January 23, 2012

Magdi Cristiano: I am leaving EPP because it is not compatible with my choice of life

Magdi Cristiano: I am leaving EPP because it is not compatible with my choice of life
Dear Protagonists and Friends of “Io amo l’Italia”, It is with great joy that I announce you that last Tuesday, December 13th, I accomplished my transition from the European People’s Party (EPP) to the Europe of Freedom and Democracy Group (EFD) within the European Parliament.
It was a choice matured at the end of a path of suffering between what I feel inside and the official and substantial positions of the EPP, that culminated in the decision to be fully myself, as the Gospel say: “Your statement shall be “Yes, yes” and “No, no”; anything more than these is from The Evil One. ” (Matthew 5.37).
My choice is based on the recognition that today, more than ever, we must take measures to give Europe a soul in order to liberate it both from the bondage of materialism and consumism and from the dictatorship of relativism and Islamicly correct.
I am more convinced than ever that after the financial coup perpetrated in Greece and Italy by the globalized financial powers, weaken the democracy that is the essence of the people sovereignty at the point of compromising the civilization that highlights the achievements of our humanity, we must have the braveness to translate into action what we recognize as truth and what we believe in as a non-negotiable values​​, starting from the sanctity of life, human dignity and freedom of choice, according to the teaching of Jesus: “And you will know the truth, and that truth will set you free.” (John 8:32).
My decision has matured by suffering in finding that, on the one hand, there is a spread belief that the profound evil afflicting our world is caused by financial speculation by those who idolizes money conceiving life as an obsessive chase to the possession of materiality and, on the other hand, even the EPP keeps on putting the euro at the heart of the Europe’s building to the point of imagining that the entire, unitary process must be based on the primacy of the single currency.
I realize that, privately, the friends of the EPP are aware that what happened in Greece and Italy is a strong financial abuse of power and arbitrariness of a slavish political class, on the other hand, the EPP is officially legitimizing the perpetrators of this crime against democracy and civilization, supporting the prospect of a European super – State and a super european minister of finance in order to transform European citizens into untiring producers of materiality to consume as much as each is able to grab, in the logic of a Gdp (Gross Domestic Product) that has to grow more and more while the public debt should be reduced more and more, for the benefit of the powerful and clever people, by penalizing the weakeast and honest people.

I also acknowledged in the first half of the current legislature of the European Parliament that even towards the ethically sensitive issues, from abortion to eugenics, as well as on issues that are the cornerstones of our civilization, from the centrality of the natural family to the preservation of the Christian identity in Europe, the EPP contemplates freedom of choice and freedom of vote, not even conceiving the notion of “non-negotiable values​​” and points of certainty in terms of our roots, faith, values​​, identity, culture and rules.
Finally I have recently found out that the EPP, after shaking alliances with the Arab dictatorships and military regimes in power across the Mediterranean, while supporting aloud the entry of Turkey into the European Union and even accepting the membership at the EPP of the turkish Islamic Party Justice and Development of the Prime Minister Erdogan, is now supporting the upcoming power of the fundamentalists and Islamic extremists emerged victorious from the elections of the so-called “Arab Spring” even though actually they are advocates of sharia and Islamic state, which are contrary to respect of fundamental human rights, with democracy and the rule of State of Law.
According to this reality, I came to the conclusion that my staying in the EPP is not compatible with my faith in the non-negotiable values​​, with the aspiration to a People’s Europe with a soul, with the awareness that we must mobilize ourselves to save our civilization both from the threat of enslavement by the globalized financial powers and from the risk of the Islamic dictatorship in the Mediterranean and, in future, even inside our own houses.
The choice of the Europe of Freedom and Democracy is dued to the harmony toward the basic lines of this choice, notwithstanding the substantial autonomy of all political parties who adhere to the EFD. I thank the co-presidents of the EFD, Nigel Farage and Francesco Speroni, for their friendship and their willingness shown to me. “Io amo l’Italia”, the political movement which I chair, will be recognized as autonomous delegation and therefore I am going to assume the charge of Vice-President of the Bureau of Presidency of the EFD, like all the other autonomous delegations.
It is clear to everyone that Io amo l’Italia is an independent political entity that in Italy challenges both the current political class and culture and promotes a new ethical conception of political culture, a new development pattern that focuses on the person and pursues the common good; a new model of society that supports life, motherhood, the natural family and youth.
Io amo l’Italia is currently committed to fostering the success of a strategy aimed at:
- The redemption of our monetary sovereignty managing responsibly the withdrawal of Italy from the euro, entrusting the Treasury to issue a new currency;
- Promoting a development model that valorizes and invests on a natural resource, environmental, cultural and artistic which makes Italy the most beautiful and fascinating country in the world, promoting the business of micro, small and medium entrepreneurs;
- the consolidation of state institutions by eliminating all unnecessary bodies, since the Senate, and all the extravagance in public administration, from the cost of politics, significantly lowering taxes and fighting tax evasion mercilessly;
- A new model of federal state that focuses on the person, the natural family and the local community, as primary custodians of the identity within the Italian society and the main beneficiaries of the availability and resource management, in a context of respect for cultural specificities, enhancement of the commitment to subsidiarity and national solidarity;
- The end of the power of organized crime throughout the country, redeeming the legality and civil cohexistence;
-demographic growth of the Italian population recognizing to the housewife mothers the right to a salary or, alternatively, a significant aid to the working mother;
- A new educational policy that allows for freedom of education, promotes organic education combining the knowledge, values ​​and works to ensure the link between the school and the workplace;
- A new model of civil coexistence that untaints us by the drift of multiculturalism, based on the balance between rights and obligations for all those who choose to share our physical space d recognize our non-negotiable values ​​and respecting the common identity of the Italians;
- The regulation of places of worship, including mosques, in order to secure compliance with the law and the sharing of the absolute and universal values ​​of our humanity;
- Put an end to environmental destruction perpetrated by Eni and other criminals that are harmful to our health, pollute and ravage the land, poison the waters, whereas the protection and enhancement of the environment are essential to the preservation of the heritage of Italians and of ‘whole of humanity;
- The re-establishment of a Europe of nations proud of its Judeo-Christian roots and certain of the Christian identity of our lay, liberal and democratic civilization
Io amo l’Italia intends to support the development of a network of all national political parties that share the same values ​​and pursue the same objectives to present ourselves to the next administrative and national elections, as a genuine alternative to the current culture and political class. This network will be called “Italia Cristiana libera” (Free Christian Italy). Whoever accedes to it maintains its independence by participating in both domestic representative sphere than to the decisional instance which will take up the political and electoral choices.
Our relationship towards all political entities in Italy and Europe will be based on the respect for the specificity and autonomy of each. Io amo l’Italia, together with Italia Cristiana Libera take on the historical mission of giving a soul to Italy and to Europe investing in the capacity of each of us to become a Protagonist of truth and freedom, Witness of faith and reason, Manufacturer of a civilization of non-negotiable values and certainty of rules.
Yes! We are the Protagonists and we will succeed!
Magdi Cristiano Allam


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