February 27, 2012

The "Kremlin" operation


By Mikhail Kryzhanovsky
I'm 30 years in espionage and counterespionage and I have knowledge and experience no other spy has because I worked for 5 special services , including KGB USSR, SBU ( Ukraine), KGB, FBI and the U.S. Secret Service.

My KGB intelligence officer career came to an end when USSR collapsed in 1991. It's interesting that every KGB officer knew about anti-Gorbachev conspiracy 6 months before it happened in August 1991, because since March the USSR President has been critisized at every KGB field office. More interesting - no one out of 50 000 officers reported this information to Gorbachev.

Next 2 years,as SBU (Ukrainian Security) illegal spy under the cover of political analyst and "Nostalgia" newspaper reporter, I worked in Moscow (operation “Kremlin”). My job was to get into Russian President Boris Yeltsin "inner circle" and influence his decisions, extremely anti-Ukrainian at the time. I met people who knew Yeltsin well, like Russian Parliament Constitutional Committee Chairman Rumyantsev and one of Yeltsin’s photographers, who asked me to work for him.

In February 1992 , I could kill Yeltsin with a Stechkin 9 mm automatic pistol or SVD sniper rifle if ordered so by Ukrainian President Kravchuk. I'm a very good sniper with KGB anti-terror "Nabat" group experience and I knew perfectly well how FSO (Federal Security Service) protected Yeltsin. Besides, in 1986 I joined A. Gromyko, Chairman of the USSR Supreme Soviet (actually, the USSR President), KGB 9th Department security team during his visit to Gorky city and it was a big experience.

In Moscow I was working alone, though usually you have to send three groups for operation like this one (the President's assassination, I mean) : surveillance (with optics and radios), action (includes snipers, explosives technicians or staged accidents specialists), and security (these people neutralize bodyguards, witnesses and other people who could interrupt the action; they complete the action if the action group fails; and they can neutralize the action group later, if planned so; they “cover” the safe retreat of action group and “cut” the chase.

Operation was in progress until there was a leak and Yeltsin got information about it. In 1992 Russia and Ukraine signed a Treaty to stop mutual espionage. President Kravchuk ordered to kill me as a witness of his dirty politics. I moved to Poland and then, in 1995, to USA.

CIA decided to copy “Kremlin” in Washington, DC

Spy Code by Mikhail Kryzhanovsky

1. No mercy, no ideology, no emotions.

2. Intuition is nothing but the ability to watch and analyze.

3. No evidence is evidence in itself.

4. Distrust is a mother of security.

5. Never look as if you are sizing up the person — that’s a sign that gives away cops and spies.

6. Don’t start first if you don’t know the rules.

7. The way you act is the way you think — behavior is a system of codes (information) which could be calculated by the enemy. Watch your face — that’s a shop window.

8. Think fast, talk slow.

9. Avoid self-programming and never think bad about yourself.

10. Don’t smoke, drink or take drugs if it’s not necessary; spare your stomach from very hot or cold food or drinks; avoid too much noise and light.

11. Don’t be shy to lie — the more you lie the more people respect you.

12. Let people talk out and “empty their brains” — then load your information.

13. People never change — everybody wants to get pleasure and avoid pain.

14. “He knew too much” means “He talked too much.”

15. Never ask extra questions — wait. Wait and the object will get used to you and open himself — nobody can stay tense for long.

16. Lonely people live longer in espionage business.

17. “No exit” situation is the one you don’t like or don’t understand.

18. Avoid:
- personal enemies (they fix negative information on you)
- silent types (they notice and think too much)
- other professionals (they’ll blow your identity)
- extra stress (it damages your heart and blood vessels and that kills your brain and your ability to think )
- talking too much CIA or KGB ?

Sniper Code by M.Kryzhanovsky

1. Don't watch the target instead of your aiming point.

2. Don't jerk at the moment your weapon fires.

3. Apply wind as needed.

4. Never fire from the edge of a wood line – you should fire from a position inside the wood line (in the shade of shadows).

5. Do not cause overhead movement of trees, bushes or tall grasses by rubbing against them, move very slowly.

6. Do not use trails, roads or footpaths, avoid built-up and populated areas and areas of heavy enemy guerrilla activity.

7. Your position :
maximum fields of fire and observation of the target area, concealment from enemy observation, covered routes into and out of the position, located no closer than 300 meters from the target area, a natural or man-made obstacle between the position and the target area.
Place yourself under logs in a deadfall area, tunnels bored from one side of a knoll to the other, swamps, deep shadows, inside rubble piles.
Avoid positions close to isolated objects, at bends or ends of roads, trails or streams, in populated areas, unless it’s required.

8. Do not fire from one position.

9. Don’t stay in places with heavy traffic!

10. Key target - enemy sniper.

11. Train yourself to shoot while you stand, sit, lie, walk, run, jump, fall down; shoot at voices, shoot in a dark room, different weather and distance, day and night; shoot one object and a group; use one gun, two guns, gun and submachine gun (some doctrines train a sniper to breathe deeply before shooting, then hold their lungs empty while he lines up and takes his shot; other go further, teaching a sniper to shoot between heartbeats to minimize barrel motion)

12. At distances over 300 m attempt body shots, aiming at the chest; at lesser distances attempt head shots (the most effective range is 300 to 600 meters).

13. Shoot from flanks and rear.

14. Never approach the body until you shoot it several times . Careful: the object could be wearing a bulletproof vest

15. It’s important to get to the place, but it’s more important to get out alive

16. Remember
- in hot weather bullets travel higher, in cold - lower
- a silencer reduces the maximum effective range of the weapon.

17. For moving targets, the point of aim is in front of the target ( it’s called “Leading” the target, where the amount of lead depends on the speed and angle of the target’s movement. For this technique, holding over is the preferred method.

18. The key to sniping is consistency.

Mikhail Kryzhanovsky worked for KGB USSR, field Counterespionage Division. After graduating the Counterespionage School training, he served as field officer and KGB "Nabat" counter-terror group member (sniper). In 1987, he graduated KGB Intelligence institute and served at a KGB field Intelligence Division. In 1991, after USSR collapsed, Kryzhanovsky joined SBU (Ukrainian Security Service) and was in charge of SBU's espionage operation in Moscow against Russian President Boris Yeltsyn. In 1995 he was recruited in the USA by the CIA. He is the author of "The Professional", "White House Special Handbook", (Algora, New York, 2007) and "Espionage and Counterespionage Handbook" (PublishAmerica, 2012.) He is a Republican National Committee member since 2006.


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