the White House.
And it is not hard to understand why. The record shows that President Obama has already been pliant on missile defense and other areas of nuclear security. Without extracting meaningful concessions from Russia, he abandoned our missile defense sites in Poland. He granted Russia new limits on our nuclear arsenal. He capitulated to Russia's demand that a United Nations resolution on the Iranian nuclear-weapons program exclude crippling sanctions.

March 26, 2012

Enemies in the East: An Interview with Anca-Maria Cernea

BY JR NYQUIST03/26/2012 
Romanian analyst and writer Anca-Maria Cernea says that Communism wasn’t altogether defeated in her country. What Cernea has to say about Romania can be said for most of the former Communist countries of Europe. There is an ongoing struggle in Eastern Europe and Americans seem oblivious– especially American politicians.  A Polish journalist recently wrote to me: “I think many U.S. politicians do not have knowledge about the nature of Bolshevism. They may be historians, strategists or even experts, but it does not mean they understand Russian methods. ”
The Russian methods referred to include (1) control of the political opposition through secret agents; (2) strategic deception and disinformation to mislead and disorient; (3) political violence or the threat of political violence; (4) and monopoly control of the media, big business and the government bureaucracy. Such methods are still used in Eastern Europe, for the benefit of Russia and the former Communist elite. Sadly, the old Communist system was not completely eradicated. There was no trial of Communism, no justice for millions of innocent victims. If you want to understand what happened, read carefully the words of Anca-Maria Cernea. When I asked her if Romania is a free country she replied: “I can’t answer that question by yes or no. I would say Romania is a relatively free country.”
She is thankful, of course, that Romania enjoys more freedom than it had before 1989. “On the other hand,” she added, “I can’t say that we are really free, according to classical Western democratic standards, because our society has too many features of an oligarchic system.” This oligarchic system is partly a continuation of the old system. The democratic, pro-Western forces, she says, “never completely managed (or didn’t try hard enough) to deliver our society from oligarchic and Eastern-leaning influences, like during the terms of President Constantinescu, with the government of the Democratic Convention, and now, under President Băsescu, currently serving his second term, along with the government supported mainly by the PDL [Liberal Democratic Party, center-Right].”

Romania had one of the most repressive Communist regimes in Eastern Europe. The Communist Party and the secret police had almost total control over the population. According to Cernea, “The people who were serving the Communist regime and the almighty political police enjoyed privileged positions, socially and economically; they were connected among themselves through common interests, complicity in very serious crimes and, last but not least, fear of each other, which was meant to prevent any defections from the system. The rest of the Romanian people lived in misery and terror, cut away from the civilized world. Additionally, our society was devastated by the general distrust; everybody suspected their colleagues, neighbors and even family members of collaborating….

EU Militaries Pool Resources, Reduce Dependence on America

March 26, 2012 | From
European militaries try to fix their weaknesses. 

U nations will invest in joint military projects such as air-to-air refueling and field hospitals as they try to save money and reduce their dependence on the United States, defense ministers from across the European Union decided March 22. 

Meeting as part of the European Defense Agency’s Steering Board, they signed declarations of intent in these areas and said they would increase cooperation in procurement and research. 

“The EU-led nato operation in Libya last year also exposed hardware and technology deficiencies in the EU military,” wrote the EU Observer.

Public Hearing: Smolensk crash – The Rejected Truth

Brussels, 22th March 2012

On Wednesday 28th March 2012, The European Conservatives and Reformist Group with ECR Vice-Chairman Ryszard Legutko, ECR MEP Tomasz Poreba, and ECR MEP Ryszard Czarnecki will host a public hearing on the Smolensk plane crash, which occured two years ago this April.

SmolenskWith the second anniversary of the crash approaching it can be safely concluded that both Russian and Polish governmental reports have neglected to investigate the circumstances of the crash in accordance with recognised international standards, they are far from objective, and appear predominantly to be aimed at concealing the truth rather than investigating the real cause that has lead to the tragic events of 10th April 2010.

March 24, 2012

U.N. Policy Paper Outlines 7 Building Blocks for 'Heavy-Handed' World Government

  Interrupt Your Regularly Scheduled Programming

The fact that the world is being restructured from decentralized diversity to collectivized hierarchy by an authoritarian regime cloaked in green trappings can hardly be disputed.

The final push toward the next and perhaps final phase may be announced this June at the 2012 U.N. Conference on Sustainable Development in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Scientific American editorial by Gary Stix highlights a policy article written by several dozen scientists that appeared online March 15 in the journal Science.

The conclusions reached by the scientists, as well as the editorial from a staff member of Scientific American are incredibly unscientific and fly in the face of the many thousands of independent scientists and researchers who have refuted the theory of man-made global warming.  Regardless, this small group pushes ahead with their suggestions that the only way to combat such a global catastrophe is of course to solve it through global government.  And not just any global government, but one that Scientific American suggests should be "heavy-handed (in its) transnational enforcement powers."

March 22, 2012

Germany Hasn’t Given Up on a United States of Europe

Brad MacdonaldColumnist
March 22, 2012 | From

Led by Berlin, a select group of 10 states has formed to ‘revive the ideal of a united Europe.’

The name “Berlin Club” evokes images of a secretive organization, one in which wealthy old aristocrats gather together to drink scotch and plot to conquer the world.

Time will tell, but that impression might not be too far from reality. 

Created and led by Germany, the “Berlin Club” met for the first time on March 20 in Berlin. There’s a lot we haven’t been told about Europe’s latest club of elitists. What we do know is that it’s the brainchild of German Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle, that it is comprised of Europe’s most pro-unification states, and that it exists to reinvigorate the unification of Europe. 

Germany is joined in the club by Poland, Belgium, Italy, the Netherlands, Portugal, Austria, Luxemburg, Spain, Denmark and France. The select group is scheduled to meet at least four more times to discuss proposals for closer integration, and plans to publish its conclusions in a final report. The club’s agenda is long, and includes discussions about European security and border control, fiscal and economic government, and ways to stabilize growth. 

March 21, 2012

DICED is UN’s Environmental Constitution for the World

By Dr. Ileana Johnson Paugh  Tuesday, March 20, 2012

I am sure there are many Americans who have no idea nor care what “The Draft International Covenant on Environment and Development” (DICED) is. They should. Some call the Draft Covenant “Agenda 21 on steroids” while others see it as the “Environmental Constitution of global governance.”

The first version of the Covenant was presented to the United Nations in 1995 on the occasion of its 50th anniversary. It was hoped that it would become a negotiating document for a global treaty on environmental conservation and sustainable development.

The fourth version of the Covenant, issued on September 22, 2010, was written to control all development tied to the environment, “the highest form of law for all human activity.’
The Covenant’s 79 articles, described in great detail in 242 pages, take Sustainable Development principles described in Agenda 21 and transform them into global law, which supersedes all constitutions including the U.S. Constitution.

March 19, 2012

Iran’s Nuclear Attack Plan

By JR Nyquist  03/19/2012

Last Thursday I had the pleasure of speaking with Dr. Hugh Cort, author of The American Hiroshima: Iran’s Plan for an Attack on the United States. Related to this interview, readers may listen to my interview with CIA agent Reza Kahlili, who agrees with Dr. Cort that a nuclear Iran cannot be deterred by the threat of Mutual Assured Destruction. According to Dr. Cort, “[D]eterrence will not work with the fanatical Islamic radicals that rule Iran. These rulers are like suicide bombers, who do not care if they die, as long as their victims get blown up as well.”

In his analysis of Islamist motivation, Dr. Cort follows the work of Reza Kahlili, who affirms that the leaders of the Islamic Republic believe in a ruthless ideology. “If you read [the] Koran, many verses talk about killing enemies of Allah and infidels,” Kahlili explained. “And there is no mercy, absolutely none, unless you convert to the religion. Nobody can say otherwise.  Allah is a dictator…. Many Muslims will be offended, but many do not even know what the Koran says.”

None of the great mono-theistic religions are compatible with the NWO, so the NWO wants them to destroy each other.

Britannia Radio

From 7 billion
None of the great mono-theistic religions are compatible with the NWO, so the NWO wants them to destroy each other.
That is the purpose of promoting conflict between them.
After that, the NWO Religion based on Bioethics/Evolutionism can take Primacy
The most dangerous religious fundamentalists IMO are the militant atheists notably Richard Dawkins (residing in Oxford I believe).
The "Scientist" (Post-Normal of course) is the new "Priesthood" of the NWO. I mean that literally.
Here's the line of argument that is being used:
First they promote conflict so Judaism-Christianity-Islam will destroy each other. (they are doing a pretty good job aren't they?)
Then they argue that "religion per se" is the problem.
Types like Dawkins don't understand religion in the first place, and don't properly acknowledge their own religiosity.
Beyond Belief: Science, Religion, Reason and Survival
The Conversation Continues

Sam Harris is one of the Grand Idiots of Science mentioned in link above:

Here's some of his proselytizing:

Proposed UN Environmental Constitution For The World Would Establish An Incredibly Repressive System Of Global Governance

The American Dream 
Waking People Up And Getting Them To Realize That The American Dream Is Quickly Becoming The American Nightmare
Most people have no idea that the United Nations has been drafting an environmental constitution for the world that is intended to supersede all existing national laws.  This document has a working title of "Draft International Covenant on Environment and Development" and you can read the entire thing right here.  Work on this proposed world environmental constitution has been going on since 1995, and the fourth edition was issued to UN member states on September 22nd, 2010.  This document is intended to become a permanent binding treaty and it would establish an incredibly repressive system of global governance.  This "covenant", as it is being called, claims authority over the entire global environment and everything that affects it.  Considering the fact that everything that we do affects the environment in some way, that would mean that this document would become the highest form of law for all human activity.  This proposed UN environmental constitution for the world is incredibly detailed.  The U.S. Constitution only has 7 articles, but the UN document has 79 articles.  If the U.S. eventually ratifies this treaty, any national, state or local laws that conflict with this covenant will be null and void.  This is potentially one of the greatest threats to our national sovereignty that we have ever seen and we need to warn the American people about it.
Essentially what this proposed environmental covenant does is it takes the sustainable development principles underlying Agenda 21 and turns them into global constitutional law.

March 18, 2012

John Kennedy CIA Operation

By Mikhail Kryzhanovsky
CIA prepared the operation long before President John Kennedy has been murdered. On August 5, 1962 CIA agents killed Marilyn Monroe (staged suicide - "acute barbiturate poisoning") who got information on planned JFK assassination and desperately tried to contact him or his brother, Robert Kennedy. It’s much more simple to kill without any traces on or in the body – use a suppository.
Then, on November 22, 1963 President John Kennedy was assassinated at 12:30 Dealey Plaza, Dallas, Texas.

What's conspiracy? It’s when you ask the government a simple question and nobody wants to answer it. And if you ask the wrong questions you get the wrong answers, as with the Warren Commission. Let’s ask some good questions.

Question 1. What would have happened if the snipers missed the target or Kennedy survived, being merely wounded- m sniper is a human being - he makes mistakes.

Answer. Kennedy would have won the 1964 Presidential election and then conceivably his brothers, Robert and Edward, would keep the Oval Office until 1984 (count the years for yourself). No war in Vietnam. The CIA would have been shut down. The FBI and Pentagon would have been "cleaned up" and "cleaned out."

March 16, 2012


A case for the International Criminal Court? Massive Euro zone cover up. Pass the debt parcel before it blows up.

Extreme financial illiteracy. Worse to come.

Rodney Atkinson

14th March 2012

67% of Greeks STILL don't want their own currency back! Not only do we have zombie banks we seem to have zombie peoples as well. But in that case Lord forgive them for they know not what they do. They have been the victims of the most evil brainwashing of all time and like the lemming they seem to rejoice at going over the cliff.

Lombard Street Research has shown graphically in a recent report how disastrous the Euro has been - even for its most successful members. Holland has for instance fallen behind Switzerland and Sweden who are of course not in the Euro. Growth is worse, unemployment is worse, inflation is worse, budget deficits are worse and their trade balance is worse. But their sufferng is as nothing compared with the Mediterranean countries.

By offering long term (3 yrs) money at 1% to European banks (Barclays and HSBC have taken up some of the funds) the ECB is indulging in indirect quantitative easing (money printing) when direct and overt QE by the European Central Bank has been vetoed by Germany. In the dire crisis and absurd politics which is the Euro this is seen as extremely positive which is why stock markets have recovered. But this only postpones the collapse it does not solve the ultimate crisis. The process of cover up and postponement is extremely dangerous.

Wake Up, Panetta: UN, U.S. Have Opposing Interests

PJ Media 

I should know: I helped infiltrate the UN for Ceaucescu.

By Ion Mihai Pacepa On March 14, 2012 @ 12:00 am | 64 Comments 

On March 7, 2012, Defense Secretary Leon Panetta stated in the U.S. Congress that the United Nations and NATO have supreme authority over the actions of the United States military. Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL) reacted to Secretary Panetta’s statement, saying:
I’m really baffled by the idea that somehow an international assembly provides a legal basis for the United States military to be deployed in combat. … The only legal authority that’s required to deploy the United States military is of the Congress and the president, and the law, and the Constitution.[i] [1]
I paid with two death sentences for the privilege of becoming an American, I deeply love my adoptive country, and I highly esteem her leaders. But, with all due respect for Secretary Panetta, I have to say that his view reminds me of Ceausescu, who used to state over, and over, and over:
I wrote the Constitution! I will re-write it.
In 1988 when I became an American citizen, I ended the few words I said as a sign of my gratitude with the last paragraph of William Tyler Page’s creed:
It is my duty to my Country to love it; to support its Constitution; to obey its laws; to respect its flag, and to defend it against all enemies.

March 15, 2012

The real enemy

To my delight, our local paper has picked up on the Many Not The Few. The piece, written by Jim Greenhalf, who has already blogged his views on the book, takes a very local perspective, looking a "Bradford boy" J B Priestley, and my comments on his role as a political broadcaster during the war.

That he was, in fact, a towering figure, a rival to Winston Churchill, has largely been forgotten. It is a classic example of how even prominent figures can be airbrushed out of history.

Yet, in my view, through the dark hours of 1940, it was Priestley – with a combined audience of over 14 million through his weekly broadcasts and newspaper articles – who helped shape political opinion to such an extent that he paved the way for the Labour victory in the 1945 general election.

While Churchill was ready to appeal to the past, urging support for the three pillars of the establishment, Empire, King and Country, Priestley's message was more down-to-earth and direct.

Putin’s Empire

March 15, 2012 | From
Vladimir Putin has secured the Russian presidency, again. Now what?

In his 2005 state of the nation address, Russian President Vladimir Putin bewailed the collapse of the Soviet Union as the “greatest geopolitical catastrophe” of the 20th century. 

It was a significant revelation, and one worth considering in the wake of Putin’s recent reelection as Russia’s president. Putin’s lament of the collapsed ussr provides an invaluable glimpse into the mind of the man who runs Russia, it lies at the core of current international relations, and it gives much-needed clarity and simplicity to the sometimes confusing and contradictory movements of Russia.
Indeed, that single statement provides a key to understanding Russia.

March 14, 2012

Germany: We Need a Decision on the Financial Transaction Tax by June


Published: 09:53, Ralitsa Kovacheva, Sofia

The dispute on the introduction of a financial transaction tax (FTT) in the EU has been stuck for months. The pros and cons have not changed, although some countries have moved from the camp of tax opponents to the supporters' side. The only news from the latest discussion on the topic in the Council of EU finance ministers on 13 March is that Germany has set a deadline for reaching an agreement. If we do not agree on the introduction of a FTT across the EU under the Danish Presidency (the end of June), we are obliged to look for alternatives, German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble said. There was no high emotional degree or swords crossing, as we witnessed during the first discussion on the issue in November 2011, organised by the Polish Presidency. Rather, both camps are involved in a trench warfare, while seeking a roundabout way to the goal.